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Contrast Religious and Secular Regime Changes

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

7 October 2015

Mankind has grappled with spirituality since its days in the jungle. In its quest it evolved different religions over time. A profession of operatives came into being who then acted as guides and leaders.

Later on in secular societies, active participation in some communal aspects of life such as politics took some importance. But in religious quarters importance is only given when called upon by these guides, and then it becomes a religious duty.

The contrast in each case is starkly different.

An example is the political ‘regime change’ that occurred in Australia recently. Within twenty four hours of the announcement of challenge for leadership, voting took place in the party room, a new leader of the governing party and therefore the new Prime Minister of the country was chosen.

Not a drop of sweat, let alone of blood was spilt. Not a car was stoned nor a shop window broken. Within a week new ministers were chosen and sworn in; some ministers even held holy scriptures in hand.

The country was functioning as normal during all that time!

But few weeks later there was a huge sporting cacophony in the nation for the Final of the Footy game though. Some tears of joy and of grief were shed by the winners and losers though!

When this is contrasted with the Muslim world and its attempt to bring about political regime change, a sane person sensitive enough to the process taking place there is left aghast. The trail of destruction, devastation and annihilation of nations, leaves one dumbfounded and searching for answers for the reasons for such contrast in the process.

The reason is obvious. Secular, somewhat enlightened and educated nation compared to the fanatically spiritual, largely uneducated and unenlightened nations where the process is carried out in the name of religions. All parties branding it as Islam/Islamic!

That is what the rest of world sees it as astonishingly contrasting.

However Islam: the irrevocable system of laws advocated for mankind, differs significantly from these religions. Islam is a faith system based on the belief that in nature all actions have their fixed reactions. They lay out the basis for reward in this life as well as in the Hereafter. Islam advocates that the reality of this world is hinged firmly on the irrevocable universal law of proportionate reaction to all actions taken by humans. Good for good and bad for bad and on balance of these, the concept of heaven and hell, a metaphor for the reward for those actions is based. This law is fixed and is not changeable or exchangeable.

Whereas in religions, the guides teach that life in this world is a hindrance to gain merits for the hereafter. Hence death and an early one, is the preferred choice. Death attained for any reason whether for “constructive” or “destructive” purpose is ‘Martyrdom’ as long as it in the name of the religion. They called it Jihad and it assures free passage to heaven and all it metaphoric gifts. The only proviso is that in all actions there should be the shout of ‘Allah Akbar’.

The outcome, constructive or destructive is immaterial.

This is the basic theology: the man-made spiritual rituals or activities to please the peculiar deity Allah.

In Islam, the Quranic Allah does not ask for that kind of devotion but demands constructive service that results in human progress and beneficial development-Salah and Falaah.  Since every action has a reaction, it makes it clear that the action taken must be constructive.

Thus the individual, communal and national activities- A’amal-and public benefits must conform habitually to the requirement, Amilus-Salihati.

An ancient philosopher had summed it well--“We are what we habitually do. Excellence then is not a once off act but a habit”.

The Believers, the Momin are supposed to judge for themselves if every activity of theirs meets the above criteria in order to qualify as Momin. If not, they are not Believers and so are placed outside the pale of Islam.

Today, on daily basis, it is seen that large scale total “destructive “activity is the order of the day. Destruction and devastation of life, property, country and even enslavement and annihilation of nations is undertaken round the clock in the name a deity, which is proclaimed loudly with the comparative grade of Akbar- great, so as to put it above all other gods-Allah Akbar.

The Quranic Allah does not have this comparative grade as He is unique and therefore incomparable.

It is erroneously given out as Quranic. Erroneously so, because the Quranic God Allah is combined with people who take His name while are engaged in destructive activities. God’s infinite attributes of being Rabb- the sustainer and nourisher of all that He has created for “good” is thus tarnished and negated.

This destructive activity engaged in is given the dubiously spiritual name of Jihad; also a Quranic term, to give it added value so as to entice gullible people to join in the massacre.

Dubiously, because a noble maxim such as “Jihad” is also conjoined with ignoble and base acts of “killing”! A contradiction in terms of Quran’s teachings.

These contradictions are used in most vulgar forms by self-proclaimed jihadists, to justify their sand their masters’ political agendas, and hence annihilation of their own brethren is the inevitable result; a double whammy for hell!

The self-deception of these people, taking part knowingly in the negative activities with enormous help from ‘outsiders’, is beyond comprehension of ordinary person.

A humourist had penned, but with deep meanings:

My house was on fire, on the banks of the river,

But, the people there were fire worshipers!

But it is never beyond comprehension of the Almighty. That is why He says that “as to those who reject faith it is the same to them whether you (Messenger) warn them or not; they will not believe”. Their hearts and minds are sealed!

What is beyond comprehension to ordinary people though is the question;

What is left there for them to inherit?

Which so ever party or parties win this conflict there is nothing but dust and dirt followed by enslavement in gratitude to those who helped them win this pile of dirt!

Mankind’s History is replete with such follies:

To take a lesson from it requires open mind, heart and vision, a constant exultation of Quran, the Book for Believers.

Religion and State craft have always collaborated to acquire control and dominance over hearts and mind; of which mankind falls short when it scums to this coalition. It is not surprising then to note that the first institution the coalition powers target is the educational institution, the source of knowledge and enlightenment.

For the establishment of State, run on Islamic code, is given in Section 7 of chapter 24, beginning from verse 51 onwards, where lays its foundation:-

24-51- The response of the Believers when summoned to Almighty God and His Messenger, in order that he may judge between them, is no other than they say “we hear and we obey”; These are the people who will prosper- Muflihun.

Will the Muslim nation ever dispense with religions and discard the guides in order to unite and so build prosperous humanity?

No, not really, for it has no value for the Book’s message. If it had, it would have learnt that:

“Innallaha Laa Yugaiiru Maa Biqaumi Hattaa Yugaiiru Maa Bianfusihim… Indeed never will Almighty God change the condition of people until they change it themselves (with their own effort), but as the Lord had decreed (His laws) for people’s punishment, there can be no turning back, nor will they find, besides Him any to protect them 13-11”!

A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer