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The Existence of God


By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

6 January, 2018

A likeness of God is to be found in human beings, for the existence of man is a proof of the existence of God. What is the nature of God? He is a live, self-sufficient Being, with a mind that is all-knowing, eyes that are see it all and ears that hear it all. His infinite power reaches to the furthermost corners of the universe, and no object of His will is too great or too small to escape its force. And quite independent of all objects of creation, God has His ego.

A human being may not, like God, be omniscient and omnipotent, but he certainly thinks, sees, hears, has a will, acts of his own volition and understands quite precisely what is meant by the “ego” — the “I”. To believe in God is to have faith in a higher form of the “I”. A person’s experience of himself, his attributes, his characteristics, make it possible for him to apprehend the eternal Being who possesses these very attributes and characteristics, but to a superlative degree. This is the Being whom we call God.

If one is sure of one’s own existence, why should one not be sure of the existence of God? We ourselves direct the movements of machines in outer space by means of remote control, so why should we have any difficulty in accepting that there is a God who controls the universe by His own invisible system?

We mete out punishments and give rewards according to our own concept of justice, so why should there not be an all-powerful God who administers reward and retribution according to His own, unique concept of justice?

Indeed, believing in God is no different from believing in one’s own self. Belief in God is doubtless an extraordinary feat of the imagination, but it is no more extraordinary than believing in a human being. Once one has accepted one extraordinary phenomenon, there is nothing to prevent from accepting another.