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Islam and Human Rights ( 11 March 2012, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Gilgit Baltistan and Human Rights Violation

By Abdul Hamid Khan

Chairman, Balawaristan National Front

UNHRC 19th Session 9th March 2012

Human Rights abuses are widespread and common practice in Balawaristan (Pakistan and China occupied Gilgit Baltistan) since Pakistan took its control treacherously by using religion as its occupation tool. The absence or representation, Judiciary and free media and non access of Human Rights organizations and specially the failure of UN in implementation of its resolution have helped the Islamabad to hide its illicit practices.

The situation in Gilgit Baltistan is deteriorated, when about 20 Pakistani Army uniform terrorist killed 18 innocent Shia Muslims in Harban Kohistan Diamar border on 28th Feb. 2012 at about 8 AM after carefully checking their ID Cards issued by Pakistan. The terrorists stopped 4 passengers’ vehicles including one Bus and 3 other vehicle and asked the passengers to come down and show their identity. By identifying them as Shias and killed them on spot and some were handcuffed and slit their throats. Kohistan Police arrived on the spot but did not interfere this heinous act, after completion of this carnage the uniformed terrorist climbed on the mountain and disappeared.

These ID Cards issued by government of Pakistan do not give us rights but death. This is Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto the then Prime Minister of Pakistan who introduced sectarian violence in 1971 to divide the people on Shia Sunni line, when the people had broken Gilgit Jail to free their political leaders. Mostly of the people and religious leaders believe that the present PPP government and Military might be involved in this carnage , so the people are not united against the government of Pakistan There are three main reasons for PPP to divide the people,

The people of Yasen had started serious protest, which was supported by both Shia and Sooni religious leaders of Gilgit. The whole population had announced to support of the public protest 2. The so-called empowerment package of 2009 was exposed in Supreme Court of Pakistan, when it was challenged by petitioners. 3. Shia religious leader Agha Rahat Hussain and Sunni leader Qazi Nisar both came close to unity against the official policy of Pakistan DIVIDE and RULE. These unity trends by the people were not acceptable to the present government of Pakistan.

It should be noted by the international community that why some mouthpiece of intelligence agency are blaming nationalist, because we the nationalist demand the Army of Pakistan to bring the terrorists in front of the public, if it was not involved. We don't blame Pakistan Army, but unless it presents the real culprits the family of the deceased will not satisfy, because the terrorists had worn Military uniform, as a result the Kohistan Police which had arrived on the spot did not interfere and gave the killers safe passage and the Army helicopters which arrived later to take the dead bodies to Gilgit, did not bother to search the terrorists on the mountains. This creates doubt about the role of Army in the carnage. If USA, Israel or India is involved, what some agency stooges say, then why the government of Pakistan and agencies do not present any proof, so the foreign killers are caught. The area is under the control of Pakistan which has the access to catch anyone but does not catch the terrorists. We are well aware that Pakistani occupation regime has been providing safe passage to those culprits who kill any Gilgiti or Balti in the past. This time also we don't expect any punishment to the terrorists; because some agency people have started to blame this killing to foreign agencies, so the real culprits are freed to kill more and more people with full impunity. This is the reason some government official including the Interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik has blamed the people of Gilgit for this carnage before investigation, which shows the intention of the government to let the real culprits are not exposed. But we demand that the killers should be exposed to the Gilgit Baltistan people in front of the eye witnesses and then let them go, because we don’t expect any punishment, because of our experience since 1971.

Runjab Rangers fired on protestors in Gilgit and killed Naweed s/o Mohammad Reza from Nagaral Gilgit on 28th when it fired on the peaceful protestors’ indiscrimately, who were protesting against killing.

1. Raza Ali

2. Hussain ali

3. Karim Abbas

4. Anees Hussain

5. Kalim Abbas

6. Hashmat Changezi

7. Mohsin Abbas

8. Muhammad Abbas

9. Mubashir

10. Idress Ali

11. Owais Hussain

12. Kalim Abbas Barmas

13. Frahan Ali Barmas

14. Tehseen Abbas Domial

15. Saqlain Domia

16. Asad Zamin Barmas

17. Ambreen Nagaral

18. Fatima Nagaral

Another example of Human Rights violation and meaning of terrorism in the books of Pakistani regime

Two people were killed by Police when they demanded for relief from the occupation regime in Hunza.

Sher Ullah Baig,50, from Ayeenabad, Gojal, Hunza and his 22 year old son Sher Afzal was killed, when police opened fire on a peaceful demonstration in Aliabad, Hunza.

On 22nd August 2011 the following peaceful protestors were arrested and framed in terrorist act when they protest again the killing of innocent protestors. Case No 291 21/2

Sections 147, 148, 149, 427, 436, 353, 448/34, 6/7 ATA (anti -terrorist), 17 (3)

It has been learnt that another about 120 people have been arrested from Hunza on charges of terrorism, who were demanding to arrest he killer Police Officer DSP Babar Khan. In spite of taking legal action against the culprit, the Police has given full impunity to the murder3r and framed terrorist charge against the protestors who were demanding for justice. This is meaning of terrorism in the eyes of Pakistani regime.

Baba Jan The Chief Organizer of Peoples Youth Front (PYF) of Hunza and others were arrested and tortured by Police and Intelligence agencies in joint investigation cell (WHICH IS JOINT TORTURE CELL) as a result Bab Jan and others have serious health problems, but they are not allowed to visit to the doctor. Many of them were freed from torture cell but Baba Jan along with 7 others protestors are still languishing in Gilgit Jail and facing terrorist act in Terrorist Court Gilgit which has not accepted their bail application unless they do not give undertake Diamar Bhasha Dam

Pakistan is also building mega Dam on river Indus in Diamar which inundated more than 150 KM area up till Juglot.

The people of Diamar protested against the construction of this dame, but the occupation regime killed two innocent people and injured many protestors to generate electricity for Punjab without considering the will of the people of Gilgit Baltistan, which is disputed part of like Jammu & Kashmir as per UN resolutions of 13 August 1948, 5th Jan 1949 and 28th April 1949.

Access to Justice is denied in this part of the world, because neither the 2 million indigenous people of disputed region have any High Court and Supreme Court nor they are allowed to appeal in any High Court or Supreme Court of Pakistan against the illegal decisions of unconstitutional kangaroo Courts  running on contract basis.

We the people of Gilgit Baltistan remind the UN to take urgent action and establish LOCAL AUTHORITY under its supervision, what has been promised in the above mentioned UN and UNSC resolutions, so the people of this region are free from tyranny and decide their future fate by self-determination in free and fair atmosphere.