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MH17 and MH370 - Tragedies That Mask All Others


 By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

24 July, 2014

The passing of the Resolution 2166 in the UN Security Council unanimously is lauded as a sort of victory to the sense of justice of the international community.

Australia in particular is patting itself on the back for having wielded its influence in being in the position of the current chair of the Security Council.

The Dutch with their calm and mature diplomacy and the Russians not having used their veto have shown remarkable unity of purpose. Surprisingly the US left it to their proxy Australia to walk the walk and talk the talk. Refer to this please:

But what has or will the resolution achieve in its aim to secure the crash site from looting and being pilfered of any meaningful evidence to incriminate the criminals, so long after the crash and how will the victims’ families be compensated?

All the incriminating evidence there along with mobile phones, wallets and even suitcases is alleged to have disappeared.

Is this why the unanimity of all members in passing the “Resolution” as there is no incriminate evidence left now?

The separatist rebels have also, to their credit handed over the two recorder black boxes to the Malaysian Airlines authorities. The refrigerated train carrying the dead bodies has also been handed over to the government authorities in Kharkov. All seems to be fine for now.

Strangely enough in the case of MH17 it took only few hours for the US to announce the downing of the civilian plane. Contrast this with the disappearance of MH370 months ago, supposedly in Indian Ocean; an area which is under surveillance from its most sophisticated base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, Chagos archipelago and various other friendly intelligence supports facilities such as on the western side of Australia.

It is alleged that the advanced guided missile weapons used to bring down the MH17 aircraft at the loss of 298 innocent civilians’ lives were as a direct action of the Ukrainian separatist rebels using Russian supplied sophisticated weapons. A crime of indescribable proportion!

It now appears that the inexperienced rebels operating the missile system fired on the civilian plane by mistake. Surprising again that they did not immediately express their sorrow at the mistake in the internationally accepted terms, such as “it was co-lateral damage”, as many others do and get away often with such genocides.

Truly, it is a crime of indescribable proportion. But which part of the action is the most hideous crime? Is it the supply of weapons or the murder of the innocent lives?

To initiate wars and then to stimulate the rebellion against ones enemies to continue the war and wanton destruction by supplying the rebels with weapons, is a common feature of modern national strategies.

All nations with vested interests in the conflict do it. The common factor in all these political and other Jihads is the supply of weapons, sometimes to both sides of the conflict.

The indescribable crime is not the monopoly of one nation, like Russia or US or many of the other weapons manufacturing nations, whether involved in the conflict or not. As long as there is a market for their manufactured weapons, it is a free trade. Loss of lives and infrastructure, it seems have no value.

For one side to brand the other as criminal is pot calling kettle black. At its worst it is one-upmanship in the international forum where nothing ever is done against the alleged criminals.

There are volumes of books with resolutions against many member countries of the UN and to name any one would be branded as bias.

But it is futile to protest, because right under the Security Council’s nose atrocities are being carried out in places such as Gaza on daily basis. Some of the pictures coming out from Gaza now, require hardened criminal fortitude and stomach of a child-rapist-killer’s to watch them.








So watchable sample of picture is given here

A young man in the family responded thus to the suggestion made to him that he should go and sign the condolence book now opened at Malaysian Consulate in his city was terse and poignant—“How come there is no condolence book for the 600 plus innocent Palestinians? Are they lesser people?” The following link refers also:-

But then young man, what other forums the general public have to vent their spleen and at least state in writing that …It was a barbaric action against innocent and peaceful country which does not even possess WMDs!

Does the Security Council know how many such Resolutions are on its books? No action is ever taken on them because it has not the power to do so. But then its own members are callously committing those atrocities and thumb their noses at these resolutions with impunity.

Since that is the case, then why the hypocrisy of resolutions? The Council’s deliberations and resolutions are simply a feel good talk fests and political point scoring against the opposition party.

For example, where is the resolution in the Council against the perpetrators of the downing of the MH370 and similar number of innocent lives lost in it? Is it that they do not know who was responsible or is it that it is not in the interest of those who know it to tell the world?

A small nation like Malaysia must be reeling to cope with succession of tragedies of its two planes. So where is the resolution to compensate the country as a whole and even the victims’ families who are still searching for answers? Where is the so called Justice of the international body to act positively to help it?

Weapons of destruction and even chemical weapons are supplied by the manufacturers to all and sundry where these conflicts are initiated by the countries with strategic interests. Billions if not trillions of dollars are spent on warfare and weapons without batting an eyelid.

Common sense would suggest half of that sum should be enough to wipe off poverty in the world.

Half a million of children’s lives were lost in Iraq as a result of imposed sanctions against it according to the UN report, but it was considered “worth it”, as one political high ranking officer of the regime and a grandma at that, is recorded as having declared!

Almost all those knights who sit on the round table- a table with a wide gap in the circle; of the Security Council are guilty of hypocrisy, particularly those permanent members who have the power and where withal to take actions to stop this carnage and world disunity that they cause in the name of their national strategies.

A Sort Of Political Jihad Is Waged On the Poor and Weak Countries.

So it seems that they have abrogated their self-imposed obligation to maintain world security. It is clear that instead the Security Council is used to implement their strategies at the expense of the weak and poorer nations, who are helpless to react against them!

Would it be surprising then to find that more and more angry young men and even women from Malaysia and others, would join the other Jihadists of the world?

Faiz Ahmad Faiz must be turning in his grave; that is if dead people can turn in the grave, for once being proved wrong about the UN Council when he said -“Iss May USA Kaa U Hai Baqi Sub No Hee No”.---It contains the U of the US and the rest is just No No.

Contrary to Faiz’s belief the Council was unanimous on this occasion on the resolution 2166, for the US did not use its Ubiquitous position and neither did Russia use its veto to say No. A win-win situation in all and for everybody concerned.

A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer