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Islam and the West ( 5 Jun 2012, NewAgeIslam.Com)

Muslim Paranoia, Perpetual Victimhood and Hatred of Others Can Destroy Muslims Themselves

The following article from Pakistan’s Urdu Press reveals how paranoia, victimhood and hatred of other religious communities are being promoted among Muslims in Pakistan. Sadly, a similar situation prevails in India’s Urdu press too. This may very well have been written by an Indian Muslim Urdu columnist. Regardless of the deeds or misdeeds of other communities, paranoia and victimhood should be known to be self-fulfilling prophecies.

The depth of hatred revealed in this article, for instance, towards Jews is a very common phenomenon among Muslims. Blaming them for the misdeeds of Zionists and the state of Israel is like blaming the entire Muslim community for the misdeeds of Islamists. Hating them or, for that matter, anyone else, and calling them unholy or dirty and invoking Islam’s sanction for this ill-feeling is an injustice towards and betrayal of our commitment to Islam and its pluralism.

Quoting the holy Quran’s verses meant for a certain period in history and as guidance for a certain situation in the infancy of Islam when the very survival of the few followers of Islam was in danger and treating them as universal exhortation amounts to vilification of Islam and Mohammad (saw). I wonder if there is some way mainstream Muslims can have a dialogue with hate-mongering Islamists in our midst and convince them to mend their ways in the interest of our religion and the world Muslim community which is facing myriad problems because of their conduct and approach. -- Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam


Muslims will have to Identify Their Common Enemy

By Syed Azhar Husain Kazmi

(Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi, New Age Islam)

18th-24th May 2012

Colonial powers have once again become active with all their might to wipe out Islam from existence. After capturing power in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait, colonial powers are dreaming of colonising Iran. In more than fifty Islamic countries Iran is the only one where there is no sign of colonial slavery.

Since the successful Islamic revolution of Iran, all anti-Islam countries have been striving to bring an end to this powerful Islamic nation. As Iran did not kneel down to their threats and conspiracies they are trying to pin it down with economic restrictions. Iran got a good opportunity of being self-sufficient because of these restrictions. Colonial powers are vexed to see Iran’s national pride and their courage and belief on God.

During the last thirty years these colonial powers played the dirty game of making Muslim countries fight among themselves.  The Muslim countries fell in this trap. Muslim countries are taking assistance of Islam’s biggest enemy America to fight their own brothers in Islam. And more so, they take pride in this perfidy. Enemies are busy trying novel ideas for dominating Islamic countries whereas Muslim rulers are engrossed in their comfort.

America and its allies have started a new chapter of enmity among the Muslim countries.  Iran’s growing power is being used as an excuse for creating fear in the minds of Muslim rulers and specially the Saudi Arabian administration. America has brought Saudi Arabia’s Sunnism against Iran’s Shiaism and has achieved many of its objectives. America frightened many Muslim countries, particularly Saudi Arabia and sold them arms worth billions of dollars. It created a good market for the sale of its arms manufacturing companies, on the one hand and on the other brought them under its influence. Not long ago, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and UAE had signed an agreement of purchasing arms and weapons worth 123 billion dollars from America so that Iran could be stopped from its nuclear program.

Saudi Arabia is one such Muslim country in the Islamic world which does not wish to get rid of American slavery at any cost.

No Arab country could muster enough courage to support the oppressed Afghan Muslims, after America attacked it on the pretext of 9/11 and massacred hundreds of thousands of them.

Saudi King shocked the entire Muslim world by offering one billion dollars to American President Bush in order to compensate for the lives lost in the 9/11 incident. More shocking than this is that President Bush did not accept this amount and refused to meet the King. Then the Saudi King had to incur the cost of spending another one billion dollar on President’s emissaries and friends to persuade Bush to accept the ‘gift’.

When Saddam attacked Kuwait on America’s hint Saudi Arabia took US assistance to provide the Jews an opportunity to desecrate the pious land of Iraq. Saudi Arabia is busy in isolating Iran, accusing it to be responsible for the sectarian killings in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria. By acting on the conspiracy theory of America it is performing the duties of a slave. 

Muslims are in danger of losing their own identity because of their infighting at a time when they should have united to counter the threats of the enemies of Islam. Those Muslim rulers who do not understand the implications of the present world order have sold their self respect to America for the sake of their own safety.

America has devised a new policy of trampling down Muslims after the failure of its previous strategies. 

America’s final plan is to make Hizbullah and Iran fight with the Arab Muslims. To achieve this objective it is cunningly playing the game of making Shias of the world fight against Ahle-Sunnat and Wahhabism on the pretext of revenge for Shias of Bahrain. America wishes Saudi army to kill Shias in Bahrain, on the one hand and on the other wishes Hizbullah and Iran to come to war in their defence. Very brutal and aggressive steps will be taken against Shias of Bahrain so that Iran has no option but to join the battle with Arabs. In such a scenario American slaves like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE will be bound to fight Iran directly.

