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Islam and the West ( 23 Apr 2009, NewAgeIslam.Com)

Media deliberately distorted Ahmedinejad’s Speech at Anti-Racism UN Conference

Debbie Menon writes from Dubai

23 April 2009


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the West of using the Holocaust as a "pretext" for aggression against Palestinians, prompting European diplomats to walk out Monday from a speech interrupted by jeering protesters in rainbow wigs tossing red clown noses at the leader.


What we saw at the anti-racism conference hosted by the UN in Geneva this week was predictable.  That the strongest supporters (and deniers) of racism in the world today, i.e. The US, Australia, Canada, Netherlands  and of course Israel,  would not only boycott the conference, but accuse and condemn anyone else who went, or who criticized Israel or any of its supporters, of racism.


I have read Ahmedinejad's speech and it does read as if it were a bit over the top, perhaps because what he speaks about is over the top blatant hypocrisy and double-standards. Time for euphemisms and mincing words are over.  I can find no fault with anything he said about Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and the global economic crisis, who is behind it all, and who took the fall for it, for it is all accurate.  If it is fact, and it is TRUTH, then I am unsure how else one would speak about such blatant truths?


Well, he could begin by denying that it exists!


What those clowns have demonstrated by exhibiting complete denial of the notion of freedom of speech and the culture of debate is that the crux of matter is very simple.  The truth doesn't matter.  The truth will never matter when it comes to discussing "racism" and Israel in the same forum.


Yes, the audience and the press box were stacked against him.  That is the only reason they were there.  To destroy him!  I am sure they all had pre-typed copy just waiting for him to speak so they could send it out.


They have done a number on him by giving him a starring role and he walked right into it!


Well, would anyone be given a chance at saving Iran from the wolves?


A good example might be the most recent expense and efforts on the part of the wolves to bring the elements of freedom and democracy into the Gaza Strip, in Palestine.


And, it worked!  Because most people are just too ignorant and stupid to believe what they see with their own eyes and will only believe what they are told by the "authority" which they have been taught to believe is their protector, advisor and guide,  their Government, tribal and religious leaders.


Sheep following the bell, making the proper responses to the appropriate Pavlovian cues.


In my mother's Church, they used to tinkle a small bell.  You could get my Aunt Rose to genuflect in her sleep simply by tinkling a small bell!


Apparently, just because what he described is true, and appalling, racist, and wrong, that does not make him "right," if it is not good for Israel.


The voices of protest, boycott and condemnation I heard coming from Durban this week, falsely criticizing the critics of Israel of racism are all pathetic, strident, hysterical and shouting lies and deceptions.


Yet, raise one voice in opposition, and you are charged with stridency and bigotry!


 I think it may be apropos to append the Menachem Begin statement of Faith as a hallmark in each debate dealing with this subject.  In fact, just the hallmark makes the complete statement, and there is little anyone can say to refute it.


These are the people who are calling Iran's President Ahmadinejad a racist.


His attackers are accusing him of their own worst crimes and this should be apparent to the most blind and biased who take a moment to look at what he has said and about whom he has said it.


Israeli spokesmen and most of the Press accuse and charge their critics with the sins and crimes, of which they themselves are the most guilty!


It is a way of turning one's sword back against them. They do their best in every instance to do this; they are masters of the art of "spin."


All the sticks and stones, the belittlin', intellectual assassination, personal attacks, vilifying descriptions and interpretations of what he says,  does not do a whit, nor move an inch toward changing the truth or breaking the bones of facts of the things he has said or the charges he has laid.


George Bush was a clown, the clown that the press has tried to make Ahmadinejad out to be.  Yet they dressed him up to look sophisticated and gave him as much credibility as they could in a fifteen hundred dollar suit, a close shave, professional makeup, a moderate speaking tone, even though the dolt could not read a simple English sentence without turning it into a gaffe.


I see in Ahmadinejad a man who is sincere, bright, keen witted and intelligent, who neglects his presentation, and leaves himself wide open to being repainted by Murdoch and turned into an image of the fool and the clown which George Bush actually was.


Yes, the media deliberately distorts, insults, spins his words, mistreats and tries to destroy him and his credibility in every way and at every opportunity possible.  That is politics… and I think he would be the last to claim that the world is a fair place where people are treated fairly.


He is probably the last of the truthsayers and straight shoe-throwers left in the game.


Alan Derschowitz, the eternal spokesperson from Hell, said on the sidelines of the Durban Review Conference on racism in Geneva that Switzerland's president was supportive of "hate mongering" and that the anti-apartheid activist and Noble Peace Prize winning South African archbishop Desmond Tutu was a "racist and bigot." He is 'blind, deaf and dumb' when it comes to issues of Israel. He said he would urge the administration of US President Barack Obama to cease using Switzerland's services as its representative in Iran.


Au contraire, while President Obama prepares to engage Iran in diplomatic discussion, he had better spend some time preparing to engage Israel in some diplomatic discussion, or "hard talk."


Unless Iran plans an outright attack on America, which I doubt, then there is little to diplomatically discuss, and not much chance of a war to prevent.


But Israel, with the bellicosity of its ever-threatening and overt discussions of the inevitability of an attack on Iran and it's ever expanding settlement program in the West Bank, which they refuse to halt despite repeated calls for the same from United States Administrations, past and present; is the one with which immediate, direct and hard diplomatic discussions might be aimed if one expects to avert another unnecessary war of aggression, killing hundreds of thousands of people.


If a burglar, rapist, psychopathic robber broke into your home with intent to kill you, your women and children, take your possessions, and occupy your house with his family and all of his "gang," after having killed all of your staff, and cowed the authorities who now support him in his outrageously illegal and criminal activities, you would give in, and try to negotiate a settlement?


There are just some things which we, as human beings, cannot tolerate in this world we call our home.


On a final note, I quote the befitting lines of Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, President of the UN General Assembly:


"It makes no sense to wage wars of aggression that kills hundreds of thousands of people with the purported aim of supporting democracy, while at the same time using every imaginable means and pretext to prevent a process to democratize the United Nations itself,"- d'Escoto told delegates at the 63rd General Assembly session in Geneva.


"We will continue to stress that the decentralization which the United Nations so urgently needs will entail decentralizing the power accumulated in a small group of states," d'Escoto added.


Yes, and it is all so obvious, yet demoralizing, to see how the forces of power in the world undermine the effectiveness of this World Body, bulldoze aside all the altruism and ideals, as fast as they are thrown up and in the way of their profiteering and central powerizing objectives.


 Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. She can be reached at