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'Kidnapping for Ransom Is Part of Jihad in Our Eyes, It Is Allowed In Shariah as Ghanimah; Money in the Banks of Pakistan Is War Booty for Us', Says Taliban Scholar in Debate with Pakistan Army Official - 6

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28 October, 2014

Transcription Of A Video Of An Ideological Debate Between A Taliban Scholar And Pakistani Army Official Based On The Translation From Urdu In The Superimposed Text In Pakistan Government Video.

[Being presented so that Ulema (Islamic scholars) may know how Islam is being distorted in extremist discourse and defend Islam's peaceful nature by refuting the allegations against Quran (words of God), Hadees (sayings of the Prophet), Sunnah (examples, practices) of the Prophet and Shariah (Islamic Law).]

Pakistani Army Official: Only Allah SWT can make you peaceful because you have reached that stage of ignorance where either Allah SWT will give you guidance or he will send such a force against you that you will be destroyed and doomed. I pray that may Allah swt guide you and may you people use your brain. You have fulfilled each and every prophecy mentioned in Qur’an and Ahadees about the trials and tribulations of the end times that such people will emerge who will call themselves hafiz of Qur’an but Qur’an will not go down their throats. They will murder the women and children of Muslims saying that we killed them for the sake of Allah SWT. You have proven all those verses of Qur’an and Ahadees.

I am only requesting you not to fall into this Fitnah (mischief) and misguidance.

Taliban Scholar: Well, you are praying for our guidance and we say Ameen in response to your prayers. That is fine, Insha’Allah, even though the prayers of Murtaddeen are not accepted, we are not against the prayers for guidance and you should keep praying as you might have a lot of free time. But to say that such and such things are mentioned in Ahadees is not appropriate. You need to understand these ahadees by discussing with some qualified teachers. The ahadees that you mentioned are pertaining to the people who are known as Khawarij. Alhamdulillah, we are not Khawarij, rather we belong to Ahl al Sunnah wal Jamaat. You also said that Allah SWT will send his force against us but you must realise that Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT inflicted you people with a terrible earthquake in 2005 and Nowshera military camp has also drowned in the flood in 2010. Alhamdulillah, we are extremely thankful to Allah SWT and we are very happy with him that he is accepting the sacrifices of us Taliban. Alhamdulillah, we are successful in our war tactics and you are failing. All these matters are very clear, whether you accept or not

Pakistani Army Official: Thanks to Allah SWT that we consider ourselves successful. Why do you swear by us and them call us mischief at the same time?

Taliban Scholar: Precisely, Alhamdulillah we hold the same opinion about you people. We consider you Murtad; worthy to be thrown into hellfire. We ask the wrath of Allah SWT for you people all the time and Alhamdulillah we see our prayers being accepted. We know that around 70,000 soldiers of Pakistan army perished during the earthquake of 2005 in the surroundings of Kashmir. Also in the foods of 2010, all those camps and depots around nowhere that where established to carry out military operations in the tribal areas have faced destruction, Alhamdulillah. In swat as well, where you people claim to have established the peace; Allah’s punishment arrived as soon as mujahedeen withdrew strategically. We thank Allah SWT for that and we swear that you people are Murtad who deserve the punishment of Allah SWT. May Allah SWT destroy and ruin you. We believe that 80% of the job is done and once your uncle America leaves the region, Insha’Allah your back will break completely. Alhamdulillah, our moral is high. Pakistan army official: oh yeah right! You have been trying for ten to eleven years but we have only seen you failing everywhere. You did not succeed in pushing Americans out of Afghanistan; you could not succeed to push Pakistani army out of tribal areas nor did you achieve anything in Iraq or elsewhere. It is because your intentions are not right. If your intentions had been right, you would have achieved success as Hezbollah achieved success against Israel and Lebanon. Their intentions were right, so they got the success. They achieved in one month what you have not been able to achieve in eleven years.

Taliban Scholar:  That’s how it is. Hizbullah is your own kind of people. You may keep on praying for their success. The definition of success for us is that either we implement Shariah or we embrace martyrdom. Hussain RA was murdered but the entire world regards him successful. All the other Sahaba RA who were killed, are considered successful by the world. Similarly, the people mentioned in Surah al-Burooj; some 18,000 Muslims who refused to submit to Kufr and instead jumped into the fire; are regarded as successful by Allah SWT. We consider both Shariah and Shahadat as success. Also we know Hasan Nasrullah [leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon] very well. Insha’Allah we shall discuss about this topic on some other occasion. Coming to your point whether we are winning against America or not. Insha’Allah their time is very near and we are also very much aware of the “success” of Pakistan army sitting here and there. Alhamdulillah the morale of Taliban mujahedeen is high. All this is the story of two warriors [referring to the story of Antarah Ibn Shaddad Al-`Absi] who took each other’s hands in their mouths and started biting. After sometime one gave up. The other one said, “only Allah if could hold on for one more second, I was about to scream as well! Insha’Allah we will remain steadfast and will wait for our enemy t scream.

