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From the Desk of Editor ( 7 Sept 2014, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Fighting Jihadism With Heads Buried In The Sand!



By Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

07, September, 2014


New Age Islam occasionally posts Jihadi narratives to acquaint readers of the extremist ideology that is attracting Muslim youth from all over the world, hoping that this will inspire some ulema to counter this narrative and point to its flaws. But some readers think this is not the correct thing to do. This problem arises even in the comment section when Jihadi Muslims and Islamophobic ex-Muslims quote militant, exclusionary verses of Quran and ahadees (sayings of the Prophet saw) of terroristic, pornographic nature. I find it difficult to ban from the Islamic website I run verses from the Quran that nearly all Muslims consider eternal exhortations of God, valid for them even today, a copy of the Quran safe in Lauh-e-Mahfooz, the sacred divine vaults, and ahadees that nearly all Muslims consider authentic, as they are collected by imams of the stature of Bukhari and Muslim and others who constitute the Sihah-e-Sitta (the Authentic Six).

 Maybe my idea that Muslims who have not yet converted to Jihadi Islam should be acquainted with the Jihadi narrative is wrong, misplaced, and will not work in keeping Muslims away from Jihadism, and indeed refuting and countering it. I am no clairvoyant. Maybe those readers are correct who think that Muslims should remain ignorant of the Jihadi narrative and there is no need to counter and refute this narrative.

But then, I feel I need to be told what should be done. For, I believe, there must be Muslims, like me, who are deeply worried about the phenomenon of Jihadism. How come an army of Muslim suicide bombers becomes available whenever, wherever in the world, someone needs them. I can assure you, there will surely be one in India too now that al-Qaeda is showing some interest. If al-Qaeda comes, Islamic State of "Khalifatul Muslemeen", "Ameerul Momineen" Ibrahim abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi cannot be far behind. This army will be small as these forces are not yet that much interested, it seems, and, of course, it will not have Indian Establishment's support. But the army will be there, is there, and only needs to be galvanised. If any one doubts this, he/she clearly needs to start acquainting himself/herself with the goings on in the world.

Now, obviously, if you are a non-Jihadi Muslim, and do not intend to become one in the near future, you should be worried. For, the first target of this group will not be non-Muslims. This is the experience so far around the world. It will be non-Jihadi, non-Wahhabi, non-Salafi, non-extremists Muslims.

As the 18/20 year old Nottingham University Ahl-e-Hadeesi student told me in 1986, all non-ahl-e-Hadeesi Muslims are "the first and foremost enemies of Islam" and should be eliminated.

That was 1986. When I asked this boy what do you intend with "the first and foremost enemies of Islam," he had said in a matter-of fact manner, "Kill them."

It was astounding and incredible at that time. Some one, not from Britain, would be justified in thinking that I was making this up for whatever reasons. I had myself not believed my ears. I was stunned. It was only  when my friend from the adjoining room, the father of children to whom this ahl-e-Hadeesi boy was primarily talking, came shouting and threw this boy out of the house, telling his children never to see him again, that I had no option but to believe my ears. 

I had indeed heard this amazing statement.

However, I then investigated as a journalist and found that all that the boy was saying was the standard Hizb ut-Tahrir narrative that had already alienated something like 70 per cent of Muslim youth on British university campuses from the mainstream of British life and people. [The head of Hizb ut-Tahrir Omar Bakri Mohammad was a very charismatic leader who could almost fill the Wimbley Hall, biggest in London, with a cheering audience of Muslim from all over United Kingdom. He ter headed Al-Muhajiroun, became spokesman for Osama bin Laden in Europe and has now been expelled and sent back to Egypt.]

But today, in the last decade or more, what the Nottingham boy had said is already happening around the world. Non-Wahhabi Muslims are being killed in their thousands, Sufi shrines are being demolished, visitors to these shrines being killed. Now, no one has any reason to doubt that this indeed is the objective, eliminate all non-Wahhabi Muslims, "the first and foremost enemies of Islam." This is actually being done everywhere possible.

Now, I think, we Muslims should acquaint ourselves with the Jihadi narrative that is taking our children away from us. It is attracting even our daughters who have received the best of education. Students of private schools in Britain, professionals, products of best universities in Europe and America are choosing to join and serve these terrorists, not just as killers but also as wives and concubines. They couldn't be doing this for money or any worldly gain. They are going on suicide missions in their own lands or joining al-Qaeda and IS.

