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Man-Made Wars Agains Humanity


By Dr Mahboob A Khwaja

April 28, 2015

There are no declared wars and no known initiatives to conflict management but the Arab Middle East is the theatre of absurdity – petty ideological rivalries, enforcing daily sectarian warfare and unending brutality for the innocent people trying to escape the prevalent insanity. No carefully reasoned and politically verifiable analysis can predict how and where the entire Arab-Muslim region will escape from the amassed misfortunes. The emerging humanitarian expulsion of people has articulated a tangible challenge to few of the EU members. The Arab Middle East is a galvanized region, too dangerous to be ignored for the ultimate global consequences. Rationality begs to ask what are the Arabs-Muslim leaders fighting for and why?

Nobody questions why millions are displaced from homes to obscurity and self annihilation out of the barbarity of the few authoritarian leaders clicking to power for ages. Were there no places in the Arab landscape to bury the dead corps of the Arab migrants at European shores escaping wars and human cruelty? Weekend reports indicate that 950 migrants were lost in the Mediterranean Sea wanting to reach the Italian shores. Millions more are eager to take the journey to Western Europe away from the horrible situation in their countries of origin. Wars are the problem, and nobody wants to face the impending reality to stop the human exodus. Life is more than miserable in economic survival, unbearable and unending in sorrows and tormenting anguish as is. Augusta and Canatia- Sicly and Lampudesa, Greece resort center and Malta’s beech extended cemeteries, one after another are fast becoming the unmarked graveyards of Arab-Muslims seeking refuge away from the tyranny of few authoritarian leaders.

The names could well include many currently in power and actively supported by the Western leaders with warmongering and continuing killing agendas of the innocents. It seems nobody learned what end was in-waiting for Saddam Hussein, Qadafi, Hosni Mubarak and Abdullah Salah - all monsters of history killed and replaced by their own masters. Be it Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, the whole region is fast becoming bloody killing fields of innocent civilians caught in between the complacent failure of the global community to rescue them and their own ambitions for a safe sanctuary to breath in peace.

No wonder, why so many Arabs and Asian and African are rushing to imaginary lands of European freedom and systematic liberal democracy that is shutting the entry points for humanitarian displaced migrants. The migrants are oppressed and abused people and do not know that world is changing as it should be. Europeans are no longer the invincible global force in world affairs but merely politically entertaining states making the EU institution. Raging conflicts displace people in thousands and millions. American and West Europeans are instinctively engaged to conflict-making and conflict-keeping in the broader Middle East Peninsula. All of the conflicts do involve America-European thinking and strategists at the current warring theaters. Yet, none would dare any solid plans to stop on-going wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Egypt and elsewhere in the spill-over effects dominating the whole Arabian region.

There is growing trend that the EU could resort to military actions against some of the Arab countries – the places dispatching the migrant boats to Europe. French President Holland has made the formal proposal to go to the UN for military action in Libya. The current crises manifest multifold dimension and hardly anyone could grasp what kind of future is waiting for peaceful conflict management and reversal to humanitarian migration towards Western Europe. The EU or its concerned leaders are suddenly alarmed by the massive numbers of living and dead Arab-Muslim illegal migrants ending-up at their shores and how to tackle the influx of unwanted economic migrants. Their plans envisage stopping the migrant boats at their point of origin and dismantling the smuggling traffickers. There is a mix of large Arab-African ethnicity amongst the migrants trying to escape authoritarian political brutality and poverty and starvation.

To restore normalcy and stop the raging wars, the Arab-Muslim leaders must have an inward eye and vision of the future away from the wars and borrowed killing machines being used by the authoritarian leaders - an eye not merely on the self-geared interest but on the clarity of purpose and instinctive recognition that illegal migrants must be stopped in their home countries and rehabilitated peacefully within the Arab-Muslim region. To stop the exodus, political conflicts must be resolved and dictators replaced by people of moral and intellectual credibility. This transformation policy must be practiced craving a durable approach to crises management and long terms sustainable solution of dire humanitarian quagmire.

Surely, the Arab-Muslim world needs gigantic new initiatives other than the contemporary leaders to change the societal thinking in some unrealistic endeavor and restore some sense of normalcy to the highly decadent culture of wars, killings and inhuman destructions of the environment. Wars do not restore peace or human values; they destroy what is built by generations. There is no moral in fighting wars as most Europeans and Americans must have discovered during the Two WW. Western powers are simply interested in extracting oil and leaving behind a legacy of authoritarian-geared wars, systematic intelligence units of planned torture, destabilized and broken geo-political infrastructures for new quotations to be sought by Halliburton under Dick Cheney and to rebuild the war torn Middle East and destroy it later.

The Arab-Muslim leaders do not appear to have the moral and intellectual capacity to deal with crisis management. Ostensibly, political crises are left to be endured by masses while leaders try to get away as if wars were meant for innocent people to be sent abroad to unknown beech cemeteries somewhere in Italy, Malta, France, Germany, UK and Greece as is case on the daily television screen. Time and history shall hold inept and indifferent Arab-Muslim leaders for moral and political accountability. History shall judge them by their actions, not by their claims.

Dr Mahboob A Khwaja specialises in global security, peace and conflict resolution and is author of several publications.