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An Evil Attempt to Spread Hatred In The Name of Jihad and the Quran

By Maulana Abdul Hameed Nomani

(Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam)

24 July 2017

This time we had several titles for writing a column, but it looked more appropriate to write something on the relevant subject matter, taking into account the ongoing specific circumstances of the world and the country. In this regard, the two sides are being discussed along with their respective goals. Jihad is not the name of making a war against non-Muslims. Jihad does not mean it is necessary for every Muslim to wage it as a religious duty to turn any country into Darul Islam [the abode of Islam. In such a situation how can it be imagined to live with Muslims in peace? The solution of the problem is that Muslims completely separate themselves from their religious conceptions.

The meaning of their being religious is that they cannot live with non-Muslims in peace; this propaganda is badly affecting the country so much that on the one hand severe hatred is rapidly increasing among non-Muslims against Muslim community, and on the other hand frustration and anger are increasingly growing up in its people. The cruelty of evil is further increasing by those who perpetrate their destructive and criminal procedures in the holy name of Jihad. In today's history it is very urgent that the moderate way should be put forward by rejecting the radical ideology of both sides.

Mostly, non-Muslim writers and speakers are unaware of the constructive process like Jihad and its terms and conditions. Having ignored them they directly say that jihad means waging war indiscriminately against all non-Muslims in every situation. They do not know that in the state of partnership and peace-treaty, every sort of war is illegitimate according to Islamic Shariat. Similarly, while talking about the virtues of Jihad, the mischief-mongers seeking to be called “Mujahideen” ignore all these terms and conditions, so that they can get justification for their activities. The majority of Muslims are heavily suffering from this two-side strike, and thus the innocent people are being punished for what they have not committed.

It has been described in our Islamic Jurisprudence [Fiqh] that Jihad, on its own, is not good, as it results into loss of life and wealth. But rather it becomes good for reasons other than itself, such as attaining sacred goals of raising the word of God, preventing injustice, protecting freedom as well as the worshiping places. For example, in case of emergency and insecurity, if the governing authorities impose Section 144 and issue shoot at sight orders in specific situation, and then will it be meant that the government does not want the people to live peacefully, to go out of their homes for doing their business, as it has issued the shootout order? It is obvious that taking out this meaning and telling the people about it are the evidence of evil and corrupt mind and heart, and not the statement of reality.

The various groups of Zionists and Hindutvas are widely propagating the propaganda both on national and international levels, quoting the Quranic verse, “When the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them” (9:5). Having misguided and incited the people with reference to this Quranic verse, dozens of Zionist and Hindutva institutions are dividing the society. Consequently, the country is weakening, in addition to facing the obstacles in its growth.

The poisonous hatred is being inculcated into the minds of the small children in the educational and training institutes of Sanatandharmists and Arya Samajists. A few days ago, a school video was seen, in which male and female children were practicing the tactics of sticks and other weapons. Referring to the above mentioned verse, a 70-75-year-old teacher wearing Bhagwa uniform is emphasizing on training the students how to use a weapon. Then the head of the children’s group appears with a paper containing the Hindi translations of some relevant verses related to Jihad and war.

Delivering his provocative speech, he admonishes the children that friendship with Muslims is meaningless because “they are in ambush of cutting our heads”. It shows that an environment of hatred is being created, and many people are falling prey to this false propaganda, without knowing the real truth, and thus are involved in the ongoing killings operations. Today, we see a crowd of killers and hooligans kill the individuals of the Muslim minority in the BJP's ruling states, under the several excuses. They are forcing them to utter “Jay-Shri Ram”, “Jai-Hanuman”. The false propaganda that they are propagating is playing a pivotal role in such a worse situation. Those who have studied the Quran and Islamic principles know that the rules of the war-time and general conditions are different.

Those who spread hatred do not know such a small thing that the war or Jihad related verses deal only with the sovereigns, rulers and governments, rather than the common people in any way collective or individual. The war is related to those involved in the war, and not to all ordinary people. That Shri Krishna repeatedly provokes Arjun to kill and wage war is related to the battlefield and its warriors, and not applicable to all the people outside the battlefield. Just as the Quran calls for Jihad bil-Qital [jihad by war] only against those involved in the battle, so too the Vedas and Geeta do.

It is mentioned in Atharva Veda 5:8:4,

 “Run, ye Fxertions, farther on By Indra's order smite and slay. As a wolf worrieth a sheep, so let not him escape from you while life remains. Stop fast his breath”.

 Also Atharva Veda 4:31:3 says,

 “O Manyu, overcome those who assail us, by breaking, slaying crushing down the foemen. They have not hindered thine impetuous vigour: mighty! Sole born! Reduce them to subjection”.

 In Atharva Veda 12:5:67, it is mentioned,

 “Strike off the shoulders and the head.

 68. Snatch thou the hair from off his head, and from his body strip the skin:

 69.Tear out his sinews, cause his flesh to fall in pieces from his frame.

 70. Crush thou his bones together, strike and beat the marrow out of him.

 71. Dislocate all his limbs and joints”.

 In The Gita, chapter 2, verse 37, it is mentioned that Shri Krishna says to Arjun,

 “Either being slain you will attain the heavenly worlds or by gaining victory you will enjoy the Earth; therefore O Arjuna, confident of success rise up and fight”

(Hato Va Prapsyasi Svargam Jitva Va Bhoksyase Mahim Tasmad Uttistha Kaunteya Yuddhaya Krta Niscayah)

So, does it mean that Vedas and Gita give instructions for killing all people?

With regard to Jihad and war, whether they are the verses of the Quran or Vedas or Shlokas of Gita, all are applicable to the individuals participating in the battle, and not to their relatives and tribes. Immediately after the verse that talks about killing the polytheists, it is also mentioned in the next verse, “And if any one of the polytheists seeks your protection, then grant him protection” (9:6). In today's fast-paced advertising system, it requires more than ever before that we present the teachings of Islam based on peace and ethics in their correct perspective. We also need to save the common people from the evil motives of both sides; Jihadists and corrupt and anti-Islamic elements who are increasing hatred and blood-shed by producing the misguided interpretations. 

(Courtesy: Roznama Inquilab, July 13, 2017, New Delhi)

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