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Islam and the West ( 2 March 2013, NewAgeIslam.Com)

Religionised Islam and the lost Muslim Concordat with the West: A Migrant’s Perspective

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

All over the West today there is a public backlash and resentment of Muslims, who along with many other communities have recently migrated there in large numbers.

The backlash against Muslims in particular is significant. It is a reaction among other reasons, to the insularity in every aspect of their public life that causes the resentment and fear in the general community.

This stems from, mainly the demands for Muslim religious practices to be recognised as separate laws-‘sharia’, to create a two tier legal system in the one country. Few of these practices are considered by the majority as confronting and even paganish, in modern society.

A climate of anxiety exists among Muslims too, to the extent that the older and less adaptable generation now lives under the fear of, as they say, ‘never know when they will kick us out’! This, even so after having raised and established their first and sometimes second and third generations of offspring in the country of their choice, since the last World War and decolonisation of their home countries.

This is ironic as to many migrants the right to permanently settle in the West is the dream-come-true of economic success and security. Ironic also is the fact that they fantasise that as Muslims they are by virtue of their ‘Religion’, the Peace loving and harmonising people.

It seems that they are not aware of the predicament of Damocles’ and the double edged sword over the head; that, there are responsibilities and dangers that go with all real and perceived pleasures of life in their new and chosen environment.

Dutch MP Geert Wilders and others, dubbed as hate-mongers are warning the West of this disturbed environment. For they argue that Muslims’ actions on the ground are demonstrably the opposite, and are destroying the Western society and its values!

Decades ago; pre-and-post colonial independence era, this was not the case in the West where there were already quite a few small but enlightened and educated migrant communities, living harmoniously and yet recognisably distinct Westernised people.

What has changed?

The answer is not all that complex. One has only to look at the demographics of the migrant population in the West now. Briefly these can be packaged under the so called ‘push factors’, of their home countries such as worst economic condition; corruption, mismanagement, inflation, absence of law and order, insecurity, deteriorating education system, poverty and most importantly the external and internal religious terrorism from which they have escaped.

Add the lethal dose of their fragmented Religionised1 Islam to this mix and we have the exodus from the clutches of their own Pharaohs to the elusive Darussalam of what they call kafir countries.

Although most of these factors are not specific to the Muslim migrant communities, but the element of their religiosity and its public display under the banner of Islam; which they believe is “endangered”, features very prominently in shaping what they have evolved into; an embittered and inflexible community.

The most affected are the young people, brain-washed to become home-grown terrorists, and most feared by the host countries as enemies within. Compounded by the daily bombardment of news of atrocities from round the word, perpetrated by others and their own brethren2, must be heart wrenching to them and so in their confused state and anger, their minders galvanise them to violence!

This is the new element of fear that of the clergy and their influence in indoctrinating the young to act violently, who although often well informed on other issues, are generally illiterate in the matters of their Faith system

The clergy are not the illiterate ‘minders’. Their imperatives to achieve their political goals couched in religions are such that the legalities and obligations are discarded out of hand.

For example they know that ‘an innocent life saved is akin to saving a whole nation and vice versa’ edict in their Source Book-Quran. Yet it pales in significance to the strategy to achieve their desired aims.

The adoption of the above strategy is argued by them as being valid and necessary to counter the equally immoral and inhuman strategies adopted by, the “enemy” of Islam; who have adopted it to destroy the Muslim world for their own national interests, irrespective of its consequences to the world peace.

This is a strong argument on the minders’ part. Their confused emotion can be said is like that of jilted lover.

To explain to them that they too comprise one of the parties in the conflict and that blowing civilians and mainly their own innocent brethren indiscriminately is in fact compounding the felony. That by their irresponsible actions they spawn thousands more enemies within their own, thus opening more fronts for their misguided jehad!

They counter this with the explanation, that the other party --a State or even combination of States’ high-tech military forces are inflicting greater devastation, indiscriminately for their ‘political and strategic national interests’, and so they equate it to cold blooded state sponsored terrorism, perpetrated under false pretentions.

