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Prophet Mohammed’s Mercy Extended to All


By Haneen Dajani

January 1, 2015

Prophet Mohammed was sent with mercy not only to mankind, but to the entire world.

“Allah has blessed mankind with Prophet Mohammed ... he brought guidance, faith, good and peace to the world, and he spread knowledge and civilisation,” today’s sermon says.

Since childhood, Allah blessed him with beautiful characteristics, ethics and traits.

The Prophet was sent at a time when oppression, injustice and murder had become widespread; “the people were divided and lost, and ignorance had spread among them, they worshipped statues and stones apart from Allah”.

Prophet Mohammed called for monotheism and liberated their minds from legends and superstitions, and prohibited robbery and murder.

As a verse from the Quran says: “And we have not sent you forth but as a mercy to mankind.”

Even when his opponents increased their harm against him, the prophet’s companions asked him to curse them. But he refused and said: “I have not been sent to lay a curse upon men, but to be a blessing to them.”

While their injustice and cruelty continued, he always prayed for them.

And he was equally merciful of animals. The sermon cited an incident when a camel made a rumbling noise and shed tears upon seeing the prophet.

He caressed the back of it and comforted it and then the camel stopped crying.

Then the prophet asked: “Who is its owner?”

A young man from the Ansaar said: “It is mine Oh Messenger of Allah.”

The messenger of Allah said: “Do you not fear Allah regarding this animal that he has placed under your ownership? It complained that you neglect feeding it (properly) and mistreat it.”