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Qur'anic Morality and Satanic Development Model


By Kazi Wadud Nawaz, New Age Islam

25 April, 2014

From the viewpoint of dialectical materialism the universe with all its elements - living, non-living, macroscopic or microscopic, consists of nothing but matter in eternal motion. This motion, from materialistic point of view is generated through unity and struggle of opposites inherent within the matter itself moving in an endless cycle of ‘Negation of Negation’ - from lower to higher and simpler to complex form of existence. The materialist concept of motion is nothing but a blind sequential transformation from matter to energy and energy to matter with no specific goal or purpose.

The very concept throws humanity into the whirlwind of uncertain futurity and adds to their helplessness with nothing to hold on in fearsome loneliness and gruesome complexities of the universe. Any scientific invention, as the materialist school of thoughts claim, is a step forward towards validation and authentication of their doctrine. Materialist views of science focus principally on its utility for fulfilment of material interests of a class or a section of people without least consideration to its ethical and moral values. This harbours an inherent danger of turning science into a weapon of transgression of Universal Balance of Justice (Meezan) and self-destruction for humanity as well as the universe as a whole.

The contemporary history bears testimony to the fact that most of the evils done by modern science emanate from materialistic outlook accompanying it and its dissociation with ethical and moral values. The verses given below confirm holy Quran’s principled stand in the face of materialistic approach to science and its immoral application.

-And they say, what is there but our life in this world? We shall die and we live, and nothing but time can destroy us. But of that they have no knowledge: they simply conjecture (Sura: Al-Jasiyah, Ayat: 24. Ref: Tafseer by Abddulla Yusuf Ali).

- I (Satan) will mislead them, I will create in them false desires, I will order them to slit ears of t\he cattle, and to deface the fair nature created by Allah. Whoever forsaking Allah takes Satan for a friend, has of a surety suffered a loss that is manifest. [Sura: An-Nisa Verse: 119].

-And the firmament has he raised high and He has set the Balance (of Justice).  In order that you may not transgress (due) Balance. So establish weight with justice and fall not short in Balance.[Surah Ar-Raman: Ayat-7-9]

The holy Quran does not permit of any materialistic approach towards cognition of the objective reality and hence towards science and scientific endeavours. The Qur'anic concept of science builds up on a divine purpose. It upholds ethical and moral values in the process of integration of material and spiritual aspects of human life. If we look at the present world situation, we find great coincidence with the situation stated in the verse 119 of Surah-An-Nisa. The so-called civilized countries of the West and the East are now all-out to deface fair nature created by Allah to fulfill their material needs arising out of false desires infused in them by the Satan in the name of development and human welfare. And modern science has become the worst tools in their hands to inflict on humanity a loss that is manifest in the form of war, bloodshed, death, destruction and plunder.

The weapon of Scientific Knowledge now in the hands of the so-called civilized Western World running madly after material interests, is being utilized for transgressing the Universal Balance of Justice (Meezan) throughout the Globe for supremacy and capturing worldly resources. In the present world situation it is the divine duty of the Believers as Viceroy of Allah to acquire advanced scientific knowledge and apply it for maintaining Balance of Justice for survival of the humanity. Unity of matter and spirit is the foundation of Qur’anic Philosophy and Theory of Knowledge. Separation of one from the other is a misleading and dangerous approach towards understanding of the objective reality.

The Holy Quran clearly and forcefully recognizes enormous potential of scientific knowledge in understanding the complex physical process of the universe as reflection of divine attributes. The Holy Quran provides an all-embracing, coherent universal philosophy for mankind through integration of both material and spiritual aspects of human life.

Contrary to the materialist viewpoint the Holy Quran claims that the whole universe including the heaven and the earth and whatever in between, has been created in Truth. [Surah Az-Zamar Verse-5] Truth is the Building Block of Divine Creation.

The materialist approach towards cognition of the objective reality is one-sided approach that recognizes only the perceptive manifestation of this ‘Truth’ but fails to assimilate its inherent potential of extension in spiritual domain.  The so-called ‘Matter’, the ‘precious seed’ of materialist philosophy, is nothing but the perceptive physical form of the ‘Truth’ devoid of its essence of spirituality.

So far as particularity of this Truth in terrestrial time and space is concerned, it is relative subject to time-bound advancement of human knowledge - but absolute in extra-terrestrial domain of spirituality. So the philosophy that presents a distorted image of the objective reality is not at all rational from Qur'anic point of view.

The holy Quran has been revealed with Truth to guide humanity towards knowledge of ‘Ultimate Nature of Things’ encompassing both the material and spiritual domain of the objective world.

As Muslims we believe in the fundamental concepts and principles of the Holy Quran and try to shape our lives and reality according to those principles.

From the viewpoint of the holy Quran, any attempt on the part of mankind to deface the fair nature is an act of the Satan. [Refer Surah An-Nisa, Verse-119]. We stick to the fundamental principles of universal balance of justice and a set of fixed ideological and moral codes. Moral coordinates of Muslims set on the basis of Qur'anic principles are not fluid. They are well-defined and consistent with universal law of fair nature- just contrary to the corporate values of the western world, with ever-shifting coordinates based on opportunism and material interests.

The Holy Quran in Sura An-Nisa, Ayat 119 has clearly articulated the evil crooked paths of the Satan like this. Defacing the fair nature means transgressing Universal Balance of Justice in worldly life that encompasses both nature and society. Disturbing the balance in relation between man and man, man and society, man and nature, disturbing the balanced eco system for super profit, infusing perversion in human nature related to biological system and imbalance in material and spiritual aspects of human life all come under the purview of defacing the fair nature. Many Western countries have now permitted homo sexuality, lesbian marriage and marriage between same sexes. Such is the climax of Western Civilization and Moral Standard of Western Society!

This is absolutely an act of defacing fair nature through perversion in biological system of mankind on the part of the Satan and from Qur'anic point of view the so-called civilized West has now turned out to be follower of the Satan and the present Corporate Development Model has become a Satanic Development Model.

Kazi Wadud Nawaz is an NGO Development Consultant, based in Khulna, Bangladesh