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Malaysians Yearn for Better Politicians


By TK Chua

April 9, 2015

The absence of some Pakatan Rakyat Members of Parliament during the voting on the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) has become the talk of the town.

Like others, I can’t help but wish to draw some inferences from this incident.

First, I think the people are more outraged than their MPs when it comes to POTA and other issues confronting the country. Hence, we are angry with the missing PR MPs even though we know in our hearts that Barisan Nasional would probably still have got what it wanted.

But what about BN MPs? Did they not care about the people’s perception of them? They were there to vote for POTA, which, to me, was worse than PR MPs being absent.

We rightly criticised PR MPs for not turning up to vote against the bill. But should we not also criticise the BN MPs who turned up to vote for it?

When the people care more than their MPs about issues tabled at the Dewan Rakyat, it shows a serious dichotomy in the aspirations and needs of the people and their elected representatives. Why can’t we expect our MPs to work diligently and in line with our aspirations anymore? While it is not difficult to fathom why BN MPs are a disappointment, what about PR MPs?

Do we Malaysians still see PR as having a common aspiration for a better Malaysia? If so, do we think our expectations and yearnings are now a little unrealistic and misplaced?

Even before the present Hudud impasse, we already witnessed fissures among the three component parties in PR. How then can we expect them to work with a common resolve? For all we know, maybe some PR MPs were tacitly supporting the POTA Bill for their own selfish or strategic ambitions.

I think Malaysians continue to yearn for better politicians to come our way. That is why many had placed so much hope on PR. But sadly, all we got were politicians with ambitions much bigger than their abilities; politicians who are stupid, parochial and obsolete, and politicians who are corrupt and care only for power and position.

Some have the mentality not even fit for a primary school teacher and yet they aspire to be the nation’s prime minister.

Some PR MPs think simple solutions to complex problems are the answer – yes, carelessly implement certain legislation with maximum punishment and the nation and its people will forever live in peace. Never mind that there is no logic or empirical evidence available; all they need is orthodoxy and blind submission. Is this not the mind of a nincompoop?

Some are utterly racist and bigoted. Everything must be based on some racial supremacy or religious utopia where knowledge, hard work, diligence, and competence play no part. Total submission and obedience are called for instead. Now you tell me why Umno/BN are worse than PR.

So fellow Malaysians, please don’t get upset why so many PR MPs were not there that night to vote against POTA. They were not there because they got their priorities wrong. They were not there because they wanted to show their obstinacy and stupidity. They were not there because they wanted to sabotage each other.

Now PR exists only in name, not in spirit and intent. While some PR MPs are smart and dynamic, many are obstinate, obsolete and totally hopeless.

TK Chua is an FMT reader

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