Pakistani Army Official: We shall see who is going to scream first. Let me ask you about your funding. Now I do not want to hear that you bring all this money from your homes as nobody among you comes from a wealthy background. How do you afford to run such a big organization and huge amount of weapons, vehicles etc? Where do you get all this money from? I have been unable to understand this matter until today. Can you reveal your secret today that from where do you bring this money to run all your organisation?

Taliban Scholar: Alright, so would you believe me if I tell you [this secret]?

Pakistani Army Official: Yeah, yeah, if you say something believable, then I would accept it. I shall definitely believe in you if you say to me that you raise the money by robbing the banks, kidnapping the people for ransom or by asking money from India or from America, although apparently you declare them your enemies. I definitely believe that India and Israel are feeding you the money and you are also generating money by carrying out some impressive kidnappings for ransom.

Taliban Scholar: Well, you have partly understood this matter. Let me explain this to you in details. Alhamdulillah, the money in the banks of Pakistan is war booty for us. We consider it jihad to empty these banks as these have been filled with the money obtained by selling our companions; about 700 companions that Pakistan government sold to Americans. Therefore, we consider these banks spoil of war that you may call robbing in your terminology. Kidnapping for ransom that we call Aseer for Ghanimah, is also a part of jihad in our eyes .We receive money either through the donations of the Muslims or the money actually comes through people like yourself. Sometimes we seize a gentleman like yourself and extract money out of him that is allowed in Shariah. Similarly we attack the banks and take the money from there that we consider as legitimate spoils of war. At the time of battle of Badr, Prophet (pbuh) actually went out to seize the trade convoy of Abu Sufyan. Regarding India and Israel, they are your own friends. Why are you trying to smear them on us?

Pakistani Army Official: Well done respected scholar! The way you have made kidnapping for ransom and robbing the banks legitimate, I am afraid that if I continued talking to you for a little while more, you would even make the flesh of Pakistanis Halal. You may suggest to others that flesh and blood of Pakistanis are very tasty so it is allowed to eat the flesh and drink the blood of Pakistanis. Listen everyone who is listening that respected scholar is making it legitimate to kidnap the children for ransom and robbing the banks. Very well!

Taliban Scholar: Only you have the experience how tasty the blood of Pakistanis might be and how tasty might be their flesh.

These are your own experiences and we can see the perpetrators clearly. Regarding taking the money from banks; yes Alhamdulillah, we raid the banks openly and we consider it as an act of worship. We also consider taking Aseer for Ghanimah an act of worship. Kidnapping the children may be your own deeds but Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan has never kidnapped any children nor can anybody prove or attribute such actions to us, Alhamdulillah.

Pakistani Army Official: Very well, listen all those who are seeker of truth, and the follower of the prophet (pbuh) who was sent as blessing for all the worlds and those who believe in Allah SWT  who has 99 names, most of them are concerning mercy and less names are concerning anger. This scholar, who claims to follow this Deen, is saying that kidnapping the children is justified and if you..... [interrupted].

Taliban Scholar: O! Don’t lie, don’t lie …. May curse of Allah SWT be on the liars!  I never said that kidnapping the children is justified. I said that the adults like yourself who are liars, who are soldiers and who are Murtaddeen (apostates); their kidnapping and extracting money from them are justified.

Pakistani Army Official: I repeat again for those who can think logically and who carry any compassion in his hearts that this respected scholar is saying……. (interrupted)

Taliban Scholar: Our Deen is not based upon logic or compassion; rather it is based upon copying the references from Qur’an and Hadees. It (harsh against the Kuffar EMQ 48:29) is Allah SWT’s command to us. These are the methods that we have adopted in order to exert harshness over Kuffar.

Pakistani Army Official: (sounds very angry)….Do you mean that everybody in Pakistan is a Kafir except you?

Taliban Scholar: Not everybody in Pakistan ….. Only people like you who are saying in Pakistan Army are Kuffar.

Pakistani Army Official: My brother, I want to say that the banks that you are looting do not belong to Pakistan Army. Those banks contain the money of poor people and the money of those people for example who have been planning for the weddings of their children all their lives. Maybe you are kidnapping the children of wealthy individuals so that you could extort good amount of money from them. Is this act justified in your eyes? Also, tell me if you consider all the people of Pakistan Kuffar except yourself? 

Taliban Scholar: (Sounds unhappy) I think you have lost the balance of your mind. I have already clarified the matter of kidnapping the children that we are not linked to it. Regarding banks, we try to raid those banks that are related to the government and we try to open the coffers of government. In majority of the cases, that is the case, but in minority of the cases we can also make mistakes. Obviously, we are human beings and we accept our mistakes. But we say that is not necessary that we would only raid the Army banks; Pakistan government is also our enemy. You soldiers of Army are not some kind of enemy that have come from here and there. Rather, you have been sent to fight us by Pakistan government.  In summary, we raid the banks of Pakistan government, Army where government’s money is stored. We consider this action legitimate and we openly do this. Similarly, we consider it legitimate to take prisoners for Ghanimah; not what you call “kidnapping for ransom”. We do not kidnap the children; rather these are your own actions.

(To be continued)

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