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Islam and the West ( 18 Nov 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com)

America A Land of Conspiracies

By Razi Azmi

November 16, 2011

The writer is a former professor at Quaid-i-Azam University and holds a doctorate in modern history

No matter where you live, if things aren’t going well for your country, blame the father of all troubles for everything — of course, I mean America.

Arab Spring? What spring? It’s a terrible typhoon for the Muslim world instigated by, yes, you guessed it, America. First, they elected a president with a Muslim name, but who really hates Islam and Muslims. Then, they made him give nice speeches in Cairo, Istanbul and Jakarta to confuse Muslims and stir them against their own governments. Now we are seeing their action plan in motion.

They are killing not two but three birds with one stone. Firstly they kill Qaddafi for being anti-American and anti-Israel, second, they grab Libya’s oil wealth and, third, they create the impression that they are friends of the Libyan and Arab people. Having sucked Iraq’s vast oil fields dry, they are now going after Libya’s oil.

Assad, too, has to be removed for being the staunchest anti-Israel Muslim leader. Syria not only upholds Arab pride, but is the only Arab country friendly to Iran, which is close to becoming the second Islamic country with nuclear weapons after Pakistan.

Qaddafi and Bashar alAssad are being punished for standing up to America and Israel, not for being dictators or denying their own people their rights. But, you will say, the pro-American Hosni Mubarak and Ben Ali were also overthrown.

It would not look good if America only went after Qaddafi and Assad. The whole world would see the plot. I also think that under Mubarak, Egypt was becoming very strong economically. America and Israel could not tolerate this.

And have you noticed the contrast in the way Qaddafi has been treated compared with both Mubarak and Ben Ali? Qaddafi was first chased in his own country then his convoy was attacked by NATO planes and American missiles, followed by his capture, humiliation and brutal murder. On the other hand, Ben Ali is living a luxurious life in Saudi Arabia while Hosni Mubarak is relaxing in a military hospital in Cairo.

Qaddafi paid a high price for being a friend of the Ummah and an enemy of the infidels. They made a ‘horrible example’ of him, just as Henry Kissinger had warned many years ago.

Remember the recent incident where Egyptian protesters occupied the Israeli embassy in Cairo? If you ask me, I think this incident was engineered by Mossad to put pressure on the Egyptian authorities. The confused Egyptian government was then forced to put pressure on Hamas in Gaza to release the captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, in exchange for 1,000 Palestinians. Only a thousand!

Please look at the map to see what’s going on. America is aiming to capture all the holy places of Islam. Al Quds is already under Israeli occupation. Now, Mecca and Medina are being encircled from all directions.

Mission accomplished in Iraq, where they hanged a Muslim leader who was shaping up into a new Salahuddin Ayubi. They are now moving their troops to Afghanistan to use them to occupy Pakistan. North Waziristan and the Haqqanis are only an excuse. Actually, they are after Kahuta and Dr AQ Khan.

America always hated Khan because he gave Pakistan the bum, but now it hates him even more because he writes fine articles in newspapers telling young Pakistanis about the glorious history of Muslims. What AQ Khan is doing with his bum and his pen, another great Khan, Imran, is doing with his angry face and sharp tongue. The blame game — blaming someone else for your troubles — is perhaps as old as trouble itself.

Transposed on the international scene, it takes the form of the ‘foreign conspiracy theory’. It is a recent innovation, for international relations itself is a comparatively new discipline.

Source: The Express Tribune,