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Model Town tragedy and Qadri vs Sharif brothers: Will Dr. Tahirul Qadri succeed in toppling the government following the Minhajul Quran firing case?



By Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

21 June 2014

After the Minhaj ul Quran firing case, the Pakistan government is faced with a new impasse as unexpectedly it has confronted the enemies about whom the general perception was that they did not pose any threat.

If judicial inquiry is able to do its work smoothly and brings out plain facts, the Muslim League Nawaz leadership may come out of this crisis unscathed. Otherwise, big dangers seem to be hovering.

Going by the effects of the campaign against them under the leadership of social media and rumours, Mian brothers are going to face a serious predicament very soon. Imran Khan is inclined to use this tragedy to his own political ends. The Muslim League leadership is as usual confused and paralysed. The abilities of Chief Minister of Punjab, who is considered more dynamic and politically sagacious than Nawaz Sharif, seem to be faltering. The reason is that he demonstrates haste and intolerance and is gripped by embarrassment and disappointment. Naturally, he cannot be given any concessions in the Model Town incident and though it is an unconventional precedence in the politics of Pakistan, he should have resigned and waited for the inquiry commission report.

The judicial inquiry has become very controversial because of the chief minister not resigning. Statements of those who do not accept it have appeared. After this, though it will work but has lost importance. It will be alleged that those who tried to influence the inquiry were still in office. Well, this was an advice which has no significance at the moment But it is a fact that that the government is going to face very difficult circumstances.

There is no doubt that this tragedy is an living example of our insensitivity and ruthlessness. It reflects the fact that intolerance and rigidity has percolated in our society and it is not easy to get rid of it. It is very necessary to take stock of our attitude to not tolerate the opposite view and ideology but at the same time it is equally unimportant because in our country many people do not like introspection. The number of these people is great and they are more powerful. That’s why this work is fraught with dangers. If we discuss the events at Model Town, we will find out that people present in the Punjab government are unhappy with the leader of Minhaj ul Quran only because he has upped the ante against the government though they present a very necessary and confused concept of change of system. But since he takes the help of religious basics and uses his organisation built for religious education, he has many sectarian opponents.

Tahirul Qadri’s opposition is due to his sectarian affiliations and intentional sanctification in the construction of his organisation and personality. Apparently, political opposition to Tahirul Qadri is a difficult task because he has not made as many mistakes as are made in Pakistani politics. The sole reason for opposition to him is his sectarian affiliation because he Is intolerable to the extremist members of other sects.  The reason is simple. He has succeeded in creating a niche for himself in the confused sectarian war of the sub continent and has got recognition as a very clever administrator who has progress very rapidly and achieved every success associated with formation of a religious organisation. Moreover, his mission is to change everything. Tahirul Qadri becomes more intolerable when he presents a concept that is diametrically opposite to the majority concept of the world and is also appreciated in western countries. In my view, in this context, Tahirul Qadri’s last and clear mistake is his fatwa consisting of hundreds of pages against suicide bombing.

One more reason for Tahirul Qadri’s grudge against Mian brothers is his old relationship with their family. Much has come out about this relationship on different occasions. Now Tahirul Qadri has boarded a new political boat and one view about him is that he is the cynosure of the powerful establishment. He wants to topple the government of Mian Nawaz Sharif and his religious personality and his organisation are being used for this purpose. Earlier, he launched a ‘container campaign’ against the erstwhile government during which he had the belief that the government will fall because of his sit in demonstration and he will get an image of someone who brought about a revolutionary change in Pakistan politics. But the dharna (siege) was a failure and he got the epithet of one who sought to become famous overnight. His dual citizenship was also made the target of criticism and also he was alleged to have created chaos in Pakistan at the behest of foreign powers.

Tahirul Qadri is busy in creating a stir in Pakistan politics once again. He has got importance because of steps taken in haste and anger. Model Town tragedy has provided the Allama with the power about which he had not even imagined. And if he really proves to be a good administrator, he can turn the tragedy into a fatal weapon whose use will be remembered in Pakistan’s history. It remains to be seen how he takes his strategy further and what kind of troubles he creates for the government. If he succeeds to topple the government with the help of the present movement, it will be worthy to be watched what he gets out of it. Will he be able to implement his proposed system or will he only clear the way for someone else? These are the questions that cannot be ignored. However it also remains to be seen how he faces the current politics of Pakistan that is getting more violent by the day.

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