Saudi Arab has already sent its army with ultra modern and sophisticated weapons mounted on armoured vehicles to massacre innocent Muslims of Bahrain. Colonial powers are of the opinion that Iran’s religious emotion will get inflamed and they will come to the battlefield against Saudi army and Bahrain government. And thus a massacre of Muslims by Muslims will start.

Anti-Islam countries are facing a wave of anxiety because of Iran’s practical thinking. Iran did not fight Saudi forces to counter the mayhem created in Bahrain by the colonial forces.  The Muslim countries who are U S puppets, have since the very beginning been against any kind of Islamic revolution and have been busy in making it unsuccessful. When they failed they became hostile towards Iran’s Islamic revolution with the help of their master, the United States.

Iran has taken the right path in the prevailing circumstances which America has created through its devilish designs. The situation would have been quite different had Iran not tackled Bahrain’s problems diplomatically. Had Iran joined the fight with Saudi Arabia and other Arab states, it would have simply fallen in the American trap.

America will never attack Iran on its own. It will keep trying to reach its goal through making the Muslim countries fight each other.

Political analysts think that Arab slaves of America will not like to see peace in Syria at any cost. Saudi Arabia and Turkey have mutually prepared a strategy to overthrow Basher-al-Assad’s government in Syria. America and Saudi Arabia have almost got their wish of establishing a puppet government there. For the achievement of its goal, Saudi government is supplying arms and weapons to the rebels and fanning civil war to force Assad government to step down. 

Syria is being punished because it does not ditto Israel’s cruel and repressive policies and for being eager to have good relations with Iran.

It is the same deceitful America which got Saddam ready to attack Kuwait and Iran with a dream of ruling both of them. Saddam’s attack on Kuwait just after his battle with Iran sent a wave of shock all over the world. Saddam remained a hero of illiterate and communal Muslims for a decade and kept massacring his innocent brothers in Islam. Under a pre-planned strategy America sent its army to Kuwait at the time of attack on Iraq so that it could befool the Islamic world and take them under its control. After getting unsuccessful in influencing Iran in any way it has played another devilish game. As per the new strategy, after getting rid of present Syrian government, America will inflame different kinds of communal and tribal strife in Pakistan. To achieve their goal they have already started targeting Shias in Balochistan, so that they get themselves engaged in Pakistan politics and forget about Iran. America is afraid of Shias and Baloch starting to favour of Iran. Balochis’ presence on Pakistan-Iran border in a big number is a headache for America as it thinks Pakistani Baloch may come to the rescue of Iranian Balochis. Hence communal strife in Pakistan against Shias. In the near future Baloch and Pathans may also join battle with each other.

America which has been killing two birds with one stone is now getting ready to kill four birds with one stone. It is waiting for the moment when it will be able to divide Pakistan in small parts and take all of them under its wings.

Frankly speaking, the entire Islamic world at the moment is like a slave to America. No country can take any step without its permission. Muslims make marginal issuers a question of their ego and try to impose their own views on other communities.  This is what America takes advantage of. It turns these ideological differences into a weapon of communal strife and sectarian violence. And Muslims do not even realise it. 

Muslims take theoretical differences as ‘Kufr’ and declare them anti-Islam and start sectarian violence and killings. Muslim world has still not tried to understand how its common enemy is achieving its goal. We do not even know who our ‘enemy’ is. Until and unless we identify our common enemy, we will remain helpless. Muslim world should have been united and under the prevailing circumstances should have fulfilled their duties with self respect, keeping their Islamic identity intact. But all the Muslim countries kept taking help from anti-Islam nations to keep their governments safe. As a result, almost every country is under America’s obligations. 

So called Muslim leaders like Colonel Gaddafi, Saddam Husain, Hosni Mubarak, Zia-ul-Haque, Osama bin Laden and Reza Shah Pahlavi kept ignoring the Muslim world and their Islamic duties for the sake of their personal gains. Everyone, be it politicians of Muslim countries, Ulama, labourers, farmers, businessmen or a bureaucrat, every Muslim is communal and sectarian.

I have reached to the conclusion that Pakistan gets affected of every kind of happening in the Islamic world the most, as the Pakistanis are more emotional. This keeps them surrounded with turbulent circumstances. It is providing the colonial forces to use Pakistan as a laboratory of communal and sectarian violence. It is sowing seeds of hatred among us. America has since the very beginning been trying to make Pakistan its military base against Iran. Having failed in this endeavour in the face of public reaction, it is now trying to break it into pieces. It is our united duty to see that America does not succeed in all its evil designs. We should always keep Afghanistan and Iraq in our minds as an example.

Source: Weekly Nawa-e-Islam, Pakistan 18th-24th May 2012