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Indian Ulema Condemn Death Sentence to Morsi, Call It against Sharia, Forgetting the Death Sentences Given By Muslim Brotherhood Government and Fatwas Justifying the Rape of Women Protestors

By New Age Islam Edit Desk

26 June 2015

Some Indian Ulema again came out in support of Muslim Brotherhood leader and the deposed Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi.

 In a meeting with the media, All India Imams’ Council President Maulana Usman Beig condemned Egyptian court’s decision sentencing Muhammad Morsi with death for massacring protesters during his stint as President. Maulana Beig said that the entire world of Kufr (non-Muslim world) was in war with Islam but on the other hand the continuous un-Islamic and anti-Shariat steps against the ‘Islamic leaders’ and ‘sincere guides’ by the Muslims was regretful. Because of these steps, Islam is disgraced in Egypt once again.

The Maukana further said that the tyrant rulers and the mufti who sanctioned the sentence to the democratically elected Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi could never be sincere towards Islam and that they should immediately resign their posts. He also demanded that the rulers and muftis of the Islamic world should immediately issue Fatwas against the tyrant rulers and the corrupt mufti of Egypt. Maulana Rashadi asked if justice loving people had gone underground.

He lamented that a ruler and a corrupt mufti together issued fatwa of death against Mohammad Morsi, Mohammad Badi’ and other Brotherhood leaders and cadre under the pressure from the West and the muftis and religious leaders of the world were tight-lipped. He asked what they would reply to God over this silence. Expressing his anger, Maulana Rashadi further said that the decision of the government and the fatwa of Mufti Ali Jumah were both anti-Shariat and against the law of the land because in Egypt, death sentence is not in operation on the government level. Surprisingly, there was no international reaction over this decision, he observed.

He predicted that if the muftis and Ulema of the world did not do something to stop this decision from being implemented, the time would be worse for the Islamic rulers and religious leaders.

Last week All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board had criticised the Indian Ulema supporting Mohammad Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood in a statement saying that their support for an organisation that had been declared a terrorist organisation by UNO, Saudi Arabia and other countries did not bode well for India as by doing supporting them, the Indian Muslims were paving the way for the entry of terrorist organisations in India. Board President Maulana Ashraf Hussain Kichhochhwi had said that general Muslims did not support these violent extremist Muslim organisations but these so called Ulema wanted to give the impression that Indian Muslims’ heart wept for them.

Morsi’s death sentence has been a bone of contention for Indian Muslims. Some Indian organisations have expressed their support for Morsi while some Sufi organisations that oppose the violent and extremist ideology of Muslim Brotherhood have opposed it tooth and nail.

Maulana Usman Beig and Maulana Rashadi say that Egypt’s law did not support death sentence and so death sentence given to Morsi was un-Islamic and anit-Sharia. However, they forget that the Muslim Brotherhood leaders and Ulema had issued Fatwas of death sentence and fatwa justifying rape of Muslim and non-Muslim women protesting against their government at Tahrir Square despite the fact that Egypt did not have death sentence law.

According to the reliable news sources like Al Arabia and Al Masri al Yaum, Brotherhood cadre sexually assaulted and raped about 19 women protesting at Tahrir Square and one Brotherhood’s mufti Abu Islam justified their rape. The news was not published by Islamophobic news portals so that they could declare it a Zionist conspiracy. The Brotherhood government also killed opponents and protesters for demonstrations against it. While dealing with the political protesters, the Brotherhood government obeyed the law of the Quran which endorses death sentence for rioting and mindless killing. The present Egyptian government is doing the same: obeying the Quran and not the law of the land while deciding the fate of Muslim Brotherhood accused of rape and massacre of political protesters.