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I Despise Racism, I Hate Injustice: I Am Muslim, And I Am Here to Stay



By Abubakar Kasim

11 November 2012

I despise racism. I hate injustice.

I have crossed oceans and travelled miles to come to Canada not because of its weather. The climate of where I come from is ‘paradise on earth.’

I didn’t come here because of Celine Dion or Hockey. Neither did I come to enjoy what Tim Horton’s has to offer even though I have become addicted to its coffee and donuts.

I chose Canada because of one and only one thing: justice.

Human beings long for dignity, respect and to be treated justly.

Sadly, justice is missing in many parts of the world.

While I am pleased to have found the treasure I was looking for and to see this noble principle to well and alive, I am, however, deeply concerned about an ugly trend that is growing in the society.

It is a cancerous trend which pollutes the air of justice and makes life difficult down the road.

This trend deals with how people of the Islamic faith are treated and with how the society is slowly accepting such treatment due to recent terrorist attacks in the United States and around the world.

The situation is deteriorating until the time has come when a young female student would turn to her teachers for help regarding an alleged sexual assault case and the school authorities would simply ignore her.

I am concerned – and rightly so – about the momentum this unhealthy phenomenal is getting.

When a crime is committed by a Muslim, the entire community is dragged into the witness box and is forced to apologize for it.

Community leaders are demanded to issue public statements to denounce the criminal act but their statements are never considered strong and loud enough.

When Robert Pickton, a serial killer from British Columbia who was convicted of murdering six women and was charged for the death of twenty others would clearly state that he committed his acts out of religious conviction, the media never demanded a religious decree from the Church to denounce such heinous crimes.

As a matter of fact, this connection was never even mentioned by the majority of the media outlets.

As stated in the Vancouver Sun, Dec. 10, 2007, Mr. Pickton wrote a letter saying:

“I know I was brought into this world to be here today to change this world of their evil ways. They even want to dis-re-guard the ten commandments from the time that Moses in his day brought in power which still is in existence today.”

Also when other fanatics like Andre Breivik would massacre 77 people; when Timothy McVeigh would murder 168 people, no connection was made to the faith of the perpetrators.

The recent Shafia trial in Canada had flashed out another wave of anti-Muslim sentiment.

Even journalists who were supposed to stay neutral when covering the news were carried away with emotion and took the matter personally.

The talk of the day even by the prosecutor during a press conference after the trial started preaching about ‘our values’ all of a sudden.

I chose Canada because of one and only one thing: justice.


Canada is certainly far better country when it comes to justice and respect of human rights.

People of immense diversity live together in harmony.

Aside from the immeasurable progress the country has achieved in human rights, the other side of the coin must not be neglected – which represents the ugly side that is gaining strength and popularity.

Anti-Muslim bigotry certainly exists and is growing in an alarming rate.

Hate against other people is not tolerated but when it is about Muslims, it is entertained under the banner of freedom of expression.

Bullies have gone as far as to try to influence high school officials in Toronto to deny its Muslim students from using the cafeteria for their Friday sermons.

Even the Canadian government had stepped into the anti Muslim bashing by introducing anti-niqab legislation during citizenship ceremony.

I am a proud Canadian and also proud Muslim. My faith does not contradict with the universal human values that are shared by all humanity. Neither does it collide with the values and principles of the Canadian justice system.

Muslims are part of the society and they are here to stay.

Every race and every community is filled with mad men who go wild some times out of their crooked beliefs and corrupt mindset.

Muslims are outstanding members of their societies which include doctors whom you trust your life to. They also include legends like Mohamed Ali, remarkable politicians like the mayor of Calgary Mr. Naheed Nenshi.