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What if Chicago was Gaza?


By Essam

July 20, 2014












Deja Vu: Protesters demonstrate against Israeli attacks on Gaza on November 19, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. Getty images

Welcome to Chicago, we're glad you're here!

We were once a thriving and free society, but in the last few decades all that has changed.

Today Chicago belongs to a new people. A people that were long oppressed in their homelands in other parts had been granted rights to move to the Chicago land area and settle. The settlers took over most of Chicago and have built an entire nation where our ionic streets once stood.  Now Chicago exists in a couple of small pockets of land. There's no freedom here, our fields and crops are gone, so to all our jobs. We've got some scenic roads, but we're not allowed to drive on them. They're for the settlers; they can drive on Lake Shore and all the main roadways. Our city stickers and the colour of our license plates are used to control our access.  We live on the shores of Lake Michigan, but have no access to clean water. We have really big walls keeping us from connecting with what once were our neighbourhoods.  We do have a state line along our south side, but the folks in Indiana have closed the border crossing to us. Trapped like wild animals in a small section of the City we have called home for ages. We watch as the settlers are gifted $3 billion dollars in funding a year to build the walls, infrastructure, and the largest army in within 10,000 miles, missile defence systems, and even nukes. For the longest time all we had were kids with sling shots to defend ourselves, but we now turned to some shadowy figures with rockets to try and give us some chance at survival.

Life here is rough; Chicago isn't the city it used to be for us. Every day we are met with check points and are abused and beaten by armed soldiers while we try and do the most basic of tasks, like go to Church or school.  Access to our jobs or even our markets is off limits, mostly because they've been bombed to the ground. There are some days it's not so bad, just present an ID to an armed guard and they'll frisk you, treat you like criminals, but they'll let you cross the check point. Other days aren't so good.  Chicago is starving, isolated, and running out of options to survive, but we're still standing.

Chicago is, I mean was, a city of Neighbourhoods. Rogers park to Lincoln Park and beyond all with a charm of their own. Over the years bulldozers backed by helicopter gunships have been razing those entire neighbourhoods. Levelling all our homes and businesses, leaving nothing. The local barber shop Margie's candy shop, it's all gone. All we could do was watch as our homes were destroyed, some that dared to stand up and try and defend their homes were beaten up, arrested, or killed.  The neighbourhoods are now settlements with beautifully built condos, apartments, and homes of all sizes and completely off limits to us. Settlers have moved in and they demands more land for themselves. They don't seem to care if someone's already living there; we are like the wild in the forests that are cut down to make room for cities. Instead of animals it's us humans being driven from our homes. Basic plumbing, clean water, even ACs combined with power and gas, and proper roads are all accessible to the settlers. Chicago was never known for great roads, mind you, but man those potholes we used to complain about before are nothing compared to not having roads. We're living in tents or all huddled into cramped apartments almost 2 million of us all trapped into this tiny piece of Chicago left for us.  Religious or not, Muslim or Christian, doesn't matter, we're all here.  We are Gaza.

Life has been harsh living under these barbaric conditions, but they just got a lot worse for us. The settler's army has launched an all out offensive in our little piece of Chicago. They say it's a war against the group of armed fighters in Chicago and that  they're not after us civilians, yet bomb after bomb lands in our streets, on our homes killing our children, our parents, and destroying what little we had. They punish the entire population to terrorize us into submission; they've done it for years. Bombs in homes for the elderly, the disabled, even hospitals , what's left of Chicago can only survive for so long when terror is raining from everywhere and nowhere is safe.  The armed gangs we got to help us have been firing rocket after rocket into the land beyond, but most of them are in-effective. The settlers have a multi-billion dollar defence system while we have sling shots and rockets by untrained thugs, better than nothing I suppose.

So far over 190 Chicagoans have been killed; over 70% of them are civilians, a lot of them kids. They haven't stopped firing even after those staggering figures. To show their humanity they actually fire a smaller missile that explodes on top of our buildings as a warning to evacuate in 3 minutes. This is followed by the big one that destroys everything and kills everyone in its path. They say the warning bomb is so civilians can get to safety, but it makes no sense. Where are we supposed to go? The entire area is under bombing and they've locked all the exits. That does make one wonder, if you're warning civilians with a bomb, doesn't that defeat the purpose? Never-mind that, if you know civilians are in the building then why the hell are you bombing it in the first place?

Settler Attack on Chicago

Alas this is nearing the end of what's left of Chicago. They offer cease fires but it's used to re-load and bulldoze more houses, they make no promise to end their occupation or to stop their brutality. Even so, we all could use a little peace right now. Be able to watch our kids play outside without being blown away.. Ah the good old days.  Just when we thought the cease fire would come, our so-called protectors laughed it off and kept firing missiles.

A full on invasion is coming.. We are warned to flee, but we can't run North or West, they've put up walls to keep us in, we can't go south, their friends in Indiana have closed the border. Chicago's meat packing days are back, except we're the ones going to slaughter.  Even if they wanted to stop their invasion, rockets from our side keep being fired and that means peace won't come any time soon.

All isn't doom and gloom, maybe we'll get lucky and the international media will witness firsthand the terrors that we are living through. Maybe their eyes will open and they'll start telling our story too and put real pressure on them to stop the violence.  It'll have to be something big, maybe something like, I don't know; say a naval ship opening fire on little children playing on the beach in broad daylight. Just one bombing wouldn't be enough, they'd find some excuse, and it’d have to be two bombs aimed directly at the scared kids. As the horrified journalists watch and capture the firsthand accounts, they'll be forced to jump into action to save the kids. Maybe seeing a small child blown to pieces while playing soccer would be exactly what they need to rally support back home. You think that would work right? Help will come for us right?

The reason help isn't coming is because of the deal we made with the devil.  We turned to armed militants for defence, a group which not a lot of people, even within our own communities support.  Rather than defending us or help build up our economy, they fire rockets into settler's homes, provoking them into launching massive attacks. Even the folks in Indiana despise them, hence the border being shut. They don't have to bury our dead or our children, I suppose it doesn't really matter to them either if we live or die so they keep firing rockets to prove their might while we pay the price.