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Many Muslims but Not an Islamic Nation


By Abolqaz Bin Anuar

November 26, 2013

How many Islamic nations are there currently in the world today? The answer is zero. The next question is which was the last Islamic country that existed? The answer is the Ottoman Islamic State that was dissolved in 1922 at the end of the First World War. By this definition I, a Muslim and a Malaysian citizen would like to acknowledge that there is currently no Muslim nation that claimed to an Islamic nation could be truly considered as a Muslim nation. This would also mean that I do not believe nor feel in any slightest that Malaysia is an Islamic country.

The Ottoman Islamic State was the last Islamic nation. At its peak, the nation or empire stretched from Eastern Europe all the way to the edge of the Western Chinese Border (it was ruled by Mongolian Muslims at one point). However before the beginning of the First World War, its borders were from Turkey all the way to the Middle East which included Jerusalem, Cairo, Mecca and Medina.

Also during this period, the Sultanate of this empire had diverted slightly from the teachings of Islam. Corruption proved to be once again the cause for an empire’s decline. Because of its geographical location and trade partnership with the European countries, the Ottoman Islamic State was forced to include itself in the First World War (a major conspiracy would forever be tagged with this event but that is not on discussion today).

It did so on the side of the Germans. Even before this war, the empire was already at war with Russia (the main factor of its alliance with Germany) and because of that they had lost some of its territory to Russia. However the real clincher came in 1908, when a group called ‘Young Turks’ revolted and forced the government to be more liberal and democratic. This is a main factor of the downfall of the empire.

When the First World War kicked-off, Britain seemed to be bent on defeating the Ottomans first seeing that they hold the largest supply of petroleum, which was essential since the introduction of tanks and motorised vehicle in warfare. That is also one of the many lies that the history books are telling us. The main objective of the whole war was to actually destroy and divide the last Islamic nation (since the Malacca Sultanate was under the control of Britain.

Philippines, yes it was once a great Islamic land which belonged to Spain and the Indonesian Island was with the Dutch). At that time the Ottoman Islamic State was still using the Caliphate ruling structure, but because of the corruption of their system, the revolt of the ‘Young Turks’ had lessened the power of the Caliph. The main requirement of the Caliph, is the control of the administration of Mecca and Medina (that is why, King Salahuddin the great is only a King). The men that were given charge by the Caliph of the holy cities were Hussein of Mecca and Abdullah Saud of Medina who were the cause of the great betrayal.

To take out the Caliph, the Brits first needed to liberate Mecca and Medina from the power of the Caliph. They bribed both Hussein and Abdullah with the promise to make them “the kings of the Arabs.” They were also to be given wealth as a reward for their heroics in the war. With money and power as bribes, the both of them successfully betrayed the Caliph and liberated the holy cities from the central power of the Ottomans.

With that and their defeat in the war, revolt began springing up all around the empire and the Caliph was powerless to stop it. They empire would also lose territory in Palestine to the British. The only lands that they have left are today’s Turkey and Syria as the rest were lost in the uprising of the revolution. As unrest was burning throughout the old empire, peace did not come until 1922.

In 1923, Mustapha Kamal Ataturk led the revolutionary plan to turn Turkey into a Republic, a secular structure of government and so he killed the last remaining country that Islam had possessed. Hussein of Medina was given a land by the British as promised and so he declared it to be the Kingdom of Jordan and made himself the king of Jordan.

As for Abdullah Saud, he vainly took his name in the creation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and he became the first king. Both bloodlines still rule their respective kingdoms till now. It is a shame that so many Muslims have forgotten this part of history. It was not the infidel enemy that stabbed us, but one who is also a believer. It came from within the brotherhood; they are part of the Ummah.

Are our leaders better than the Prophet?

Malaysia is not an Islamic country; it is a country with the majority of people being Muslims. When Allah SWT gave Nabi Daud AS the right to be the king of Jerusalem, He did so by giving Nabi Daud AS a structure of the Caliphate, a governmental structure by Allah SWT. Thus I see none of its structure being put to practice in the Malaysian government.

The land and country belongs to Allah SWT as the ‘Supreme’ owner. In Malaysia if we check our passports and constitution, the word ‘supreme’ is being used to refer to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. This is a huge mistake, and I dare say ‘Shirk’ (number one sin in Islam, to compare Allah SWT with anything else).

The leaders of Malaysia are chosen by way of elections rather than the ‘Bai’ah’. Some might argue that it is the same, however it is different altogether. The Bai’ah calls for the leader to be elected which means a council would name the best or suitable person for the job based on his capabilities and ability to run the nation. He is elected but he does not asked to be. An election involves people who are not necessarily right for the job going on campaign to ask the people to vote for them. It is a sin for a leader to lead, when there is someone else better who could do it.

The borders of the country would be open to all Muslims. To be a citizen for a Muslim from anywhere in the world, one would only need to recite the ‘Syahadah and he or she would be a citizen. It would be unfair for people of other religions, but they should also be allowed to enter as a guest. A Muslim could enter the land without any documentation needed other than the recitation of the ‘Syahadah.

Non Muslims born in the country would always be considered citizens with full rights. Even in the first Islamic state (Medina), the Prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW gave non-Muslim equal rights as Muslims. He allowed them to practice their religion and lifestyles as long as they do not disturb or destroy Muslim teachings. As for alcohol, it was restricted to a certain area, or within the compounds of their home. No rights whatsoever were constrained from the non-Muslims except the right to go to war in the cause of Islam. If the Rasullullah SAW himself did not restrain any rights from non-Muslim in Medina then, who are we to do it to them today? Are our leaders better than him? Certainly not.

Financial institutions are not allowed to practice ‘Riba’ or interest. This is because interest would revert mankind back to the times of slavery, but a different kind of slavery. Yet all the banks in Malaysia make you pay interest for loans that you take. Making us all work to pay our debt to our masters, the banks. There is no freedom in this. Riba is the third in the list of sins in Islam (after Shirk and Munafiq), yet I do not have the freedom to not practise it to be a better Muslim for our way of life made it impossible to buy anything without paying it.

As you would have read in the newspapers, heard it on the radios and seen in the news, Islamic people around the world are being oppressed and attacked by western powers. Yet the so-called Muslim nation of Malaysia did nothing to help them. The government and the leaders do not feel enough to help other Ummah and if we tried they would find a way to stop us. Yet time and time again all I could seewas that the Muslims here do is pray and weep for their suffering, for we have no power and no help from our “Muslim” government.

These are the few things that I can illustrate on why Malaysia is not an Islamic country. If you look around for these criteria for an Islamic country today, you would not find a single country that fits this description. When the Muslims from Mecca went to the Christian king of Abyssinia, they did not bow as the king entered the room. When the king asked them, “Do you not bow before your prophet Muhammad SAW?” They answered, “He is only a man, and we kneel only to Allah SWT.” That was the passion of a true Muslim, yet here in Malaysia, the country protocol requires us to bow to the agong. With such fundamental diversion from Islam, how can we call this land an Islamic country?

During my travels to many different lands, the people I meet would ask me where I am from, and I will tell them that I am from Malaysia. When they ask me am I a Muslim? I would answer yes I am a Muslim, but please don’t think that Malaysia is an Islamic country, it is just a country with many Muslims but not an Islamic country.