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Islam and the West ( 11 Sept 2012, NewAgeIslam.Com)

U.S.-Funded Jihadist “Holy War” In Syria Seeks Sharia Dictatorship


By Alex Newman

11 September 2012

Contrary to claims by Western governments and Islamist tyrants financing the “revolution” in Syria, foreign jihadist forces and al-Qaeda terrorists battling the secular Bashar al-Assad regime are not trying to create a “democracy” with “human rights” for all. Instead, they are waging so-called jihad, or “holy war,” to build an Islamic dictatorship under Sharia law as part of an emerging international Muslim system, Doctors Without Borders co-founder Jacques Beres confirmed after returning from Syria.

Dr. Beres, who spent two weeks treating injured fighters in the city of Aleppo, told Reuters that at least half of the “Syrian rebels” he dealt with were actually foreigners from around the world. They came from Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and even Europe. Critics noted that 11 years after 9/11, the U.S. government is again funding al-Qaeda and its affiliates — an odd but unsurprising development considering history.

Many of the foreign rebels have previous battle experience from fighting American troops throughout the Middle East. Some have even openly threatened to attack the United States after Assad’s regime falls, the Christian Science Monitor reported in a piece entitled “Syria's rebels have a new villain: the United States.”

As The New American and several other sources, including U.S. officials, have documented for months, a large percentage of the Western establishment-backed fighters are actually openly affiliated with al-Qaeda. One estimate suggests as many as one fourth of the rebel groups in Syria are affiliated with the infamous terror group, according to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.).

"It's really something strange to see,” Dr. Beres, a surgeon, explained in an interview with Reuters last week after returning to France. “They are directly saying that they aren't interested in Bashar al-Assad's fall, but are thinking about how to take power afterwards and set up an Islamic state with Sharia law to become part of the world Emirate."

Despite widespread deception surrounding the increasingly violent conflict, the revelations from Beres were hardly surprising to experts and analysts monitoring the situation. Alternative media outlets have been reporting the presence of foreign terror groups for over a year, and even the mainstream press has slowly been forced to admit that there is much more going on than the bogus narrative offered up by Western officials.

Even as the new socialist government in France bangs the war drums and demands more international military support for the Syrian uprising, Beres’ explosive comments offer crucial insight into the nature of the fighters. According to the surgeon, he treated at least two young Frenchmen. Their admitted inspiration: an Islamic terrorist recently accused of murdering French soldiers and Jewish children. 

"Some of them were French and completely fanatical about the future," Beres explained about the jihadists he dealt with in Syria. "They are very cautious people, even to the doctor who treated them. They didn't trust me, but for instance they told me that Mohammed Merah was an example to follow."

Merah, of course, was the Islamist accused of killing three French troops. After the soldiers, the alleged killer went on to massacre innocent Jewish schoolchildren — age 3, 6, and 11 — as well as a rabbi in Toulouse this March.

The French government, meanwhile, openly announced this month that it would begin sending direct aid to the rebels. It is also lobbying for more international military support for the fighters. Unsurprisingly considering the French rebels’ hero, human rights groups have condemned wanton war crimes being perpetrated in Syria by rebel forces.

This week the United Nations, citing a video showing rebels perpetrating mass executions, warned that Assad opponents would not be immune from prosecution. Financiers of the slaughter — Western governments, Arab dictatorships, and wealthy elites — will almost certainly escape accountability.

Over the weekend of September 8, a car bomb in Aleppo killed dozens of civilians, according to news reports. The attack came just hours after an al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic terrorist convicted of plotting against American targets warned Assad that his organization would be launching “deadly attacks” to help rebels bring down the Syrian regime.

“From this podium, we declare jihad (holy war) against the wicked Assad, who is shedding the blood of our Sunni Muslim brothers in Syria,” screamed Abu Sayyaf, who leads Jordan’s Salafi Jihadi group accused of murdering U.S. aid worker Laurence Foley in Amman. The Islamist was released from prison last year after being convicted of plotting terror attacks against U.S. military trainers in Jordan.

The presence of dangerous terrorist groups and foreign jihadists in Syria was largely downplayed by Western officials and establishment media outlets in the early months of the conflict. As in Libya, facts were glossed over in an effort to paint the armed uprising as a spontaneous and “peaceful” movement for “democracy.”

Assad, however, has claimed from the start that the uprising is part of an international conspiracy using dupes and terrorists on the ground to do  most of the fighting. Despite being a vicious tyrant who brutally oppressed his nation and even unlawfully tortured prisoners on behalf of the U.S. government, at least on the origins of the civil war, he was correct. 

Experts, witnesses, and analysts have long known the truth: Foreign governments including various European powers, the regime in Turkey, the Obama administration, and a broad assortment of Islamic dictatorships were deeply involved in the civil war even before it began. The U.S. government has been funding opposition forces with taxpayer money for years, according to diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks. 

The self-styled leaders of the uprising at the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Syrian National Council (SNC), meanwhile, are intimately linked to the pinnacle of the global establishment: the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and other infamous powerbrokers. But even the world-government-promoting CFR has openly admitted that overthrowing the Assad regime will depend heavily on the establishment’s alliance with terrorist groups.

“The Syrian rebels would be immeasurably weaker today without al-Qaeda in their ranks,” acknowledged Ed Husain, a senior fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the CFR. “The influx of jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly results. In short, the [rebel Free Syrian Army] needs al-Qaeda now.”

Despite U.S. federal laws purporting to permit indefinite military detention of anyone suspected of aiding al-Qaeda or its affiliates, the Obama administration recently signed a secret order allegedly authorizing even more unlawful support for the “rebels.” Other Western governments — not to mention a motley assortment of ruthless Islamist tyrants — have also admittedly been funding, arming, and directing the rebellion, too. 

However, the lawlessness has not gone unnoticed. “The U.S. administration must come clean about its financial aid. It cannot use one hand to sign a blank check to the rebels, and the other hand to cover its eyes to their immoral and illegal tactics,” noted Australian Arabic Council founder Joseph Wakim in a piece for The Canberra Times, a major Australian newspaper.

Wakim also pointed out that the U.S. government was now collaborating with al-Qaeda on the 11th anniversary of September 11. “The U.S. regime should be actively and publicly distancing itself from the foreign terrorists and Salafist jihadists that are proliferating within sovereign Syria,” he concluded. “It should be condemning al-Qaeda for its militant intervention. It should be condemning the Saudi sheikhs who issue fatwas for an Alawite holocaust.”

Aside from the Shia Alawite minority to which the Assad dynasty belongs, Christians, who found one of the final Middle Eastern safe-havens in Syria amid surging persecution in the region, are being slaughtered by Western-backed rebel forces. Analysts have called it “ethnic cleansing.” And critics argue that the Obama administration’s bid to replace one brutal dictatorship with another is hardly a worthy goal — not to mention the lack of constitutional authority.

“The Obama administration runs the risk of helping to bring these extremists to power if and when the Assad regime finally does collapse,” observed analyst John Glaser with the liberty-minded website “Moreover, as happened in Afghanistan after the US proxy war there with the mujihadeens, the potential for deadly blowback is very real.”

Top U.S. officials seem unconcerned though. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, for example, recently vowed to continue working with other governments to overthrow the Assad regime by supporting the rebels no matter what. During the illegal war on Libya, Clinton even told Congress that the administration would wage its war no matter what lawmakers thought about it.

Meanwhile, thousands of Syrian civilians have already been killed, and the body count will only continue to mount as the establishment seeks to eliminate its former ally currently ruling over Syria. The consequences of the U.S. government’s lawless behavior, as always, will eventually come back to haunt the American people and the world.