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In Search of 21st century Divine Faith


By Dhirendra Sharma, New Age Islam

11 November 2017

All Religions are imperfect as they are Men-made - Mahatma Gandhi.

Reformation and Change is the socio-political process - common to all ancient and modern global civilisations.

 But conservatives of all Faith claim that their Religion is Divine and Perfect - while all the other Faiths are false. ALL Evil and wrong doings come from the others, the outsiders.  My-our Religion is divine and Perfect.

Through Science Civilisation grows over times.

There is a classic narrative that Lord Shiva beheaded baby Ganesha, then killed a baby Elephant, and transplanted its head on the baby of Maa Parvati.

 IF the Muslims claim that Islam means Peace, the Hindu chauvinists think that all the social Evils were due to Arab-Islamic invasions of India.  Otherwise India was Heavenly abode ( Devbhumi)of the pious Souls, devoid of all evils, chanting Om Shanti, Om Shanti ,had  flourished on the banks of Ganga-Jamuna  during the pre-Islamic  Golden Age ( Sat-Yuga.)

  For 5000 years during the pre-Islamic world order during the Sat-Yuga when Lord Ram and Lord Krishna ruled the society, there were sectarian and tribal civil wars just as the Arabic-Islamic civil wars and social violence.  

Ramayana and Mahabharata epics, e.g., had recorded the crimes and in-fighting –brothers, and families, killing elders and kidnapping women. Many newly born children were killed by a king Kansa, who wanted to destroy the DNA of Lord Krishna.

Krishna says in the Gita:  Come only to under my command (Sharanam).

Oh Arjuna, Fight, if you die fighting - Dharma-Yudha

would go to Heaven (Svargalokam).." (The Gita)

  Is it not what the Quran says to Jihadis!

 Kill the Kafir- you would go to Paradise?

 But today, we have 200+ nuclear warheads -

there will be no victor  and no vanquished....

With one Atom Bomb- entire Mother India - from Kabul to Kanyakumarin - would be engulfed turning South Asian sub-continent – into the Cold-Nights and Cold-winters for thousands of years...Nuclear bombs do not differentiate between friends and foes -Hindus and Muslims.

A young girl asked Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam:

"Are you a Muslim, Tamilian, Scientist, Missile Man or the President of India?"

“I am a human being that covers all the others..." said Dr. Kalam.

 Dhirendra Sharma, Ph.D., (Lond). Shastry, Nyaya-tirtha, Kavya-tirtha Sahityacharya


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