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Pakistani Teens Slit Their Mother and Step-Sisters' Throats In 'Honour Killing' After Accusing Them of Adultery and 'Immoral Behaviour'


By Sara Malm

12 November 2014

Two Pakistani teenagers have confessed to murdering their mother and stepsisters 'in the name of honour', local police have said.

The two brothers attacked their mother Sughra, in her early 50s, and stepsisters Amna and Muqaddas, in their late teens, early Tuesday morning.

According to police, the brothers accused their mother and sisters of adultery and prostitution.




Honour killing: Two teenage boys from Lahore attacked and killed their mother and two teenage stepsisters 'in the name of honour (file photo)




The honours killings were carried out in the family home in Lahore, when the victims were asleep.

The brothers are said to have slit their family members throats in an attempt to 'restore the honour' of the family.

They had been suspecting that their stepsisters were involved in prostitution and killed their mother for 'supporting them'.

'We have no regrets because we killed them in the name of honour,' the brother told The Express Tribune.

 The bodies were taken to nearby Jinnah Hospital where a forensic expert found marks of a sharp knife on their throats.

This comes just days after a Christian couple was murdered at a brick factory south of Lahore, for allegedly desecrating a copy of the Koran.

Shama Bibi, 24, and her husband Sajjad Maseeh, 27, were surrounded by crowd of at least 1,200 and thrown on top of a brick kiln where they were burned alive, witnesses said.

The incident took place at the town of Kot Radha Kishan, some 40 miles southwest of the capital, and is the latest example of mob violence against minorities accused of blasphemy.