If we are Muslims we should be worried. Killing the terrorists, fighting with them militarily is a short term answer. International; community and the victim governments are  engaged in that. This, of course, has to be done. But that clearly is not the answer. You kill one, you  create ten more.

I believe we must confront and refute the ideology behind Islamist terrorism. We must develop our own moderate narrative, a progressive theology, if you like. In order to do that we must acquaint ourselves with what it is. The reason so many readers are opposing this, is that they are ashamed. For, what the Taliban scholar is saying is based on Quran and Hadees and Sharia, which nearly all Muslims consider divine.

Not one reader is saying that the Taliban scholar is misquoting any Hadees or verse of the Quran or misinterpreting them. Only question being raised is why publish this dialogue between a Pakistani Army Official and a Taliban scholar.

As I see it, I am being asked why have you not buried head in the sand like all of us. Well my answer is: I am worried and am trying to do something about it. If you have a better way let me know. Don't ask me to go back to sleep, like all of you.

Do you think you can bring back the Scottish private schoolgirl Aqsa Mahmood by going deeper inside you blanket? Do you think you can keep future Aqsa Mahmoods from becoming Jihadi suicidees by hiding your heads in the sand?

Even what I am saying, refute the Jihadi ideology, counter their systematic theology of violence, is easier said than done. Particularly in this climate when most Muslims don't give a damn, are in a suicidal mood. Products of Deobandi madrasas that the Taliban are, it is natural they will quote Deobandi elders like Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani in their defence. But even Barailwi-Sufi ulema will not say that the hadees the Taliban are quoting are concocted, fabricated. I investigated and found that not to speak of Deobandi and other Wahhabi ulema, even Sufi-Barailwi ulema do not doubt the authenticity of the hadees which presents Prophet Mohammad (saw) himself as justifying and practicing terrorism (in the sense of killing of innocent women and children and other civilians). They say it is in Bukhari, Muslim and other books of sihah e-sitta. So it has to be correct.

However, unlike the Taliban, who are products of Deobandi madrasas, who use this hadees to justify their terrorism, these Sufi-minded ulema, products of Sufi-Barailvi madrasas, explain the incident involving the Prophet as necessary collateral damage that could not be avoided, and quote other verses of Quran and sayings in ahadees too that speak of the Prophet's compassion and strict prohibition of killing of innocent civilians and thus argue that Muslims should not engage in terrorism. But, the Jihadis, say that the peaceful verses and quotations of the prophet have been abrogated by the later verses and quotes that talk about killing and keeping away from non-Muslim communities and not to befriend them. 

Thus they justify Mohammad ibn-e-Abdul Wahhab's central thesis: “Even if the Muslims abstain from Shirk (polytheism) and are Muwahhid (firm believers in oneness of God), their Faith cannot be perfect unless they have enmity and hatred in their action and speech against non-Muslims.

------ Shaikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, Majmua Al-Rasael Wal-Masael Al-Najdiah 4/291

 Indeed, as some ex-Jihadis have disclosed, Jihadis have worked out an effective counter to every doubt that may arise in the minds of initiates on the basis of peaceful, compassionate verses of Quran and sayings of the prophet in ahadees that specifically prohibit killing of innocents. Is there any wonder that our children from secular, progressive, moderate, Sufi-Barailvi homes, are going away to Jihadism in search of Heaven. We just don't have an effective counter-narrative. And how can we if there is so much resistance to even knowing what the Jihadi narrative is. Even New Age Islam readers are saying: bury your head in the sand and all will be well. Well, friends the situation isn't getting better. It's getting worse and worse. Think for a moment about the Scottish private schoolgirl Aqsa Mahmood.

 Related comments:

          Everyone knows that it was a planted conversation which I suspect never took place.

What has been 'told' by the Taliban Scholar is totally false. No scholar can say so.

By propagating it in this manner you are doing a big disservice to Islam. You must think about it. 

By Dr. M. A. Haque - 9/7/2014 2:25:55 AM


          Dr. Haque, I agree with you. The given rationale for publishing such offensive stuff is not convincing.

By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/7/2014 2:52:22 AM


          Even if it is a real conversation and not planted, why is what an "embedded" scholar of a renegade criminal group says of any importance from an Islamic point of view?  It is a clear attempt to defame Islam itself.

Mr. Shahin brazenly lied and attributed to the Talibani Scholar what he did not even say, to defame and slander Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani who died in 1957 and has nothing to do with the present day Taliban.

By Observer - 9/7/2014 3:38:10 AM