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In The Service of Israel!


By Hussein Shobokshi

02 April 2018

ISRAEL is expanding and spreading. The new conditions in the Middle East and the global fluid situation are being exploited as well as the security conditions, following the Iranian and Turkish interventions, the conspiracies of the coup regime in Qatar, and the implications for stability in the region. Israel has expanded its network of influence and diplomatic relations in areas that had outlawed them in the past, such as Africa, where Israel is strengthening its presence through military, political and economic channels — centrally with countries such as Eritrea, Uganda, Kenya and of course, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Swaziland and Botswana.

There is a strong Israeli movement in Central Asia with countries that are known to be part of the Islamic camp, while not forgetting the very strong Israeli rapport with India, which was considered a historic breakthrough because India has always been considered in the Arab camp, and the situation with Singapore is strategic.

All this is happening amid swirls of storms and hurricanes that are shaking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government over three serious investigations of corruption issues at home, despite the fact that the country’s security situation is reassuring, economic growth is in its success stages, and no political rival is threatening him. But the Likud Party sees it differently, viewing it as Netanyahu has "burned" his bridges and it is important and necessary for him to be replaced. The most important candidate emerging as an alternative is Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, 57, of Libyan origin, who speaks fluent Arabic and is broadly popular because of his contribution to the development of city budgets.

Today, Israel continues to expand its settlements in a wildly cancerous manner. This activity is evident not only in Jerusalem, which is targeted by settlement expansion projects, but there are Arab villages in the Negev Desert, which are being forcibly seized and the population deported under the pretext of replacing the whole area with a new industrial project.

Also, Israel is the biggest beneficiary of the "exposure" of the falsity of positions in the dealing with the issue of conflict with it. The coup regime in Qatar, which is promoted through its media as a resistance, has been visited by several Israeli delegations to Doha in economic, sports and economic fields, and this media is even managed by an Israeli citizen named Azmi Bishara.

The terrorist organization Hezbollah, which was "dancing" to the tune of the resistance, dropped its mask from its ugly face and fired its bullets at the Syrian people in support of the tyrant and criminal regime of Bashar Al-Assad. As for Iran, it is only an export department for sedition and revolutions in the Arab world and it has built terrorist cells in more than one Arab country without doubt sowing dissension while furthering its hegemony in the region

All these forces have directly contributed to weakening the internal Palestinian situation and increasing the internal division between Hamas and Fatah, which was already in a state of deep division.

The current Israeli situation is in sharp contrast to that of the general Arab situation, and no one needs to be a genius to know who has served the interests of Israel such that the results have been achieved in favour of Israel. The Israel’s growth is a direct result of the services that have been offered by these diverse parties. Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Iran, the coup regime in Qatar, and the Assad regime have all provided great services to Israel that has benefitted from these services. In the dirty political worlds, slogans cannot be adopted, no matter how perfect these slogans are, because with time they prove to us that they are deceitful and illusionary that serves only Israel.