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Pakistan: Increasing Role of Madrasas in Sindh and Story of 70 Years Old Neto


By Malji Rathore

July 28, 2014

 Mr. Neto Mal Son of Karo Mal Pachhmai, Hindu Scheduled Caste Meghwar aged 70, lives in Badin Sindh. Neto works as a shoe repair man (a cobbler), to feed his family. His shoe repair work station is in front of the shop of Qazi Ishaq Channa. On July 17, 2014, one young boy Mr. Sajid son of Mohammad Ishaq Qazi Channa from Qazi Muslim family came to Neto and asked, “Can you weave the cots as we need to weave two or three cots in our village.”

The old man replied, “Yes I can do it” and they planned to go to Sajid’s village on the next day. The village of Qaiz is 3 km away from city Badin. Sajid is the student of Maddrassa (Religious seminary) “Mahaz Bin Jabal” in Badin District which is being operated by banned terrorist organization Lashkar –e – Tahiba.

On Friday July 18, 2014, at 5 p.m, Sajid came to Neto and said to him, “Let’s go to the village”. Saijd took Neto on his motorbike towards the village. Soon Neto realized they had ridden past the village, so he asked Sajid “Why you didn’t stop as you told that you need my help in this village?” Saijd replied, “There is another village of my friends and we need to go there”. Soon after, Sajid stopped the motorbike and he started to hit Neeto on his head.

Sajid grabbed Neto’s towel which was on his neck and tried to strangle Neeto, an old man for a long time. Neto was an old man, so he soon fell unconscious, bleeding from his head. Sajid thought that Neto had died, so Sajid left him alone there. At some distance away, a few people were standing and had watched this incident. They rushed to the old man and they took him and rushed him to the hospital in the District Badin.

After some time, Neto regained consciousness and then he shared the entire story. In the meantime his family members came to the hospital, where they spoke with the parents of Sajid. They also called Sajid and demanded the reason for his attempted murder of the old man, Neto.

Saijd said, “We have learned in the Madrasas that if you kill any Hindu on a Friday, you will reach heaven.”  The parents of Sajid gave Rs. 2000 to Neto’s family members and Sajid’s relatives took Neto to the Bone Care hospital in Hyderabad for necessary medical treatment and checkups. There it was identified that Neto had a fracture in his arm and injuries on his head. After some treatment the Qazi family took Neto back to his home where he is still bed-ridden. The Qazi people then threatened Neto’s family members to remain silent and not to share this news with anyone; otherwise they warned that all Neto’s family members will not be safe.

Later, the teacher of Madrasas Maulvi Mohammad Ismail Sehrat came to Meghwar family, and threatened them and said “If you share with any one about me then you have to face dire consequences.” The Meghwar Hindu family said we have not share with anyone.

Translated into English by Pirbhu Satyani