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Islam and Human Rights ( 7 Sept 2020, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Nazi Stones in The Chinese Wall, Uyghur Muslim Extermination, While Humanity with United Nations on Vacation

By Shafiq Beig

08 September 2020

Nazi stone in the Chinese wall

Uyghur Muslim’s life is worth, just nickel or dime

Folks, forgive me if I am wasting your time

They pulled my nails out of my fingers

In many generations, this pain will linger

Hurting my tongue and burning it with electric wire

O, My oppressor keep teaching me Atheism until you are tired

For months confined me in a torture chair

On a higher bar, you hanged me with my long hair

Terrorizing me so much that to complain how I dare

Disabled me so I cannot go anywhere

Crushing my soul with your communist boots

But do not forget to put on a fake smile and western suit

Red shame and dusty stars

With meek and helpless you have waged a war

Did you forget what happened to the Czar

The lesson is next door not very far

Predator is a soulless being

Deprived me of hearing and seeing

Taken my wealth and massacring my clan

I wish if the human world may know your plan

My only crime is my faith in Almighty God

In punishment, you have left me with no choice and sever odds

we all are having fun with new electronic gadgets

Beijing is busy with his vicious torture budget

Nazi stones in the Chinese wall

The crack will deepen and it will fall

Uyghur Muslim extermination

While Humanity with United Nations on vacation


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