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Detained Gujarat Minister Amit Shah: What Next ?

Jul 30 2010

Seema Chishti

In an editorial, Delhi-based daily Hindustan Express (July 26) writes: “The arrest of the confidant of Gujarat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi, senior leader of BJP, and minister of state in the Gujarat home ministry, and that too on charges of committing heinous crimes, is not an ordinary incident in India’s history. The significance and implications of this arrest are evident to every Indian and for this reason the Sangh Parivar is certainly dumbstruck... The meaning of Amit Shah’s arrest is clear: not just Modi, but the entire BJP leadership is in the dock... The long arm of the law, that has seized Amit Shah’s neck, can also reach the necks of his masters.”


The daily Sahafat , published from Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow and Dehradun, in its editorial on the same day entitled, ‘Ab Modi ki baari hai’ (now it is Modi’s turn) writes: “In the Gujarat cabinet, the level to which Amit Shah enjoyed Narendra Modi’s confidence could not be equalled by any other minister or BJP leader. Therefore, the political fall of Amit Shah is being considered as the greatest setback of Modi’s political career, and the question is being raised as to whether Modi can come out of this setback.”


According to Delhi-based daily Hamara Samaj (July 26), “the CBI has performed its role in a perfect manner, the result of which is before us... This case has made it absolutely clear that no citizen of the country is above the law.”

Rashtriya Sahara, (July 25) writes: “It is possible that the Central government makes use of the CBI. We do not have any clear proof in support or denial of this allegation except speculations. Those who have been in power might better know the truth. In the past, allegations of illegitimate use of the CBI were levelled against L.K. Advani when he was the country’s home minister. It was said that he had pressured CBI to get his name cleared in the case filed over the demolition of the Babri Masjid. Therefore, if Advaniji is talking of misuse of the CBI by the Centre, he can understand it better.”


Mulayam’s Apology


Mulayam Singh Yadav’s “apology” to the Muslims of the country for aligning with Kalyan Singh has been the subject of much discussion. Patna and Ranchi-based daily, Qaumi Tanzeem, in its editorial (July 20), writes: “Obviously, Mulayam Singh had shaken hands with Kalyan Singh, who was not only a senior leader of the BJP, but one whose ideological training was in the lap of the RSS, merely for political gains, and additional seats in the Lok Sabha and the UP assembly. In spite of this, Mulayam Singh’s electoral performance was not according to his expectations and the secular vote in the state, with Muslims on the top of the list, slipped out of his hands. Therefore, if he has to apologise, this apology should be addressed to all secular people, and Muslims are an important part of this segment of society.”

The editor of Rashtriya Sahara, Aziz Burney, writes on July 19: “In my view we should accept the apology of Mulayam Singh Yadav with an open heart so that all those secular politicians whom Muslims supported at some point of time, but became distant because of a change in their attitude, could realise when and where they had erred, and are compelled to review their decisions.”

In an editorial on July 17, Delhi-based daily Jadeed Khabar writes: “It is thought that he (Mulayam Singh) has issued this apology to attract his old associate and fiery orator, Azam Khan, back as he had put this very condition for his return home. It is possible that Azam Khan, spending his time in political vanvaas, takes shelter in the SP once again because he cannot find a place anywhere else.”

Noted columnist, Dr Rizwan Ahmad, (Hindustan Express, July 21), writes: “Amar Singh broke the house of Mulayam Singh into pieces. He dug out every brick of the house, having already damaged its foundation. In this condition, Mulayam Singh’s visualising the possibility of his coming to power again in the state and at the Centre as nothing but a dream (ek deewane ka khwab).


Fake Degrees, Genuine Leaders


According to an article in Pakistan’s leading daily, Jung, reproduced in Delhi-based Jadeed Khabar (July 18), many cases of fake degrees among political personages have come to light in Pakistan (graduation being a condition there for standing for parliament). The paper reports that the PhD degree of the country’s law minister, Babar Awan, has been found to be fake. “We should be happy that at least his BA, LLB and MA degrees are not fakes, and he was eligible to contest the election to parliament, and today Pakistan is developing because of his capabilities.”

One of the parliamentarians, according to the paper, passed his BA before his FA (as the “Intermediate” examination was referred to in the past) and the “Matric” was the last examination he passed, according to his degrees and certificates. Many members have passed their BA examinations from universities that did not have a BA course in those days!


Compiled by Seema Chishti


Source: The Indian Express, New Delhi