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Attack on Pakistani Journalist Hamid Mir: Good Days for Self-Styled Agitators



By Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

09 May, 2014

Perhaps, it cannot be so easily accepted that there are some elements in the Pakistani media that want the Pakistani army and their agencies to be harmed. But an instance of emotional journalism showcased by the Geo Group has created havoc in the Pakistani media and now in the religious circles as well.

In a number of Pakistani cities, some religious groups took out processions so that they could openly announce their affiliation and thus achieve political and social gains, given the emerging scenario of Pakistan. Surprisingly enough, Pakistani army and the ISI displayed deep anger upon this incident, despite the fact that this accusation could have been disproved, if not immediately rejected. Say for example, had they promised to do a fair investigation into the incident before they expressed their anger, it would have sufficed to dispel all doubts and illusions. And had the case been so, it would not have been possible for the voluntarily-working organisations and people to add fuel to the fire.

No wonder, if the biggest and the most sensitive agency of the country is being accused of hatching the conspiracy of the brutal attack on a renowned journalist. Labelling such accusations against the agency is not an isolated incident, but they can be easily wronged if free and fair investigation is taken into consideration.

 In the wake of the attack on Hamid Mir, the emotional agitators and their organisations are loudly claiming that the Urdu daily “Jang” and the news channel group, Geo, are not only involved in the conspiracies against the Pakistani military agencies, but are also actively engaged in damaging the interests of the country. It is a grave charge against the media outlets, which leaves no word to be said. This instance indicates that we are living in a society where any sort of difference or hostility may lead to complete destruction of the opposition.

Taking this pathetic state of affairs into account, one can realise why a suicide bomber in Pakistan gets ready to end his own life in order to take other lives. It is quite natural and plain truth that we cannot completely agree with any media outlet or media person, rather, we sometimes strongly disagree with them. But it does not imply that we should get ready to take lives of everyone who differs from us.

If we take a hard look at the prevailing circumstances, it will not be difficult to know who are responsible for the continuing negative propaganda against the Pakistani army and its secret agencies across the national borders. The real culprits of this propaganda are the armed religious groups and militant outfits who have defamed the Pakistani army and their secret agencies by perpetrating acts of terror and violence outside the borders. Not to speak of the army, these fundamentalist organisations have even caused worldwide notoriety to the Pakistani state. What surprises and shocks us is that today once again these extremist groups and terror outfits are out with their pronouncement of affiliation so that the widespread notoriety of Pakistani army and their agencies may continue unabated. The question is whether this attitude will augur well for the Pakistani army and its agencies?

One of our very bold and passionate Jihadist campaigners former ISI chief Mr. Hamid Gul has gone to the extent of giving threats in his statements because he wants to add sensation to the issue. However, we should not overlook his provocative efforts and baseless statements in tarnishing the image of Pakistan’s defence agencies. Last year, one of his statements, for instance, went like this: “I salute the man who gave shelter to Osama Bin Laden in a compound in Abbottabad”. Let us not forget that Bin Laden is the one who caused merciless killing of people belonging to the security agencies of Pakistan and irreparable loss of the defence centres of the country. It is due to Osama Bin Laden that the Pakistani state is today suffering from a colossal disaster that does not seem to end in times to come.     

It is deplorable to note that an incident has given renewed energy to all the characters that never proved to be good for the state and defence agencies of Pakistan. More interestingly, some people believing in the conspiracy theories have come to the fore in this campaign. The foreign analysts are wondering that if such crooked minds continue to work in the defence agencies of Pakistan, the country and its agencies do not need any enemy from outside.

Recently, a very interesting story went viral in the country. A Pakistan-origin man claimed to be the real substitute of a self-proclaimed prophet. One day he suddenly felt that he was born for the revival of Islam and that he was endowed with such a sagacious and far-seeing mind that can help Pakistan emerge as the leading nation in the Muslim world. After he discovered himself, he embarked on a mission of media Jihad and perpetrated such virulent acts that have taken us aback (May God forbid it). He began to prove that the entire world is a rival to the state of Pakistan and, so, the people of the country should wage a war against it.

If a person or organisation of the state does not agree with the beneficial role of the Pakistani army and their secret agencies, he should not be treated as a rebel who deserves to be choked to death or burnt alive. There is a world of difference between disagreement and war. Difference of opinion can transform into complete agreement if it is wisely dealt with. Moreover, people who have set their eyes on the opportunities created by the prevailing situations are those who are self-centred and focused on their selfish gains. They don’t bother whether what consequences will their attitude produce. The defence agencies of the country should take an account of such elements in the state and give them exemplary lessons, because they are trying to misuse a minor incident to create havoc in the country.

The author of nine books including the recent "Punjabi Taliban", Mujahid Hussain writes a regular weekly column for New Age Islam. He is also Chief of New Age Islam Brussels Bureau. He has been contributing to leading papers as an investigative journalist for about two decades. His writings cover a vast panorama of topics concerning political and societal existence of Pakistan, a nation passing through difficult straits since a short time after its birth. With terrorism and security issues at local, regional, and global levels as his special area of study in recent years, Mujahid Hussain has earned a sizable readership in serious circles in Pakistan and abroad. Follower of an independent, non-partisan, and objective way of thinking, the author offers honest analysis of the challenges threatening communities, nations, and humanity at large.   

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