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‘Denying Holocaust Does Not Make Good Muslim or Arab’: ‘The Quran Calls Muslims to Be Just’



By Khaled Aljenfawi

November 26, 2013    

There is a unique passage in the Holy Quran which talks about the need for all Muslims to be honest and just with all people: “O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do” (Surat Al-Ma’idah 8). Being tolerant of difference, and not being influenced by cultural, racial or religious prejudices, I do believe that a good Muslim should always be a just Muslim, especially toward non-Muslims. For example, one of the most controversial issues surrounding current day Muslim and Jewish relations revolves around how to deal with the horrific Holocaust; the large scale Nazi destruction of millions of innocent lives.

This mass murder of millions of Jews between 1941-45 represents one of the darkest periods in human history. In fact, Hitler, the Nazi dictator would have exterminated all Muslims if he was able to do so. To such mad Nazi all non-Germans were less human than the Aryan race. Therefore, denying the Holocaust or attempting to use anti-Semitic discourse similar to what the Nazis used during 1930s and 1940s is very unjust especially if such denial is committed by a Muslim.

We as Muslims, at least according to our holy book the Quran, are supposed to stand by the victims of injustice and racial discrimination. For instance, we as Muslims are not supposed to propagate similar anti-Semitic slogans like fascists or Nazis. Many of the Muslim-immigrants in Europe, who fall victims to racial attacks are usually abused, humiliated and killed by neo-Nazi groups. Therefore, it goes against common sense to feel elated or at least to feel indifferent when some nutcase neo-Nazi or fascist radicals commit horrendous crimes against Jews.

A good Muslim should always be a just Muslim, especially with non-Muslims. What happens today between the Palestinians and the Israelis does not justify commending Nazi murders of millions of innocent people.

As a Muslim, who continually searches for the truth, I find it necessary to acknowledge the following facts about the Holocaust: the Nazis were racists, extremists terrorists who destroyed millions of innocent lives-Hitler was a mad dictator and a dreadful leader who brought destruction to his country-the Nazis murdered millions of Jews just because they are different racially and in religion-it if would have been possible for the Nazis, they would have annihilated Muslims.

A just and a good Muslim does not deny the victims of racial and religious prejudice the right to be remembered. Denying the Holocaust does not make one a good Muslim or a good Arab. Those who do not sympathize with the plight of the innocent or who deny the Holocaust have renounced their humanity.