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There Is No Harm in Accepting the Defeat

By Shakeel Shamsi

(Translate from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Bureau)

23 March 2017

Until now we were hearing that the secular parties always used Muslims as a vote bank to win their elections. However, it is for the first time when those parties claiming to be secular are accusing Muslims of their own defeat. The fault of Muslims, as per these parties, is that their votes were divided. This should not have been the case. But rather, the defeated parties should have accepted their defeat and found out their own causes of failure after congratulating the winning parties. 

Instead of blaming EVMs, excusing the split of Muslim votes or the negative impact of appeals made by Muslim clerics, complaining against non-cooperation of social organizations, the defeated parties and leaders had best do their self-introspection. They should think why did the policy of crying “the wolf came, the wolf came” not work? They need to think why could they not make any solid objective of the election for preventing BJP from coming to power? Why did Rashtriya Ulema Council, All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board and Shiite clerics appeal for casting vote against them? What did the defeated parties do? Did they take care of welfare of Muslims or simply fill the laps of the Muslim leaders instead?   

Was the rehabilitation of the riot victims of Muzaffarnagar not an issue causing Muslims’ displeasure? Why did this situation force them to vote for any other party? Did the defeated parties of UP fulfill the promise of releasing the Muslim prisoners for false accusations of terrorism? Did the Samajwadi Party not put many Muslims as such in jail who dared to speak out against irregularities running in the Waqf Board? Was the Goonda act not imposed on Muslim youths, only because they were united to oppose the misappropriation of Waqfs? If the High Court had not removed the Goonda act, would the lives of Muslim youths not have been ruined? Did the SP leaders not surpass the former Nawabs of the state in terms of arrogance and pride? Did the Muslims have no right to express their displeasure against the mafias of Wakf Board who swallowed many places of worship? Despite the report of CB-CID, why was no mafia of them arrested? Was it because these mafias were in contact with the Samajwadi leaders?   

Were the several clerics not abused at the platform of Samajwadi Party? Did Muslims forgive crime of opening the lock of Babri Masjid in the era of Congress and demolition of Babri Majid at the silence of the central government, just because it comprised with Samajwadi Party? Did the SP leaders, due to their arrogance, not neglect in observing the displeasure of Muslims?  The people weeping for the division of secular votes should observe why did they not think of sewing up their alliance with Mayawati, Dr. Ayyub and Owaisi? Why did they consider the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of Prashant Kishor as the last letter?

It is interesting to note that the defeated parties are still not trying to know as to why Muslims, despite being aware that their votes will go in vain, decided to vote for Peace Party, Majlis-e-Ittehad ul Muslimeen. Even after knowing that Muslim votes would be divided if they voted for Bahujan Samaj Party, why did they not be united to vote for Samajwadi Party? Why did Muslims not play their role in the winning of any party but why in their defeat? It is also high time that you make self-introspection and prepare for the forthcoming election of 2019.

Courtesy: Urdu Newspaper Inquilab New Delhi, March 21, 2017 


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