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Islam and the West ( 20 Aug 2013, NewAgeIslam.Com)

Obama Hires Wolves to Guard Lambs in Arab Wildlife



By Manal Abdul Aziz

 August 18, 2013

 After 12 years of war and heavy casualties in the US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US President Barack Obama meekly gave in to terms and conditions Al-Qaeda proposed to ‘suspend’—not defuse forever—its threat to the Western interests and civilians.

   The terms put forward by the terrorist organization included: the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan; holding talks in the Arab Gulf state of Qatar with the Taliban movement to overthrow the US-installed government of Afghan President Hamid Karzi. In June this year, the Secretary of the US State Department John Kerry and Ambassador Jim Dobbins, the Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, met with the former Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani to discuss the stalled US-Taliban peace talks, which started early last year. According to press reports, the meeting was the second in 24 hours.

   Al-Qaeda’s terms also included that the US President should bend down and allow its fighters to ride his shoulders to ramble confidently across the Middle East.  Unable to resist Al-Qaeda any longer, Obama embraced that kind of weird thought that if he escorted militants and extremists and sauntered together in Muslim countries, the new guys would gentlemanly to enjoy his pastimes in the White House. Perhaps, Obama does not know that his predecessors, who are the legitimate parents of his ‘new guys’, were the victims of their ambitions, which were overblown out of their context.

   Likewise, the American nation was the victim of their president’s miscalculated thought, which enticed them to rear the wolves to protect the lambs.  Strong muscles cannot alone extinguish raging fury. Committing himself to the terms of friendship, Obama accepted that his administration should abandon its traditional allies in Arab countries; and instead finance and assist his new guys’ (the extremists’) ascension to power. Obama does not know that after deepening their authority in the newly-invaded Arab countries, the new guys would claim their shares in his dowry.

   The confounded US President is idiotically showing his commitment to the humiliating terms in Syria and Egypt. He exaggerated his enthusiasm by declaring himself the sponsor of extremism in the Middle East. Ignoring the fact that fundamentalism and extremism are not by any means a fertile land for democracy, the US President sent the US Senator John McCain to meet Al-Qaeda’s warriors in Syria and discuss a list of arms supply they needed urgently to continue fighting the Shi’ite regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Days after his departure, Washington fulfilled McCain’s pledge to Al-Qaeda in Syria. More than 150, 000 civilians, including women and children, are reported to have been killed in the Syrian war in two years.

   Notwithstanding the huge death toll in Syria, the Obama administration winked mischievously at the Syrian opposition. Receiving the message, the Syrian opposition declined an invitation to take part in the Geneve-2 talks, chiefly suggested to broker a truce and discuss a roadmap. After his mischievous visit to Syria, McCain, the harbinger of civil wars in the Arab countries, landed in Egypt. The US Senator had also done a good job—from Obama’s point of view—in the Arab country of Libya. He departed from Cairo after having talks with the supporters of the ex-President Mohamed Morsi. He wolfishly showed sympathy to the Muslim Brotherhood. McCain deliberately abstained from condemning or at least commenting on the militants’ attacks in Sinai against civilians and army soldiers.

Statements given by McCain and different foreign envoys encouraged MB-led extremists in Rabaa Al-Adawiya in Nasr City and Al-Nahda in Giza to bare their teeth more menacingly to the Egyptian authorities. Days after McCain’s departure from Cairo, the MB sparked tragic chaos across the country in reprisal for removing them from the two areas. Public and private properties; and places of worship were torched. Businesses owned by Copts were destroyed and robbed. Fearing reprisal from Al-Qaeda’s militants, Obama two days ago gave an ambiguous statement, in which he criticized the government of Prime Minister Hazem el-Biblawi for declaring the state of emergency. Obama should reconsider his friendship with the new guard; otherwise time would come when they separate him from his wife in bed.