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Admission of Political Naivety as Belated Remorse Camouflages Calculated Genocide


By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

10 November 2017

“In an extract from his memoir, the ex-Labour leader Gordon Brown says "we were not just misinformed, but misled"; about taking part in Iraq war. ‘ The revelation leads Brown to conclude that the “war could not be justified as a last resort and invasion cannot now be seen as a proportionate response” ‘. A religious observation of “Just War”!

These were the Labour Leaders of UK who now claim being misled, had blindly followed their trusty protector and their staunch friend across the Atlantic, without giving slightest thought as to what that blindness would mean to the world at large. The fallout of that decision not only in terms of political consequences but that had precipitated utter destruction … annihilation almost of some of the Middle East nations, which a one-eyed analyst could have predicted then.

Could this remorse then be called hypocrisy? At least Bush, Blair and Howard the three Pinocchio cannot be accused of hypocrisy as they had stuck to their guns ever since.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, had noted it as “…unilateral war of choice against Iraq precipitated a widespread de-legitimation of US Foreign policy.” How very politely stated!

The implied remorse expressed in Gordon’s memoirs, particularly after decade and half of clear evidence of destruction and murder of nations committed by free choice over this period, only reminds one of Ghalib who lamented the hasty remorse of his beloved who had killed him:

Kee Meray Qatal Kay Baad Ussnay Jafaa Say Tobah—Haaey Uss Zood Pasheman’ Kaa Pasheman’ Honaa!

If being Misled by the self-styled policeman of the world was “thoughtful considerations of the times” … that is by exercising their choice, as is claimed by some so called savvy Liberal Leaders too of the coalition countries, then collectively they and the people who elected them to lead, all can be said to have blood on their hands; since the whole region is engulfed in the flames of war! But this call for prosecution of the leaders is “blocked” by courts!

Collectively Committed, Are These Heinous Crimes Any Less Than Those Of Hitler’s?

Will those who lit the uncontrolled fires, spawned myriads of homegrown terrorists organisations and perpetrated deaths and destruction in the region ever be brought to face the “opinion of mankind”?

The US along with a few others of the kind does not recognise the international court of justice… the opinion body of mankind. Obviously they want to escape the wroth of humanity and do not want to be judged by it.

During the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Richard Butler AC Australia’s United Nations weapons inspector had, despite his earlier criticism of Saddam Hussein; opposed the US-led invasion and Australia’s participation in it. He called for the resignations of Liberal Prime Minister John Howard (a religious man) and Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, who Butler said had ‘misled the Australian people over the war’. He also used off-the-record typical Australian explicit which cannot be repeated here.

The poor fellow is now hardly remembered for his political misdeed. Mr. Downer AC on the other hand is handsomely rewarded for his wise council by being appointed as High Commissioner to the UK, the mother-country that had dragged Australia to join the invasion.

In spite of all these observations, why did these countries and a few others too, join in as junior constables of the police force to implement the hidden unstated agenda of the global policeman for regime changes in other countries?

Interestingly the US’s recorded core value is: it is the right of the people of that country to alter or abolish oppressive regimes. And not a right of an external power invading others  masquerading as knight in the shining armour to liberate the oppressed people.

Has their policy ever resulted in establishing world peace and freeing the oppressed since WWII? On the contrary what is evident are destruction, despair and displacement of millions of victims suffering at the hands of their policing forces joined by the trusting friends, a few like Gordon Brown, decades later claim to have been ‘Misled’!

Further, the above noble document stating US’s lofty codes says among other things: “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; …”. In keeping with this the American colonies demanding independence from Britten did not invade it to liberate its citizen from a tyrant monarch of the time.

How is it that then that the US and its subservient hired cronies have been flouting their established code of conduct to effect Safety and Rights of other nations ever since?

In the Muslim world, the so called Leaders, monarchs and often recycled politicians are the worst offenders, subservient vassals and clients of these worldly Super powers, blind to the fact that these gods/masters have their agendas, mostly unstated and thus they are always conned (politely stated as ‘misled’) into doing the master’s biddings.

These client Muslims shamelessly ignore … as does the US of their noble Declaration of Independence document … the warning given in their Code of Conduct for Statecraft in Quran, which Muslims profess they hold dearer than their own life:

39, 65- … if you associate others (masters) with The Lord, all your good deeds will come to naught and you will be grossly at a loss!

An African proverb wisely states: when elephants enter plantation, devastation is inevitable.

Don’t the Muslims see their devastations daily on their TV screens?

Muslims should be excused, because the Code Book is in Arabic that most do not understand its message.

But the laws of nature and nature’s God, does not excuse ignorance. The universal law of action and reaction operates equally and equitably for all.

So they must be prepared to suffer the consequences of their wrong choices and of “Fake” associations. The poet Iqbal has so aptly stated this truism:

Jamhuriet ek tarze hukumat hai jiss may—bandon’ ko ginaa kartey hain’ tolaa nahin’ kartey!

The Code Book for Believers – Quran, does not prescribe any method for choosing leaders and friends except laying down the criterion, as in:

42-38, Those who heed their Lord Creator and establish a system of conduct, their affairs by mutual consultation and who freely spend out of their wealth bestowed on them for sustenance;

42-39 and those who when an oppressive wrong is inflicted on them, are not cowed but co-operate with each other to defend themselves.

People tested and tried for good conduct, character and dedicated to lead selflessly within the laws of nature and justice; that is the criteria for their selection as a leader.

Subservience to earthly super powers, to the extent that they buy billions of dollars’ worth of armaments from them and then invite the same warmongering masters to come and use the weapons (for them as they lack the expertise), against their supposed enemies. An irony if ever there was one.

Who Then Are These Supposed Enemies? Other Muslims?

But those who call themselves Muslims are brethren in faith, the Code Book says. Logically, therefore if one Muslim calls another Muslim an enemy then according to the Codes references 6-159 and 30-32 etc. both the parties involved in the feud are non-Muslims. Some like Iqbal would boldly call them Kafir and quiet rightly so. The Messenger Muhammad was specifically instructed to cut off all ties with all such contestants.

Today it seems that all Muslims have one or more Muslim as their enemy and therefore the cliché ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ comes into play very profitably for the Master’s commercial, military and political interests.

Not only do the Muslims not have the acumen to choose their Leaders wisely they cannot even distinguish between their friends and foes, let alone see the Elephant ……… in the plantation!

A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer


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