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Homage to Barcelona

By Stephen Schwartz

August 16, 2017

The Centre for Islamic Pluralism, its members, correspondents, and associates, stands with the noble, brave, progressive, antifascist, social justice warriors and other people of Barcelona, against radical Islamist terrorism. The Institut Boscana, now in formation, and dedicated to studies of indigenous religion in native America, will be associated with this statement.

Of course, to paraphrase great O'Casey, we are with the determined faces firing at the slug of Islamofascism, from the smoke and flames!

The bandits who plotted and carried out this crime are not Muslims. They ceased being Muslims when they forgot that the people of Barcelona, many times, had fought and died to support the freedom of the Moroccan Muslims from imperialism.

We shall not weep that a drop of blood has been spilled on the beloved body of our Barcino. Barcino is our true mother, for all of us. Nearly as old as Yerushalayim the Sacred, as beautiful as Makkah al Mukarramah, a capital of Christian and Jewish wisdom, martyred by Franco and Stalin.

I have written, and I affirm, that Barcelona is a mother possessing two beautiful daughters, at opposite ends of the earth. One is San Francisco, founded by Mallorcans, and a beacon of liberation to all humanity, the city in which I learned what I might be. The other is Sarajevo, the heart of a heartless world, where I became who I am. In each stand monuments to our Barcino.

On August 15, 1937, 80 years before the latest atrocious events, the Russians imposed a police coup on our Barcino, attempting to suppress their Catalanist, anarchist, syndicalist, and Marxist enemies.

They succeeded for a moment but they failed. Barcino is free and will always be free.

Immortal Orwell made sure that Barcelona would always be remembered as the Queen of Liberty.

And here, comrades, brothers and sisters, parents and children, distant or near, known or unknown, friends, fighters, believers, and non-believers, is our pledge.

We shall not weep.

We call on all to stand with the Catalan forces of order and the Catalan nation in this hour. Side by side, with the mossos, the Guàrdia Urbana, and all vigilant residents, ready to prevent more bloodshed even at the sacrifice of our own.

The defeat of those who assaulted our Barcelona is not a matter for the Catalans alone. It is necessary for all humanity. Now. Forever. Without hesitation. Without quarter. Iron against iron, blood against blood, fire against fire, terror against terror.

Soon we will celebrate the Diada, 11 de Setembre. Then, too, we shall not weep.

Enough words.