How does one argue against these allegations of acts against them; who they believe court newly ‘rented political lovers’ from among the Muslim world?

But by taking the process of revenge and acting on base animal instinct, they do not see that they are not only breaking the divine edict that they have pledged to uphold, but also that they are creating a vicious cycle of death and destruction for all in the process; and in their insane ‘retaliation’, they are in fact giving the enemy a bonus with compound interest? Plainly it is shear madness! No argument works with such rage-filled humans particularly when acting on their clergy’s edicts called Fatwa to give it a false religious authority.

The Pontiffs—of all religions—with good intentions, issue appeals on holy occasions for Peace, to the whole humanity. But it is the common men and women in the crowd, often seen wiping a tear or two, listening to these appeals.

They know that the veto is with the Powerful punchayat- the powerful five of the world, and they have no interest in such appeals. In their technological knowledge and arrogance of Power they are not prepared to use their “intelligence”; the by-products of which are ‘knowledge’ and ‘Power’ which they use to suit their agendas. Who will appeal to such deranged parties?

Yes, someone will …once again… very soon!

Soon for example, the world will have a message from the balcony in Vatican. A message from the new Catholic Pontiff, appealing for Justice and world Peace! This surely must be their recognition of the fact that these are important missing elements that are the cause of world conflicts.

It is appropriate that no Pontiff has ever received a Nobel Peace Prize. So should it be; for that would be hypocritical to accept such a prize. Alfred Nobel after all was Armament and dynamite manufacturer, instruments for war, death and destruction!

Mankind is supposed to be endowed with intelligence. Why then does it not employ this God given gift for the betterment of humanity3? The answer perhaps is that, ‘they all are worshipers in the same Temple’- the temple of power!

The humanity, and the Muslim nation within it, is granted ‘intelligence’ too and so they can, if only they would reflect on the fact that it embodies knowledge and power within it, to be used for the benefits of human kind and not to commit the evil of anarchy-fitnaa.

Light heartedly however, as one love-stricken poet had expressed his dilemma, in Persian,—zubaan-e-yaar-e-man turki, man turki nami daanam-- my beloved’s language is Turkish and alas I do not understand Turkish!

Hence there is no possibility of Muslim ‘concordat’ with the West in their complex love-hate relationship as there is no common medium of communication between them and the world is therefore the losers!

In all seriousness, the situation is redeemable if only the educated and enlightened people- and there are many in the West,- deploy intelligence and en-masse resolve to break the vicious cycle of violence-upon-violence and use their common sense; to show the likes of Geert Wilders, how uninformed they are of Quran’s ordinances.

 But then how can they be informed if the preachers themselves practice contrary to what is ordained?

 The Muslims must change and reconstitute to evolve into different Nation and into the peace loving and harmonising Muslim-Community4 in the West’ that they profess they are; very different to that whence they came and set an example to all.

After all, is it not of their own choice that they are there? It is plain simple good manners to reward kindness with kindness5 and live in harmony in Corcrdance6. It is their moral DUTY.

 1= 30-32 etc-“Those who split up their Deen and become (divisive) sects ---each rejoicing in that which is with itself”

2= Akbar Allahbadi had said:- Shia hon’ khwa Sunni, mulla hon’ khwa Sufi—whether Shia or Sunni or Sufi

Bay-sood jang baham hai sakht beywakufee—fruitless is the battle amongst them and sheer stupidity.

3= 2-269: “And he to whom wisdom –hikmah- is granted surely receives unlimited benefits”. (hikmah knowledge and hukmah power/authority come from the same root letters hkm in Arabic language).

4= 13-11,8-53 “Indeed God never changes the condition of a people unless they endeavour to change it themselves……”

5=55-60= “Is there any other reward for good -- other than Good?”

6= 3-104 “Let evolve a nation of you inviting to ‘all that is good, enjoining what is bad and forbidding what is wrong’: they are ones to attain felicity.”