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Islam and Science ( 22 Dec 2013, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Newton’s Law of Action and Reaction


By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

December 22, 2013

Newton’s Law is simplistically stated as: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Newton did not ‘invent’ this law, he simply articulated in words after “contemplation” (i) upon the natural phenomenon in nature and enunciated what are fixed law (ii) in universe.

The falling of an apple on his head while sitting under an apple tree triggered the thought process for proclaiming ‘theory of gravity’ for example could be a fiction but it illustrates how contemplation does to human ‘understanding’ (iii).

This quest for knowledge is essentially based on an assurance (iv) that if it is followed by experiments and research, would finally yield knowledge of the working of laws of nature. This knowledge when applied correctly in practice produces desired results for the benefit of mankind (v).

But, as there is compulsion to obey the manmade laws of a country there is no such compulsion to obey the divine laws. Since the reactions to all actions, good or bad, are fixed in nature and there is no escape as in manmade laws. The reactions manifest either immediately or sometime in future.

The world is replete with examples of this in human history. Mankind is repeatedly encouraged to study history/ archaeology (vi) and learn.

The choice is stark and clear for mankind, as nature has given free choice (vii) to humans to decide what to do with that intelligence and the acquired knowledge. “Good or Bad”, every action must have a reaction and it is up to human being to choose the course of action.

The simple code of the Deen- the “goodly action” which alas has been turned on its head to mean spiritual worship in “the business of religion” (viii); the code makes it amply clear that this goodly action is interactive and benefits both the individual and humanity as a whole.

Close to eighty references exist with the words of A’mnu Wa A’millusaalihati- believe and act rightly. It must be the “belief and goodly action” combination, to produce beneficial results, without exception of being a Muslim or not, to ensure positive progress of humanity. The law of equity therefore applies equally to all (ix).

The various churches and their anointed operatives and followers, easily recognisable by their permanently bruised foreheads with variously shaped callous-wounds (Zabiha) sometimes with waxing and waning crescents too, as the obvious hall mark of piety and augmented by distinctive religious regalia and getup; have turned the simple life codes into complex religiously choreographed ritualistic callisthenics on prayer rugs, devoid of practical and tangible benefits to none but the individual performer, and have named it “righteous actions”.

The Muslim nation is still “looking” for the waxing new crescent; to fix a day to celebrate their festivals (Ps,1) with binoculars invented by other nations; who in turn are branded ‘non-believers’.

The search undertaken from the top of the rocket-shaped minarets grounded in concrete, which obviously refuse to take off in the air.

However those others engaged in the quest for knowledge have journeyed to the reverential moon and back with load of rocks to study. With this knowledge they will then extract benefits from it that may exist on the rocky moon.

Among Muslims the discipline of religious scholarship (x) has replaced the science of inquiring, probing and calculating (xi) to understand the universal phenomena that are the essentials for acquiring knowledge!

In this context the urging and prodding statements in the code Book-Quran, for Believers to study disciplines of sciences (xii), such as universal creation, procreation, rain, planetary orbits and numerous other laws operating in the universe, are but just hinted. They are then urged to take practical actions to apply this knowledge gained.

In so doing mankind is assured that it can then bring to beneficial use all created gifts of God (xiv) in the universe.

It is not suggested here that the Book of Codes is a text book of science.

Muslims are often quick to jump for joy whenever some scientific discovery is made by others, saying, “it is given in our Quran and has been there for the last fourteen hundred years”.

If it is so then why have the religious scholars, a’limuddeen, as opposed to the Ulema (xiii)—not discovered it centuries ago? And why Muslims do not publically offer thanks to those others who discover these things for them to take pride that it has been there in their Book all along?

Whatever happened to the supplication given in the Book- “Oh my Lord, increase me in my knowledge 20-114”?

Does this knowledge come to one while sitting on prayer rug? (Ps-2)? God has been responding with resounding NO to such false supplications all these years.

Only a few references from the Book are given here for emphasises:-

i -3-191 ‘Standing, sitting and reclining, they reflect upon the wonders of the creation in the heavens and earth , saying “our Lord! You have not created all this without purpose. Glory to you! Save us, then, from (being negligent in attaining knowledge and thus from) the doom of the fire”’.

ii – 33-62 ‘That was the way of God among those who lived before. And never will you find any change in God’s ways.

iii – 3-190 ‘Indeed in the creation of heavens and earth, and in the alteration of night and day, there are signs for men and women who make effort to understand’.

iv – 17-77 ‘Such has always been Our law with all Our messengers We sent before you. You will never find a change in Our laws’.

v – 16-97 ‘Whoever, whether male or female, does any work that benefit others and is a believer, We shall certainly cause them to live a goodly life, and We shall grant them the rewards for the best of their actions’. – Was Newton a Believer?

vi – 47-10 ‘Have they not then travelled in the land and seen what had happened to those who lived before them? God (His laws) wiped them out, and for the deniers of truth shall be the like thereof.’

vii – 25-73 ‘And who, whenever they are reminded of even the revelations of their Lord, do not fall at them like the deaf and blind in acceptance’.

viii – 2-79 ‘Then, woe to those (scholars) who write the books with their own hands and claim it as “from God”. They trade with it for petty gains. Woe to them for what their hands do write and earnings they make from it’.

ix – 3-77 ‘Those who trade away God’s pledge and their oaths for worldly gains, will have no portion in the hereafter’.

x -53-39 ‘…and that every human being shall be responsible for, and compensated for their labour.

xi – 6-96 ‘He is the Cleaver of daybreak. He has appointed the night for stillness, and the Sun and the moon to execute their calculated orbits. They become means for calculating time. Such is the design of All Powerful, the All-Knowing.

xii – 35-27 ‘Have you not reflected upon that God sends rain from the sky. And from the same water We produce fruit and flowers of different colours and varieties; just as in the mountains are streaks of varying hues- white, red and varying shades of black’?

xiii – 35-28 ‘And human beings and other creatures too, and the cattle have diverse colours and varieties. This is how it is: of all His servants only the learned scholars “Ulema” get some idea of the glory of God. They understand God is mighty, the Absolver of imperfections’.

xiv – 45-13 ‘And it is He who has made subservient to you, from Himself all that is in the heavens and all that is in earth. There in, behold are signs for people and nations that reflect.

Ps,1-- But you have an excuse. Other religions like Christianity too have similar problems fixing dates.

Pick any date from Jan.2 March 21, May 20, April 18, November 17 and Dec 25 etc for Christmas and the year of Christ’s birth from 15 BC to 2 BC, but 4 BC being more acceptable.

Ps,2—Bill Cosby’s joke-- Man pesters God for a lot to win. God thunders “For heaven’s sake do me a favour, buy a lotto ticket at least!”

Al Afghani did just that thousand years after al Azhar’s university’s establishment, which had been teaching only religious subjects till then. He introduced science subjects to be taught there for the first time.

After thousand years of religiously induced comatose by the most prestigious teaching institution in the Muslim-world, it was him who pointed out that ‘modern science and other subjects were not incompatible with Quran’!

Should he have not said it bluntly, that the institution was committing Kufr by rejecting the books commands for so long, instead of making the issue a scholarly polemics? It is as a result of such wrangling that the Muslim world is still persisting with it!

Then, oh you the “religious entrepreneurs”, and the governments that allow them to flourish unsupervised; why are you persisting with Kufr.

Why don’t you “contemplate” -Afalaa Tafakkaroon - on such weighty matters given in the very Book of Codes you profess to believe in? Why do you not take practical actions to turn this nation into a learned one as commanded and make it Islamic?

A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer