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The Venality of Muslim Rulers down the Ages, from Al-Musta’sim to Nasser to Present King of Jordan


By Nastik Durrani, New Age Islam

August 26, 2013

The lord of the Tatars Hulagu Khan wrote a letter to the Muslim Caliph Al-Musta'sim Billah, in 1258, in which he expressed his anguish about the humiliation of his diplomats in Baghdad, because it brought shame and disgrace to the Mongols and their ruler Hulagu Khan himself. 

In response to the letter, Al-Musta'sim sent a threatening reply to Hulagu Khan that read: “the army of the Caliph will tear the Mongols into pieces”. This was much in the same way as our rulers today make threatening statements in their fiery political speeches, but they don’t even muster up courage to put them into practice by their own force. For instance, our blue-eyed leader Jamal Abdul Nasir, while making a provocative speech a week before the war of 1967, threatened Israel with strong words: “if you want to wage a war, we welcome you with open arms”. Accepting Nasser’s invitation, Israel not only destroyed all the airports of his country, but also seized the Sinai and Golan Heights Nasser's army could not fire even a bullet on them.

Hulagu Khan found his reply quite disgusting and provocative. Filled with anger, he set out for Baghdad along with nearly three million troops.

When Al-Musta'sim’s intelligence ministry came to learn it, they conveyed it to the higher government in Baghdad.  The Caliph’s minister Ibn Al-Alqami organised a national conference in which General Suleiman was also present. Suleiman suggested the Caliph to prepare a special military force in defence of Baghdad. The Caliph approved of this proposal and, hence, Suleiman Shah began recruiting millions of Muslim soldiers. But, all of sudden, the Caliph backed out of his word saying that his treasury, that could have been used to raise a large army, was empty, so, he would not be able to bear the huge expenses and salaries of such a large army. Consequently, all the soldiers went back to their homes and only guards and watchmen of the royal places were left behind to protect the city of Baghdad.

The entire army of Hulagu suddenly reached Baghdad, camped on the city's borders and attacked them in such a hard-hitting manner that a bridge fell down due to intensity of the attacks. Hulagu’s commandos seized the firewalls of the city and, thus, they took over Baghdad.   

When the Caliph al-Musta’sim looked into this situation, he was taken aback, with his pride diminished. He sent his son, the Crown Prince, to negotiate with Hulagu. Hulagu demanded that the caliph surrender to him with his entire army and gets out of Baghdad. But when the Caliph did so, Hulagu backed out of his word and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of the Caliph’s officers and soldiers before the eyes of the Crown Prince. 

Then, overwhelmed by joy and excitement, Hulagu entered the city of Baghdad, got the Caliph arrested and gave him such a huge slap that made him confess that there was a pit filled with gold in the palace. Hmzany writes in his book on history: "In short, whatever the Abbasid Caliphs had collected in five centuries was seized by Mongols. And when they placed them atop each other, it seemed like a mountain above the mountain.”

After this heap of money was found out, one more treasure was discovered. When the Hulagu ordered to count the number of wives of the Caliph, they were only 750, while the number of the concubines was more than a thousand!

Hulagu distributed all those women among his troops and officers. He then killed off the Caliph Al-Mustasim and handed his head over to the troops who played football with it on the banks of the Tigris. Afterwards, Hulagu continued slaughtering Iraqi people and killed millions of them in the streets of Bagdad. After three days, Hulagu Khan and his army felt compelled to leave Baghdad, not out of fear, but due to the bad smell coming out of the rotten human corpses!!!

The reality is that our rulers are helpless. How can they manage time to think about state affairs, when they are busy with sleeping with 750 wives of theirs?  Plus, they didn’t deem it wise to distribute the wealth that their forefathers had accumulated for five centuries, among the troops to defend the honour of Baghdad. Emboldened, Hulagu entered the city of Baghdad just as the people of Israel entered the land of Palestine.

Here, I recall an interesting story told by a journalist who mustered up courage to ask the king of Jordan: “Why don’t you give at least one percent of your wealth of trillions as a subsidy to reduce the soaring food prices?” The king replied: “This wealth belongs to the royal family, not to the public”. But the king did not explain how and from where had his family collected this much money, while his grandfather Abdullah had fled from Mecca on a donkey!! After this incident, the journalist was never seen again. Soon after this, the King Hussein paid a visit to Gulf countries with an aim to acquire financial support from them, while at the same time; Queen Noor was in Paris for shopping.  A Kuwaiti newspaper headline went: “King begs and Queen goes for shopping."

May God have mercy on our rulers and their wives and inflict His torment on Hulagu who destroyed a country that Al-Musta’sim Billah would have conquered in the name of Islam and Muslims!

(Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk)

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