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Islam and the West ( 6 Jun 2008, NewAgeIslam.Com)

Holocaust: A Melodrama at UN Council


Libya draws a parallel between the Palestinian suffering in Gaza and the Nazi-orchestrated Holocaust against the Jewish minorities in Germany in mid-Twentieth century


By Hassan Tahsin   


Several Western ambassadors walked out of a recent special Security Council session on Gaza. The reason?


The Libyan representative drew a parallel between the Palestinian suffering in Gaza and the Nazi-orchestrated Holocaust against the Jewish minorities.


On hearing the comparison the French ambassador disconnected his earphone and left the meeting hall. The representatives of the United States, Britain, Belgium and Cost Rica followed suit. Their conduct apparently suggested that Israeli Army or anything related to the Jews for that matter, are above criticism.


It is quite unbecoming on the part of the ambassadors to be driven by prejudiced sentiments when violations of human rights and international laws are involved.


The event also revealed the extent of Western sympathies for the Jewish state even while the Israeli forces turned a whole region with millions of people into a vast prison.


The callous conduct of the Western representatives coincided with the alarm bells sounded by the United Nations’ agency for the relief of Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, about an impending human catastrophe in Gaza. Ten months of blockade and sanctions have deprived the Gaza people of primary education, hygiene and dignity, the agency said. UNRWA officials said that their relief operations would grind to a halt unless they got fuel for running their hospitals.


Most of the European countries have laws in place to prosecute anyone denying Holocaust or the extent of damages done by it to the Jews of Europe. Anyone who criticizes Israel’s most inhuman violations would be prosecuted on the charge of anti-Semitism in the US.


Though the anti-Semitism laws are ostensibly aimed at protecting the Jews, who commit crimes against humanity in the Arab lands, the Westerners have some other, hidden reasons for enacting such laws. It is, in fact, to cover up the deep-seated and centuries-old European hatred for Jews. Their hatred is glaringly manifest in Shakespearian plays.


In their efforts to conceal their hatred for the Jews, Westerners portray the sufferings of Jews under Nazis out of all proportion.


Western countries have been using force to stifle any attempt to highlight the errors in the Zionist claims about the number of Holocaust victims. For instance, Douglas Reed, a leading British journalist of the World War II, raised in his book “Far & Wide” published in the United States in 1947, some doubts about the claim that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. In the course of his journalistic studies Reed found that in 1938 the Jewish population in the world stood at 11 million. On the other hand, the UN population studies showed that the number of Jews in 1947, after the WW II and the Holocaust, was 11 million. The study also said that increase in the Jewish population over the intervening decade could not have been more than 400,000 even if the annual population growth rate was about 4 percent.


Then the total number of the deaths would be roughly 400,000 or a little over in the decade in which the Holocaust and massacres of Jews took place. His irrefutable arguments based on facts and figures attracted severe criticism from the Zionists and his book was withdrawn from the bookshops. The great journalist, whose passion was to bring out the truth, was ostracized by the Western governments and academics alike. He suffered only because he pointed out the glaring lack of logic in the claims about the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust.


British historian David Irving was humiliated and assaulted at public places because he had expressed a wish to conduct a research study on the Holocaust instead of accepting the existing prejudiced version of history.


Recently the French thinker Roger Garodi was handed jail term and a fine of 20,000 Francs on charges of anti-Semitism because he questioned several baseless Zionist claims.


It is an irony that even words such as Holocaust or racist treatment are not to be used to describe the brutalities of Israel in occupied lands. On the other hand, Western leaders and media love to call the people and groups who fight against the occupation forces in Palestine as terrorists and extremists.


All this only reveals Western hypocrisy when it comes to Israel and Arabs.


Source: Arab News