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Islam and Spiritualism ( 17 Jun 2020, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Trials and Tribulations for A Believer Are Divine Experiences

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

17 June 2020                                  

When a believer calls out to God and if that believer is beloved to God, then God commands Angel Gabriel not to make haste in fulfilling the desire of the believer because it pleases God to hear his voice calling out to his Lord. (Al Mojam al Awsat, Hadith No. 8442)

In the above tradition of Prophet Muhammad, the word ‘voice’ encompasses all forms of communion of the believer when he beseeches his Lord. These are the words of the believer who is defenseless in the face of the trials and tribulations that he must endure as a part of the creation plan of God. These trials make his heart tremble in helplessness. All he can think of is God as his savior and protector. With this experience, he discovers his own ultimate helplessness and the infinite power of Almighty God. These trials and tribulations bring about an upheaval in his soul.

In such situations, the words that arise on the tongue of the believer are unique. They illustrate a new discovery of the glory of God. At that moment, the universe becomes envious of such a believer. When he beseeches his Lord in such a manner, the heavens and the earth are humbled. It is a creative, unique and superior form of invoking God.

Trials and tribulations for a believer are divine experiences. They enhance the sensitivity of a believer. At such times, it is not the formal Duas (supplications) and oft-repeated recitations that appear on his tongue, rather these are original and new supplications imploring God for his succor. At such times, he calls out to his Lord   with such exceptional words that he himself had not known before. When this knowledge becomes an experience and when feelings take on expression, the words that emanate from a believer’s tongue are so magnificent that God Himself loves to hear them.


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