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South Asia Magazine (Pakistan) Receives the 2012 Genesis Awards for Its Animal Rights Articles







New Age Islam News Bureau

5 April 2013

South Asia Magazine (Pakistan) has received the 2012 Genesis Awards for its Animal Rights articles under the category of Brigitte Bardot International. 

South Asia Magazine (Pakistan0 had dedicated its October 2012 issue to Animal Rights. It featured four articles written on Animal Rights. One of the articles ‘Animal Welfare in Islam’ was written by Aiman Reyaz, a regular contributor to Another article “Animal Rights -- a commentary” is also by a regular contributor to New Age Islam, Syed Rizvi.


This is the second time the magazine has received this award, although the magazine has received several commendations and nominations in previous years.

Readers can look at following links for further details:


The other articles were

Law of the Land by Anees Jillani


Bringing Justice by Joyce Tischler


Animal Rights --, a commentary by Syed Rizvi


Syed Rizvi also happens to be an occasional columnist and a regular commentator on His article on the fate of animals on Hajj was a brilliant piece of writing. Here is the link to the article:


Hajj -- Some Afterthoughts,-rethinking-islam/hajj----some-afterthoughts/d/9483




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