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The Major Crime West Has Done Throughout History, Is Causing a Rift between Christianity and Islam

By Souad El Skaf

26 May 2018

A Christian believing strongly she is instinctively Muslim pens an essay on faith and hypocrisy.

I am Lebanese African; I am Christian but believe strongly I am instinctively Muslim.

Recently I was faced with an adversity when there was a mandatory question in a job application form asking about my religion, thankfully not about my ethnicity.

For a moment I stared at the blank space of the form not sure what I should write, asking myself will writing Muslim fire back at me because I do not have any official document proofing that, or maybe I should write I am Christian as this will bring with it “some western values” and will be good for me to be accepted?

After some deliberation I wrote Christian, trying to convince my inner self that this is a routine procedure and will not take from me neither add to me any conviction of what is true faith.

Living in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai, in the heart of the Muslim world, I learned to see all these differences around me in religions, ethnic groups and nationalities as an added value to me; trying to build bridges and not barriers, and have this feeling of inclusiveness and acceptance.

But I kept struggling with “educated” friends and people around me for their misconception of others and for their hypocrisy based on religion.

I was always left confused, as no one would make enough efforts to read the Quran and dig into history books to see the similarity between Christianity and Islam, and not inherit misconceptions thinking and become one of the stereotyped majority.

At an early age I could only see the similarities between the two religions, and I became a very strong believer in Islam as a religion of acceptance and tolerance, and all that we see of negative behaviour in our modern societies is a result of hypocrisy and intolerance from the West.

Hypocrisy and Mocking

In Sūrah al-Baqarah 2:14: “And when they meet those who believe, they say, “We believe”; but when they are alone with their evil ones, they say, “Indeed, we are with you; we were only mockers.”

Living in Dubai I came to be in contact with a majority of those mockers who are very far from what their religion teaches, whether it is the Christian religion or Islam.

The Christian “Arab” employee with his/her education inherited from the western colonization and their superior attitude towards a Muslim “Arab” colleague.

The Muslim “Arab” or Muslim “expat” questioning the other subject of interest if the individual is a Sunnite or a Shiite.

The Christian from the “West” sucking their way up to a “Gulf” citizen because they have the money and opportunity.

The “Gulf” citizens imitating the worst of social attitude gained from the exposure to “expats” working in their companies.

I came to realize that the majority of people say something in front of you and then say something completely different and very mean behind closed doors.

I always asked myself, is it us to be blamed for that or we have to blame our leaders?

Is it the wealth in our Arab world and the greed of the super power nations that led societies to be slave to the petro dollar power? Is it the reason behind the harm on religion, specifically Islam?

The major crime I believe the West has done throughout history, is causing a rift between Christianity and Islam, these two faiths are the source of all doctrines organizing our daily lives.

It is a systematic rape of our rights by the West to be proud Muslims accepting all faiths in a Muslim flourished world.