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Harper Was Right - Islamism Is a Threat



By Tarek Fatah

September 9, 2014

Three years ago, when Prime Minister Stephen Harper declared the major threat Canada faced was “Islamicism”, he faced a barrage of criticism.

Veteran NDP strategist Gerry Caplan accused Harper of bigotry.

Writing in The Globe and Mail, Caplan said, “Why does our leader choose to feed into the bigotry of those who are determined to smear all Muslims as terrorists?”

Harper had not said anything of the sort, but that did not stop his vilification.

As if on cue, Islamic groups demanded Harper issue an apology.

The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada issued a nationwide call urging mosque imams to condemn Harper’s statement in prayer gatherings.

“How can Mr. Harper associate Islam with radicalism and fanaticism?” the council said in a statement.

Well, it is that time of the year again.

The thirteenth anniversary of 9/11 is upon us and Harper’s prediction, made in 2011, has come true.

No one could’ve imagined three years ago that the forces of Islamism would gain such strength that they would carve out an “Islamic State” of their own, butcher thousands, and pose such a threat to the rest of the world that NATO has finally met to discuss how to fight the ogre that threatens our civilization.

In the 13 years since 9/11, tens of thousands have died, over a trillion dollars have gone down the drain and we are today worse off than we were on the day the twin towers fell in New York.

It’s time for the rest of NATO and the United States to pay attention to Harper and gather the courage to challenge the ideology of Islamism, even if Turkey — a NATO member — objects.

We Muslims need to acknowledge the beheadings by ISIS are part of Islamic tradition, text and history, not some fringe interpretation of our faith.

None other than the grandson of Prophet Mohammed was slaughtered and his head paraded through the streets of Damascus on a spike.

The ISIS Jihadis are doing exactly what we Muslims are taught our Prophet did during warfare.

Here is a quote from the voluminous biography of the Prophet of Islam, Sirat Rasul Allah by Ibn Ishaq, popularly known as the Sira:

“Then they (Jews) surrendered and the apostle (Prophet Mohammed) confined them in Medina. Then the apostle went out to the market and dug trenches in it. Then he sent for them (Jews) and struck off their heads in those trenches … There were 600 or 700 in all.”

In my book, The Jew is Not My Enemy; I disputed this account of mass murder, but was assailed for having challenged what many, if not all Muslims, consider absolute truth.

Islam is not a religion of peace.

It’s not necessarily a religion of war, either, but it would be a lie to deny that its history and literature are seeped in armed jihad, assassinations and bloodshed that simply cannot be swept under a carpet.

Only we Muslims can reform Islam for future generations.

But first, we must stop lying in the name of Allah.

It’s no use denouncing ISIS while refusing to renounce jihad.

We need to join Harper and NATO on the front lines of the fight against Islamism.