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Acceptance of Our Prayer Requests



By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

January 06, 2015

Once, a young man said to me, “I have so many problems! I keep praying to God to have them solved, but my prayer requests are never accepted. I’ve spent many years supplicating Him, but not a single problem of mine has been solved. I have really no idea as to what I should do now!”

This man is one of many who pray to God for material things or for solving their economic problems. And when they see that their problems are not solved in the way they want them to be, they lose hope.

Supplication to God (Dua) is a form of worship. The acceptance of these supplications, we must remember, depends on God’s will, and not on what we might desire.

In this world, material things are like examination question papers. It is God who decides who will be tested with which examination paper. What we might prefer in this regard makes no difference whatsoever. A student who is sitting for an examination cannot demand that the examination paper should be as he wants it to be. The paper is set not by him, but, rather, by the educational authorities. Likewise, the examinations that God sets for us in this world to face are decided by Him. We can’t expect them to be as we like.

Given this, we should continue to beseech God, turning to Him with our requests, but, at the same time, we should leave the matter of the acceptance of our prayer requests entirely to Him. If your supplications do not appear to be being accepted, you must know that this is what God wills. God knows better what is good for His servants. Often, we are concerned only with our desires and do not really know what is truly good for us.

We should learn to willingly accept whatever God has given us. And as for other things, we should pray, “O God! Please give me what is best for me!”

[Translated from May 2014 issue of Al-Risala, article ‘Dua ki Qubuliyat’, p. 7]