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Nigeria: Stop Daring Allah on Islam


By Agboola Razaq

11 APRIL 2014

Islam preaches tolerance, and perseverance but not to the level of molestation and daring Allah, the only point Muslim Ummah can resist any oppression is when there is persecution for freedom of religion.

Many experiences have shown that Muslims are marginalised in every sphere of our national affairs. We are aware of this, but we exercise patience to allow peace to reign.

In the southwest of this country, for instance, you see many members of single family practicing different faiths without any rancour; it is because we are trained in that way. See the Holy Qur'an, where many instructions have been given to Muslims not to persecute the people of other faiths. Islam does not justify act of killing innocent people in the name of Jihad.

The essence of the Shariah is to respect, protect and preserve human dignity in five ways as follows:

1) Preservation of religion

2) Preservation of soul/spirit/life

3) Preservation of family

4) Preservation of reasoning/IQ

5) Preservation of individual property

These five roles of Shariah are the practical realities of Islam, so whoever deviates from observing them is not preaching Sharia; whatever he does is his/her own.

Therefore, the co-existence of Muslims and believers of other faiths should be allowed to prevail with sincerity, having known that our creator has His own best reason for creating us with different faiths as He said in the Holy Qur'an. However man can invite others to his faith if both parties enjoy that privilege.

In relation to what happened in national confab during the inauguration of the conference when a pastor who hails from Muslim background denied his sitting Chairman from saying Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem, claiming that he did not know the meaning of that statement, I am taken aback because the attack is uncalled for at an avenue where we have converged to understand and find solution to our differences; harmonise our views on how to run the nation.

The pastor has no moral justification in that circle to attack the chairman. Pastor Tunde Bakare should apologise to Nigerians for upsetting decorum of the system organised to address the yearning and demand of Nigerians for tolerance, peace and unity. He should know that he has disappointed people like us who cherish to listen to his preaching on Sundays on Channel Television. Having been convinced that he really hates Islam.

In our faith we believe that anything without invocation of Allah's guidance is a wasted effort, because He is the Supreme Being that will determine the success of that endeavours.

Is it not that type of misunderstanding that we are gathered to address at the confab? Yet it is at that same gathering that some are still creating rancour, intolerance and bigotry. My surprise is for those who consented to the idea of abolishing opening prayer just because they do not want adherents of a particular religion to exercise their religious right.

Thank God, the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs has risen up to the challenge because the marginalisation of Muslims by this administration is very obvious. Muslims are a peaceful community.

People make mistake when they refer to Nigeria as a secular state. What are the features of a secular state, do we have those features? Going by the Oxford Dictionary definition, a secular state is a state that does not believe in God in the people's way of life.

Can anybody among Christians and Muslims boldly come out and tell the world that we do not believe in God? Why are deceiving ourselves by calling Nigeria a secular state?

Finally I urge that those who hate Islam should stop daring Allah in His majesty. Let everybody practice whatever he or she believes and trusts, you can never fight for God.

One recalls the recent development in the polity where the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs had to visit the Villa to express their grievances about marginalisation meted out to Muslims at the ongoing confab, but CAN came out to reply Sultan by advising Jonathan not to consider their position. This is really unfortunate as whenever it is the Muslims that respond they are tagged BOKO HARAM. Who is fooling who? Allah is watching!

Stop planning against Allah through Islam, I swear whoever fights Islam is fighting Allah (God Almighty), the sole creator of heaven and earth.