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Intercession Holds Special Significance in Islamic Belief System

By S. Arshad, New Age Islam

11 March 2022

Muslims Believe That The Holy Prophet Pbuh Will Intercede For Them.

Main Points:

1.    Jews believed that they were sons of God and God will forgive their sins.

2.    Christians believe that Jesus will take all their sins upon him.

3.    Hadiths and Qur'an support the belief in intercession.


Intercession (Shafa'at) holds special significance for Muslims. The Muslims believe that on the Day of Judgement, the holy Prophet Pbuh will do intercession for the sinners of his community (Muslims). There are some hadiths to this effect that strengthen this belief. One hadith says, "Shafa'ati Li Kabairi Ummati"(My intercession is for the major sinners (those who committed major sins) among my Ummah.)

The holy Quran says that the fate of every individual will be decided on the basis of his deeds during his life time.

"No one is your supporter or intercessor except Him."(As Sajda: 4)

"O believers! Spend from what We gave you provisions before the advent of the day when there will be no business nor friendship nor intercession."(Al Baqarah: 254)


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It also says on a number of occasions that nobody's intercession will be accepted in anyone's favour nor any one's help will reach anyone on the Day of Judgment nor will the reward of good deeds of others will be accepted as compensation for any one's sins.

"And fear the day when no one will be of any help to any one nor any body's intercession will be accepted or anything in compensation nor will any help reach him."(Al Baqarah:48)

There are other verses that reiterate the fact that human beings should do good deeds and abstain from evil if they want to be blessed and rewarded on the Day of Judgment. No intercession will be accepted in their favour and so they should not be complacent. This has been reiterated in the Qur'an many times because communities of earlier prophets had invented similar beliefs. The Christians believe that Jesus Christ will purify all the Christians of their sins. The Jews developed the belief that they were God's sons and so they won't be put into the Hell. All their sins will be forgiven. This belief made them complacent and they transgressed and committed grave sins though God forbade them to commit mischief (fasad) on earth.

Therefore, Qur'an warned Muslims against such beliefs so that they did not become complacent and live a pious and righteous life on earth.

However, there are some other verses in the Qur'an that support the belief of Muslims in the intercession (Shafa'at) done by the holy prophet pbuh in favour of sinners of his Ummah. Though the holy Prophet's name has not been mentioned as the intercessor, the verses hint at someone who will be granted the permission to do intercession in favour of some chosen people.

"Who can do intercession before Him but with His permission."(Al Baqarah: 255)

"No one has the power to do intercession except the one who has been granted promise from Rahman."(Maryam: 87)

In the background of the hadiths which talk of intercession by the holy prophet pbuh, the person whom God will grant permission to do intercession will be the holy prophet pbuh.

In some other verses, it is also said that angels also do intercession for people on earth. In some verses it is also said that angels beg God to forgive the sins of some people but God accepts their intercession in favour of only those whom He loves or like”

"There are many angels in the Heavens whose intercession is of no help except when Allah permits them in favour of one whom He loves."(At Tur: 26)

"And they do not do intercession but for the one with whom Allah is pleased."(Al Anbiya: 48)

Interestingly, the angels did not have a good opinion of man when God had expressed to them His plan to create Man and send Him to the earth. They had said that Man will spread fasad on earth. This apprehension was based on their past experience. Before Man, djinns were created and sent to the earth. The djinns had spread Fasad on earth. Therefore, when God planned to create Man and send him to the earth the angels had become apprehensive.

But why will anyone whom God loves or likes need intercession in the first place? Obviously, God loves only those who are righteous and they will go to heaven thanks to their good deeds.

Actually, there will be a lot of righteous people on earth who, despite being righteous and pious, may have committed major sins under unavoidable circumstances or unintentionally. Take the example of Prophet Moses pbuh. Before he became a prophet, he hit a man hard unintentionally and the man died. Since, he did not kill the man intentionally, God forgave his sin. Therefore, there may be scores of people who despite all their efforts to abstain from sins may have committed not only minor sins but major sins like murder. Since, they will be otherwise righteous people and may have done great services to the society and humanity at large, they will be granted intercession by either the angels or the prophet pbuh.

However, the intercession will be a privilege and not the right of the people. It will depend on the discretion of God. Only He knows the state of the heart of believers and so He will decide who deserves intercession. Therefore, there is no room for complacency for Muslims.


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