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Bukhari, Owaisi and Indian Muslims


By Yousuf Kirmani

Translated from Hindi by New Age Islam Edit Desk

October 31, 2014

Two Words...

Do you know what pushing means? Media is doing exactly that, particularly in the case of Shahi Imam Ahmad Bukhari. It is forcibly making him the leader of the Muslims. The person who claims to be the leader of a handful of people may or may not invite anyone in his personal ceremony. It is his personal matter. Why is the media sniffing politics in it? The BJP is also speaking in the voice of the media and by doing so making Shahi Imam the leader of the entire Indian Muslims by force. An international Hindu conference is going to be held in Delhi from November 11. It is a very big programme. Why should any Maulvi or religious leader have any objection if he is not invited to join it?

Bukhari has attracted the attention of the Muslims of the country very cleverly. He has conveyed his message, “See, you have got the drubbing by all the parties and so now you have to accept me as your leader. I am your only leader or guide. So come in my shelter.” You see, this person joined hands with Mulayam Singh only to get his son-in-law made a minister and then left him. The person who is an accused in Jama Masjid’s property case has suddenly dreamt of becoming the leader of 15 crore Muslims of India.

Dangerous Signals

Indian Muslims have never been communal but the BJP that represents a particular section has labelled them as communal. The Muslims of the country never stood behind the Muslim League. Those who might have demanded Pakistan went to Pakistan but those who did not demand did not go and the number of such people was and is high. Sometimes they held onto the Congress and sometimes onto the Samajwadi Party and were cheated by the two.  Now BJP and its leaders want Muslims to come into their fold. Sometimes a Muslim is called a patriot and sometimes he is called a puppy who comes under the wheel and is run over. Sometimes his skullcap is put on and sometimes his skullcap is rejected.

Current Situation

Bukhari and Akbaruddin Owaisi are exploiting these situations. The path on which the two personalities are moving is dangerous. Owaisi’s party won four seats in Maharashtra thanks to polarization and he is on cloud nine. Now he has started thinking about leading Muslims in the country. Bukhari is also keen on becoming the leader of the Muslims as they are directionless at the moment.  BJP is happy because the circumstances seem to them to be in their favour. It neither wanted the support of Muslims nor will it need it in future. It has stuck to its ideology and it will not change. If any change was to come, the BJP could have given some seats to Muslims in the Lok Sabha elections but it did not do so. It did not give any place to Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi in the cabinet. He becomes vocal sometimes and then falls silent.  He is completely acquiescent to the party dictate. Shahnawaz Hussain has met the same fate. Najma Heptullah is in her comfort zone after getting an ordinary department. Indian Muslims are aware of these facts; they are not fools. In this situation, if Bukhari and Owaisi will not exploit them, who will? Situations will change for the better, it should be remembered.

So what is the solution? We can discuss this issue after getting your feedback.

Source: Navbharat Times