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Merger of MQMs- A threat to Pakistan's national political parties?

By Sumera Ali

Political playground of Pakistan looks so vigorous from past two months and many roundup were played and many are in pipe line, as followed by media of Karachi its been accepted the complex matrix of Karachi’s politic is majorly influenced by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) which have finally re-joined the central government with the induction of its three legislators in the federal cabinet.

The development has shored up the Pakistan Peoples Party-led coalition government ahead of next year’s budget. Henceforth merger of the MQM Haqiqi led by Aamir Khan with the main body of the party only the MQM Haqiqi Afaq now remains outside the fold, its seems this reunion step. The MQM split, which dates back some 19 years and had played a significant role in the escalation of violence seen in the city over the past two decades or so. His formal apology presented at at Nine Zero but as the official announcement on 27th May Altaf Hussain addressed to a convention of MQM’s workers over the current perspective. He accused the country’s political leadership of having failed in fulfilling their responsibility of guiding the nation out of turmoil and had expressed his views on the security laps .He said that he did not “care who was mad at him for his words”. Adding that he did not care who was mad at him for speaking his mind. “These are bitter facts that I am speaking about now.

I predict that it may result in the authorities banning my telephonic addresses.” Meanwhile, former MQM-H leader Amir Khan also addressed the convention and publicly apologized for his “wrongdoings of the past” and said he would “live and die from now onwards as a dedicated MQM worker”. What we say if ends well all is well .We have seen accords of all kinds fall apart before, both in Karachi and across the wider political sphere. It may also take time for trust to be built. Leaders on both sides will need to make a conscious effort to end the violence of years gone by that has left Karachi badly traumatize. Nevertheless its a good sign its better say when bad things happen disasters coming to our way, when they start turning correct then good luck around all away for example yesterday Karachi Port Trust (KPT) inaugurated the The biggest food street in Karachi near the old Netti jetty premises .The beautiful enclave will enliven the people of karachi.

It has famous food outlets and shopping for collectibles or apparel will now be a much more pleasurable experience. After a long time Karachi looks city of lights and life to me which was priceless for the people of Karachi. On the whole I just have to say we as the nation never been united and always fought upon different issues reasons for our governments, oppositions, state departments, political parties, whatever we proven a scattered and unorganized nation just from the beginning, no matter was to just for the sake to destroy the national unity or to hollow the roots of our beloved country by many political parties and external evil spirits, as the result we have faced marshal laws and wars and democratic deserters etc, anyway its time to change or reorganized by pointing out our faults and reunion our self that is the only way of survival. Media reports are showing that MQM is increasing the party scoring day by day and ready for challenging other national political parties as stronger as they never expected from them, these rapid accretion and actives attracting the masses so effectively.

Because we cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. To that end each of us must work for the improvement of our beloved country selflessly, and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity as they have shown to us.

Sumera Ali is a media analyst based in Karachi.