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Blessed Are the Peace Makers

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

24 September 2016

Notwithstanding the political agendas and regional strategies of the warring factions in the Middle East, the majority Muslim region, claiming to follow “Islam”, are not only committing genocide in its name and the Book Quran whence Islam takes its Arabic name; but filing up the refugee camps all over the world with human misery.

These wars of brethren on brethren - Muslims on Muslims; alleged to be for no other reason than that the warring parties are, they insist, factions of one and the same religion Islam. Although, it vehemently excises from its fold all forms of schisms and sectarian divisions among its followers; as given in 6-159 of the Book.

Rouge, the factions have adopted to give Arabic names to their factions in order to project them as emanating from that book. The source Book happens to be compiled by an Arab Messenger and therefore by necessity it is in Arabic language. However the message is for whole of mankind.

But the official English name ISIS – the progeny of Isis- Egyptian goddess, incestuous wife and sister of Osiris and Boko the ‘nose’ (origin of the word unknown in English), are not Arabic.

The one thing common that can be attributed to them all by lay person, is the oft made claim that their enemy is the non-Muslim infidel West and in particular the US Administration.

This must be taken with a pinch of salt. For all most all of these warring parties are alleged to obtain their arms and support either directly or indirectly from their declared so called enemies. The agents’ suppliers of deadly arms, arsenal and funds are through well-known Muslim governments, as is often portrait in the media!

The lay person is therefore at a total loss to fathom why these parties of Muslims are instead locked in blood curdling feuds on other Muslims, when each party otherwise call them as “brethren”.

The brotherhood of brethren bit resonates well with the innocent young who in their ignorance and confusion are led to believe by the recruiting agents in the uniform of the religious brigades; that it is the ‘other’ party which is preventing the establishment of common brotherhood of Believers; as demanded by the Book of Islam, the Quran, viz:

49-10: The Believers are Brethren so make peace between your brethren and keep your duty to God that mercy may be had on you.

The ‘duty to God’ is interpreted by the recruiters to mean: take up arms, and wage war against those who are perceived to prevent the formation of “brotherhood”. It adds fuel to the fire of the youthful, immature and misguided adolescents and young people and turns them fanatics and the proverbial terrorists. 

The command to ‘make peace’ in the above verse gets obliterated. The waging of war – the insensate murder numbed by the religious fanaticism becomes all important, and the brethren on the opposite side then become the apostate and infidel and are proclaimed as enemies. The ‘final solution’ thus becomes the imperative as dictated by others!

If only it was that simple, alas it is not!

Under the clarion call by all sides of ‘Islam is in danger’ and ‘enlist to save Islam’; not only the very brotherhood of Believers but the very nation is being annihilated. Annihilation of the nation is perhaps too polite a word to describe the tragedy in the Muslim world today.

The spectre of destruction of the nation in terms of lives lost, infrastructure turned to utter rubble and larger numbers since the world war of humans forced into refugee camps spread over the world, is something that the older generation may have witnessed during the WWII!

Then perhaps not; as there was not the instant media coverage of the news that is here today.

However that war was supposed to be justified on the basis of military aggression of one nation, for whatever reason, against the other, or a group of nations against the other group of nations. But the retaliation was confined to armed forces deployed in the conflict. Religion did not play an obvious part, though elements of racism cannot be ruled out. The civilian casualties were the inevitable result but the terms ‘collateral damage’ and ‘human error’ had not been coined then, as are used so frequently today, as the human error and collateral damage is a daily occurrence in spite of the advance in technology!

For that it smack of deliberate strategy; so it seems to an observer watching the daily news.

The entangled web of many elements in this regional war – political, resource control, regional strategies, vested interests, cultural and economic dominance, protection of favourite States, just to name a few; all under the guise of ‘collective action’ is well neigh impossible to untangle. The blurry and forked tongued alliances of opposites and the mixed ideologies and especially the foreign intrigues must be befalling to the best of philosophers and seasoned analysts on earth.

However as the subject here is the tragedy of the Muslim world, erroneously called Islamic world and enacted in its name, it may be prudent to look into its commandments with reference to its source Book the Quran that the brethren confess to follow.

In addition to 49-10 already referred to above, there are numerous others on the theme. Just a few pertinent ones are referred here.

10-19: Mankind was but one nation, but deferred (later)… It seems that it is human trait to have disagreements, so the Book of guidance must then propose solution to resolve them. It does:

10-25: And God invites you to the abode of peace; it guides those who seek guidance to the right path.

10-26: For those who act righteously is reward of multiple goodness, neither blackness nor ignominy will cover their faces…

The above inevitably brings to mind the images of some of the warring Jihadis with covered faces and waving black flags with inscriptions saying there is no god but God. The question then is, if they were following the right path shown by the one and the only God, why do they inflict such blackness and ignominy on themselves?

The Book addresses mankind as a whole:

3-22: Have you not seen those who are given the Book, they are invited to the Book of God that they may decide between them, but then a party of them turn back.

The Book, the “Word”, had been given to all nations previous to the Messenger Muhammad. Blessed are the peace maker says the Bible too. The duty therefore for maintaining peace is not a one-way street for just one party. So the disagreements are to be resolved between them with open faces and with peace as the primary objective.

Murder of an innocent person is so sinful that it says: ‘one innocent life taken is akin to murder of humanity and one life saved is like saving of humanity 5-32’.

Then again it is not as simple as that either!

The so called Jihad – the bloodshed, the slaughter of humans as sacrificial ritual they have enacted on behest of their masters - their worldly lesser gods, whom they have taken as authority and consider them as their protectors, is to appease them:

6-51……there is NO PROTECTOR for them nor any intercessor besides Him -- so that they may keep their duty. The duty is to maintain PEACE in the world.

29-22: And you cannot escape in the earth or heaven, and you have NO protector or helper beside God. And,

30-35: Or, have We sent to them an authority so that it speaks of that which they associate with Him (as partner)?

Thus the proclamation there is no god but God of the brethren and commandment of the Bible of the masters’ is therefore naught!

If the choice is made to “follow the lesser god”- in god we trust - then the blame rest squarely on the shoulders of the followers and NOT so much the fault of the gods!

It seems that the current “World Order” strategy for them is to maintain a “Warring World”, and the Brethren are fully committed to it and in synchronism with them and so assist them achieve their strategies–?

Blessed are the peace makers, though!


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