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The Holy Quran: The Most Read and the Least Understood Book


By Maulana Abdul Qadir and Abul Mudassar Nazir

(Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk)

17 April 2015

The holy Quran is a great book of God that does not need external assistance to testify to its truth. This book has an ocean of arguments and logics to prove that which leads man of every age to wisdom, guidance and belief. God has proved it to be the truth through the signs present within the body and universe.

Arguments and testimony of every nature, historical, academic and universal, present in this book testify to it being the truth. The predictions made in this book keep on proving true with time. The information about the birth of existence this book has given could not be falsified by the science despite its progress and development. The secrets of history that Quran unveiled even could not be falsified by the researches in the field of archaeology. Whichever field man carried research on has only proved its being truth. No field of science could falsify any of its statements. God has declared this book to be the truth like the universe and it is proving itself to be so and the scholars and scientists of the world have no option but to accept the fact that this universe is the act of God and the Quran is the word of God.

 God has challenged man to bring a single sentence similar to that of the Quran (17:88- 11:13-10:35.2:23.52:34) and said that if man cannot bring a single verse like it than he should accept that it is the book of God. No non-believer or non-Muslim could meet this challenge but Muslims formulated the belief that Hadiths too are like the verses of the Quran and even concocted a Hadith to justify this belief. The Hadith says, “I was given the Quran along with misluhu and ma’ahu (similar scriptures attached). Bukhari was divided in thirty parts like the Quran and declared misluhu and ma’ahu. This is the peak of injustice to this book.

God has called this book Nur (light). It meant that all the sciences should be analysed and examined in the light of this book. Whether it is the Hadith or jurisprudence (Fiqh), their authenticity should be examined in the light of the Quran. But man imposed fourteen sciences on the Quran in such a way that people began to believe that Quran could not be understood without the help of these fourteen sciences. The Quran is light in its own right and this sun does not need any other sciences to be illuminated. It is itself so bright, so clear and so luminous that it can shed light on other sciences and guide them. Can a light like the Quran be in need of anything to be visible? Never.  Religious leadership, instead of examining and analyzing the Hadith in the light of the Quran, started analyzing and examining the Quran in the light of the Hadith. And people influenced by the western modernism sacrificed the Quran at the altar of changing ideas. The book which was itself the imam (11:7.46:12-12:36) was removed from its position as the imam and was being examined and analysed in the light of the sayings of imams created by man. The book that should have been put on top to examine all other books with its help was instead hid under the pile of man-made books and man made statements and ideas became the belief of men but this book could not travel from the lips to the hearts. The most read book practically became the least understood book. No solutions of problems of the modern age are found in this book which is full of rationality and wisdom because it has been tied to traditions. The sayings of the first generation Muslims (aslaf) that could have been considered views and ideas that might have been of use of their respective age were imposed on the Quran  to remain so till the Day of Judgment that doors of ijtihad, rationality and wisdom were closed. It was the duty of the ulema to find the solutions of problems of the changing times in the spirit of ijtihad through the eternal principles of the Quran. Instead, the Ulema declared Taqleed a duty and locked their rationale and power of reasoning. Not only this they also left no stones turned to lock the hearts of others. By doing so, they proved the Quran to be a book that cannot go with the times.

Whenever someone tried to solve the problems of the society through the eternal principles of the Quran or strived to correct the direction of the modern sciences through this book was out-rightly declared a Kafir and was declared guilty of tafsir bir rai (impressionistic exegesis) deserving the fire of Hell. The Quran had been revealed with the purpose of freeing the downtrodden humanity from the yokes of slavery but it was stripped of its revolutionary spirit and the religions leaders started searching for justification for slavery in this book. But when they failed to achieve their objective through this book, they declared this book a flawed one and tried in vain to prove other books complementary to it.

The Ulema of the present and past who tried to free the Quran from the views and opinions of aslaf and tried to explain the Quran from an independent point of view were declared guilty of impressionistic exegesis though in fact the guilty of the impressionistic exegesis were those who have left piles of exegesis. Dozens of contradictory commentaries are found in the exegesis of every verse. I have not inserted my own views while translating the verses of the Quran but have translated the verses in their natural and logical context as made clear by God. While translating, the context and the background information was also not ignored because it is not an incoherent book rather it is a coherent one.