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Boston Blasts and Conspiracy Theories


By Nastik Durrani, New Age Islam

April 29, 2013

Boston bombings have been the centre of interest for those watching international affairs because it is related with America. There is no doubt in the fact that developments taking place beyond the walls of the Congress and the White House and in other decision making corridors of Washington attract the attention of all and sundry. Of course, the country of George Washington has a special place in the world fraternity.

Although the final analysis of the bombings has not yet emerged, different quarters have presented their own interpretation of the incident and everyone seems to put the responsibility on a particular party. However, irrespective of the interpretations, all are unanimous on the fact that the incident causing the death of innocent civilians should be condemned.

Conspiracy Theory

In order to explain the political phenomena, analyses based on conspiracy theory say that insiders in America are responsible for the bombings so that later the blame could be put on any party creating justification for armed operation somewhere.

These conspiracy theory holders (who also say that Washington was behind even 9/11) apprehend that a link between the bombers in America and a country whom America wants to destroy may be ‘exposed’ and the country may be Iran, Syria or any other country. However, it is important for these conspiracy theory holders that all the blame should  be put on America and give clean chit to political Islamic stream who ( in their view) have played a big role in distorting the image of Islam in the West in the last two decades because they do not understand Islam properly.

Russian Hand

Some analysts are of the opinion that Russia may be behind the bombings. The argument they produce is that one of the Chechen brothers had visited Russia before the bombings and stayed there for about six months for which no reason could be ascertained as yet.

Analysts say that President Putin immediately sent condolence message to President Obama and offered help in providing security to the Olympic Games in Suchi next year. Kremlin also announced that Russia and America have agreed on mutual co-operation for the elimination of terrorism though America has always targeted Russia’s human rights violations in Chechnya and has been aiding separatists wanting to secede from Russia. Therefore, the advantage going to Russia strengthens the possibility of Russia’s involvement in the incidents. However, the hypothesis is unacceptable because big powers do not adopt such lecherous means to settle personal scores.

Al Qaida

The needle of suspicion is revolving mainly round the terrorist organisations like Al Qaida who believe that violence is a virtuous means to impose their ideologies. One powerful reason for this suspicion is their previous record. To them, killing innocent people during games is a religious deed. Since the accused also belong to Chechnya, the anti-Islam forces in the West insist on this theory.

Some sources say that the method of using kitchen tools for making bombs was published in Al Qaida’s Al Malaham magazine. In the same magazine, a ‘Qaidi’ name Abu Musab Al Suri had published a research on how to inflict maximum damage at minimum expenses. It had also prescribed best targets for this purpose of which games were one. People believing in this theory say that both the accused may be influenced by the methods. However, this is also a mere theory and there is no material evidence to prove this.

Difficult Situation

The biggest question is: what will America do if it is proved that the bombings were a handiwork of some extremist organisation whom the Western Islamophobes call Islamic extremists. It is no secret now that the Democrat administration under the leadership of Obama helped Islamic stream in Arab Spring countries to reach the seat of power, particularly in Tunis and Egypt and is still helping them ignoring all their wrongdoings and oppression in the same way as it was helping the dictators in both the countries.

In this situation, Obama administration will face tough problems vis a vis the American public because most  of the American Islamophobes do not distinguish between jihadi organisations including Al Qaida and the rest of the Islamic organisations, rather the American Islamophobes consider all the Muslims terrorists. Therefore, it seems very difficult to clear this confusion in the presence of the Jewish lobby dominating the American media and government policies in Uncle Sam’s country. Will then Obama go against his allies or keep supporting moderate Islamic movements to wind up Islamic extremists? And will their arch rivals the Republicans not take advantage if the Democrats followed the same path? The answers to all these questions depend on the result of the investigations, that too if the other accused remains alive.