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Ensure Muslim Youth Keep off Terrorism: PM Modi


By Rajnish Sharma

Apr 09, 2015

Following his meeting with prominent leaders of the Muslim community a couple of days ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed national security advisor Ajit Doval to prepare a detailed roadmap to ensure that Muslim youth stay away from radical and terror groups.

Sources said even though the NSA was already working closely with intelligence and security agencies to ensure that the Muslim youth were not attracted to terror outfits like ISIS and Al Qaeda, sources said the government will put in place a foolproof mechanism to bring these youth from the minority community into the country’s “political and social” mainstream.

Incidentally, the NSA was part of the meeting that PM had with the religious leaders to discuss various socio, economic and political issues related to the community.

As part of the plan the government will give greater to emphasis to education for the Muslim youth, with special focus on educating girls.

Sources said the focus will not merely be on providing basic education to these youth, but skilled training which will help them in securing proper jobs. We will ensure that such youth get professional training so that they get employment and don’t get lured by radical or terror groups,’’ a senior government official said.

Even though the government has already announced its intent to modernise the madrasas, but now the Centre in association with some voluntary groups from the community will closely monitor the working of such educational and cultural centres. Intelligence and security agencies suspect that subversive and radical specifically target the madrasas making them “ideal breeding grounds” for young recruits.

As part of the plan the PMO will also focus early disposal of grievances on shrines, mosques and madrasas.

A core team within the office of the national security advisor will work in close co-ordination with community leaders to prepare this detailed blueprint. At the meeting the Muslim leaders had also expressed apprehensions about the trend of increased radicalisation and emerging threat of terrorism and underlined the need for greater unity and collective efforts to meet the challenge.