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The Quran Warns Believers against Fasad or Corruption and Mischief

By S. Arshad, New Age Islam

26 February 2022

Fasad Denotes All The Vices And Immoral Practices Declared Un-Islamic

Main Points:

1.    Many nations were destroyed for Fasad.

2.    Fasad is a grave crime a cording to Quran.

3.    Corruption, mischief, terrorism, adultery, dishonest practices, all come under the definition of Fasad.


The Quran uses the word Fasad on many occasions. Fasad is a term that denotes all the vices and immoral practices that have been declared un-Islamic. On many occasion it is used to mean collective vices of a society and on some occasions it is used to mean a particular vice or moral or social evil.

Fasad is a comprehensive word in Arabic. It means corruption but it has a wider meaning. It is a vice that destroys the social, moral and religious order.

Before the advent of Islam, the Arab society had become degraded. Moral, financial, sexual and religious evils along with disbelief in one God was widespread. Bloodshed was commonplace. Orphans were oppressed and their wealth or property was usurped by dishonest people. Theft and robbery were the order of the day. Even the followers of Abrahamic religions had invented many new beliefs and validated what was haram in their scriptures. In short, there was widespread Fasad in the Arab society.

Islam came to remove Fasad from the society and from the hearts of the people.

The holy Quran mentions forms of Fasad and terms it a grave sin. The Quran prescribes severe punishment for the Mufsid ( perpetrator of Fasad) either in this world or in the Hereafter.

According to the verses of the Quran, Fasad means unjustified bloodshed, dishonest business means, sexual crimes, conspiracy against the Deen and haram ways of income like Riba (interest)

In the Quran, the angels use the word to express their concern after God decided to create man and appoint him his vice-regent on earth. The angels said to God:

"Said the angels, 'Do you appoint someone on earth who will cause Fasad on it and shed blood and we sing your praise and greatness. God said, you don't know what I do"(Al Baqarah:30)

According to this verse Fasad is used to mean bloodshed. It means Fasad because peace is the divine order of the universe. The entire universe follows peace and order and no object of the universe disrupts the working of the other. Therefore, angels feared that man may disrupt the order of the earth by causing bloodshed. They had the precedence of mischiefs of Djinns who inhabited the earth before man was sent down.

But Fasad is not used to mean bloodshed but to mean other vices of man.

When prophet Moses was appointed the prophet of Bani Israel, Pharaoh was causing Fasad on earth. He claimed to be God and oppressed his subjects. God gave Moses victory over Pharaoh and his people. Qarun was one of the richest lieutenants of Pharaoh. He was given immense wealth but was not a believer in God. When Prophet Moses preached oneness of God and invited him towards Deen, Qarun started conspiring against him and he incited people against Prophet Moses. His conspiracies and mischiefs are called Fasad in the Quran.

"Qarun was from the nation of Moses then he started mischief and We had given him so much wealth that powerful men would get tired of carrying the keys of his treasures. When his nation told him not to take pride as whatever he had was a gift of God so he should earn the last abode with it. 'And do not ignore your part from the world and do good as God did favours to you and do not wish Fasad (mischief) on earth. Allah does not like mischief mongers."(Al Qaeda's:77)

In this verses. Mischiefs and conspiracies of Qarun comes under the definition of Fasad.

The Quran terms the corrupt business practices of the nation of Prophet Shuaib of Madyan. They used to weigh things dishonestly while selling things. They also worshipped false gods. Therefore, their religious and moral corruption together forms Fasad.

The Quran says:

*And sent to Madyan their brother Shuaib, then he said to them , O my nation, worship Allah and expect the last Day and do not wander on earth causing Fasad." (Al Ankabut:36)

The Quran calls the nation of prophet Lot a.s. the nation of Mufsid (Qaum-ul-Mufsideen) in Surah Al Ankabit because of their sexual perversion. They were destroyed when they refused to reform themselves by the wrath of God.

In the modern times, uncontrolled and rampant industrial development has led to environmental pollution. This pollution has become so severe that it has posed a grave threat to human beings, plants and aquatic animals. Both land and water have seen results of pollution. The Quran calls the environmental pollution Fasad because pollution disturbs the ecological balance and is a danger to life on earth.

The Quran says:

"Fasad has spread on land and water, result of misdeeds of man, he should be made to taste the result of his deeds so that they return."(Ar Rum:41)

All the prophet's warned their nations against Fasad as it invites God's wrath. God asked the nation of Prophet Moses not to cause Fasad on earth. It means people should worship God and abstain from evil deeds.

"And when Moses asked for water for his nation We said, Strike your stick on the rock, So twelve streams gushed forth. Each nation recognised it's stream. Eat and drink from God's provisions and do not go around spreading Fasad."(Al Baqarah:60)

In modern times, religious extremism and terrorism has been recognised as the latest form of Fasad. Many militant organisations claim to be the true flagbearer of Deen and cause bloodshed on earth. They attack non-Muslims and Muslims alike on the basis of their ideological interpretation of Deen. They do not even spare women and children. They do not listen to any voice of reason because they think that they are reformers. The Quran calls them Mufsid (mischief mongers).

"When they are told not to spread corruption, they say, 'why we are only reformers. Let it be known that they are the mischief mongers but they do not understand."(Al Baqarah:12)

The Quran prescribes hand and leg amputation or death or banishment for bloodshed.

Apart from it, other social and moral crimes that affect the order and peace of the society and violates the rights of people also come under Fasad ( corruption in the Quran. God's wrath befalls on those causing Fasad in the society.


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